Tino Hemmann

He meets good dwarves, Nebu kind of rhino soldiers, Knights, UGS and finally on Princess rose. With the help of his new friends, David must stop an ancient prophecy and thus the destruction of the evil empire of the good and trying to get back home. In the second part of David is asked, rose by his girlfriend, Princess for help. So he should, this time his best friend Benny and his little sister Susi accompanied by, again in the evil empire of the goods. Once there, a bunch of Pampanen that work, close on the heels of the evil wizard Taarasaaramaara and are all former friends disappeared immediately the three. A short time later David and his little sister in the wizard are locked Dungeon, Benny is corrupted and declared the new King over the good-evil empire. By chance, David learns from a magic book and tried to compete with its help against evil Mage, this rogue to get rid of the evil empire of the goods, his friends, and Benny. To read more click here: 15 Percent Pledge. A very imaginative story that is waiting with the strangest creatures.

Interesting also because it exceptionally times not the “0815” fantasy creatures as Elves, Dwarves and dragons are, but special creations, the man so previously has never seen. Even if the one or the other being already has some similarity with already known. … David turns out as smart, meanwhile slightly naughty guy white from the most explosive situations to get rid of. However, and I find that the beautiful on this book, he relies on, always his friends he also helpful with advice and assistance to the page are.

The book is a beautiful tribute to the friendship. It shows what you can make with friends and how important they are in everyone’s life. To recommend for children from 8 in any case. You expected a rapid journey through the good-evil empire”is expressed by the Fantasybuch.NET to David snap man” p. Jarchow. “Tino Hemmann: David snap man” Engelsdorfer publishing house in Leipzig, Germany ISBN 978-3-86703-944-4 SP FARB. Pictures 435 fantastic pages from 8 to 108 years recommended. 14 x 20 cm paperback two books in one! 15.00 euro (D) excerpts under Tino Hemmann