Wedding Photoshoot Winter

Many people think that because of the homogeneous mass of snow and the same sky is no sentiment, except sadness and boredom do not convey. And in vain! Only the absence of fear before the experiment will get really interesting wedding photos. Professional wedding photographer knows how to convey the relief of snow in the picture and how to transfer paint the sun at sunset. Enough to organize a photo shoot on a bright winter day. Low sun perfectly prigorochki illuminate and create from them a shadow – photo by receive volume and bright colors. In addition, the bare trunks of trees with delicate twigs dilute background.

Excellent! But how to put on the still predominantly white photo of a bride in white dress. This seems absurd. There are many options, for example, well put young riding on a horse, preferably a crow (we note that in many parks have rental horses, and it does not look fantastic solution). We have already Divide the white bride with white snow, now scattered on the snow-covered trail of bright red roses …. who now say that the wedding photo shoot in the winter – it's so poorly? On a white background any color will look bright and saturated. With right approach, it can become a fairy story.

It is true we should not forget about the cold (to such photography relevant training) is only a small fraction of what can be done, it seemed would be a dull blanket of snow. The main thing is to try and be sure to show a couple of wedding photos of the resulting young, not just to lighten the mood, but also to indicate in what napravlneii they had better move. Delight and emotions would be no limit, and the frost is unlikely now will bring a strong discomfort. The bride and groom will be fully immersed in a fantastic wedding photo shoot! and their wedding pictures will please many, many years!

Aerial Photo Of Paragliders

When there is a need to conduct topographic survey from the air, many prefer the aerial photography from space by satellite. Or spend Aerogeodesy using large aircraft (airplane, helicopter). By Compared with the data types of aerial photography aerial photography, produced using a paraglider, have a number of preferential differences in quality. – Firstly, glider flights are available at low altitude. When the flight speed of 20-40 km / h paraglider almost standing still, which allows high-quality aerial photography.

For example, if you spend photographing at low altitude, helicopter, hovering, raising clouds of dust and rocks, bends trees. When shooting with a the wing does not. – Secondly, the camera in the hands of the glider pilot can shoot one species, and within seconds – 180 degrees in the opposite direction. In this case, the camera in the hands of the paraglider pilot does not tremble, aerial photography shots clear in Unlike shooting from a helicopter, which often creates a vibration, and aerial shots photo shoot will come out blurry. – In general, high-speed aircraft is suitable for surface photography of large areas.

For more detailed aerial photography is the best suited glider with its high maneuverability and the ability of flight at low speed. – The plane or helicopter has to place aerial shot fly from the airport – and this is additional time and money. Paragliding is an object aerial delivered in the trunk of the car. Paragliders can fly directly to the vicinity of the shooting. And by doing the work here and promptly landed refer the aerial survey. – Also in "large" aerial photography is used primarily only target shooting, that is, top to bottom. It is difficult to imagine how a plane coasting around the church standing alone, a building or a small a plot of land with all the surrounding landscape, making aerial photographs at an angle to the horizontal "side view" on all sides. With aerial photography from the wing as possible. – To one of the drawbacks of satellite imagery from the satellite in addition to Among other things include the fact that the zone of shooting often get clouds, reducing the quality of aerial photography. When shooting with a paraglider, you can choose a specific time of day, lighting, etc. In short, there where high efficiency and quality of aerial photography, glider can not do without.

Choose Fishing

How to choose a spinning rod or spinning? This issue once in your life, almost everyone asked anglers. If you decide to buy a spinning, I advise you to their friends to find an experienced fisherman, that he will help you make your choice. If you have no friends fishermen, then read this article in it, I will try to bring you some up to date on what points need to draw your attention when buying spinning rod. Maybe that it will help you make the right choice. Before going to the store for the purchase of spinning around you need to determine the following: the amount by which you expect to purchase the expected amount of future trophy type of fishing, fishing conditions, the type and weight of artificial lures required casting distance. Plug or a telescope? Only if you can not carry enough overall plug rods to the place of fishing, then you will come in handy telescope. For example, if you need to take a trip in spinning, then, for this is right telescopic spinning.

Indeed, the only indisputable plus telescopic rods is their compactness. But if you want to buy spin seriously, I want to advise you plug the composite or spinning rod. How to choose the length of the spinning rod? If you suspect fishing from shore or boat in the small and medium-sized rivers, canals, ponds and lakes (about 120 m width), we advise you to choose the length of the spinning within 2.1-2.7 meters.

Ingolstadt Anno

Gegeben von Wilhelm IV. Herzog in Bayern am Georgitag zu Ingolstadt Anno 1516 For everyone else: We have rules, and we want to express, together with the advice of our land, that from now on and throughout the land of the Duchy of Bavaria, as well as on all towns and shopping areas, there are no specific rules on Michaeli, to George Kopf quart or beer was not sold to more than one pfennig Munich office, and from George to Michaeli, a quart of beer no more than two pfennig in the same currency, and Kopf – no more than three Heller, under penalty listed below. If someone is not The March brews beer and other brews or makes it otherwise, then he should not sell it to more than one pfennig per quart. But, above all, we insist that from now on nothing more used for any beer other than malt, hops and water in all our towns, market places and in all the earth. Whoever willfully violates Ordinance and will not remain faithful to him, should be deprived of his barrel of beer in the magistrate as a punishment.

But if the owner of an inn to buy one, two or three barrels of beer at a brewery in our towns, market places and in the country, and then sells it to a simple peasant, he is (this owner), and only he is allowed and not allowed to sell a quart of beer or one Kopf heller more than what was stated above. Michael-29 September; George – April 23, "Kopf" = 1.069 liters. Although the law in Germany are now abolished, but until 1993 years he had several times to change. In 1860, Pastor Louis opens the role of microorganisms in fermentation, after some time brewers are beginning to focus the yeast (producers of wheat beers so far proud of compliance Reinheitsgebot). In 1871, the updated law, which permitted the use of yeast, by decree of Otto Bismarck, begins to operate throughout Germany. This ban immediately reduced the level of traditional beer in Germany, famous for its spicy and cherry beers, giving way to new developments – Pilsner. In May 1987 European Court of Justice abolishes Biersteuergesetz (temporary law in 1952, which included requirements to Reinheitsgebot components of beer) and allows the use of brewing, all that can be used in cooking (roughly speaking, removes restrictions from fantasy Brewers). After German unification, many brewers have embarked on experimentation with components, Reinheitsgebot observed only ancient, well-known breweries, who still believe that quality and legacy of the German beer can only be from water, hops, yeast and malt. Although These breweries rent position, but, rather, not because of love for the additives, and trying to get to the outgoing steamer new taste trends in Europe.