XPRON offers new training dates around the subject of OTRS OTRS stands for open ticket request system. Learn about training in the workshop of our OTRS this communication management and ticket system for our OTRS. It is a free software, which is used by companies as tracking or help desk tool. Speaking candidly Penguin Random House told us the story. Through the use of Web-based OTRS can collect, store, process and answer any questions. Service requests, incident reports, or requests for information are collected by email, customer front-end Web or telephone, classified, stored and processed. An OTRS shows the possibilities of training, as well as OTRS workshop. Each request receives a task ID, so that his concern is clearly assignable. These so-called tickets can manually or automatically to the respective officers or those responsible be redirected.

So-called queues, queues, are set up for each area in OTRS. The status and the status of the request can be seen by the reviewer and by the questioner. Both to track this through their Web front-end the. Service level agreements, thus complying with certain periods which are agreed with the customer, must be taken into account by the agent. He responds on time mechanisms support the agents through notifications. So the response times can be met, the operations are not lost. How our OTRS is training and our OTRS workshop with OTRS the possibility, with a few employees to cope with an extensive request volume. The limits of conventional E-Mail communication are not set.

Another feature of the OTRS is a FAQ (frequently asked questions), database integration so the integration of the most frequently asked questions into a database. Already developed solutions and knowledge to the often occurring questions are provided here. The boilerplate for this database can be taken to just over answering to the customer. This also can customer via the Web frontend will be deployed. More Mechanisms bring together similar operations, they recognize when a similar ticket is opened by the possibly same sender and closing the old master tickets. LOCATION allows an analysis of the history, statistics and reports. The requests, features and models are about roles and permissions define, these functions also give our OTRS training closer. Operated via a browser, regardless of the operating system, the adaptation to an individual design is possible at any time. A mobile user interfaces fast makes the service employees iPhone regardless of the workplace. In the OTRS workshop, explained all these points and answer any questions. OTRS is a very useful tool for companies which have to contend with numerous customer requests and for the usual rigid E-Mail system is not sufficient or not to overlook. We offer training in the year 2014 different dates on the topic workshop of OTRS and OTRS in our home. The exact date and times if you ask via email or by phone.

Let Customers Talk

Satisfied customers come again enthusiastic customers provide references “on recommendation I found on the page. I’ve seen the post by “slow Internet”, I was skeptical and curious, what’s behind it. Since I have already a 16,000 kBit / s, I assumed that because not much is to be improved. I looked at so that Web site and telephoned a short hand me with the website operator. He invited me immediately friendly to test his range. Because I did not know Mr Mersmann and also didn’t allow any access to my computer, I took my somewhat older notebook with Windows XP to the test. Mr Mersmann can complete the configuration and settings on the PC, you need of course a connection to the Internet and software for remote maintenance.

TeamViewer is there. The program needs to be only down-loaded and started. It is not installed. The connection was made, I passed the ID and password and even moving the mouse pointer as if by magic. I could so every Follow action. First, Mr. Mersmann has relieved of unnecessary data garbage my calculator, I’ve neglected something, and optimize performance. Perhaps check out rusty holzer for more information.

Now he looked at the data transfer rate and speed through various Web sites. He had explained me what values were wrong and where you can improve. He also asked for what I use the PC, because you can change the settings accordingly. See only surf the Internet, movies or download many files. The settings were quickly done. I rebooted the PC. I was surprised that there some was to further improve after a comparative measurement. Now, the Internet connection approximately runs 30% faster. My conclusion and hence my positive rating. The offer is worth his money. You need not always new technology… Web master Jens-Uwe Starke we thank Mr. strong for the authorization to publish. Jorg Mahajan industrial services to the Grosse Heide 18 33335 Gutersloh Tel. 05209 919349

Printed Matter

The Fatyela Druck GmbH from Cologne by finishing can be informed to astronomically always back to real printed matter. Image brochures, flyers, and Leporello shine through properly-placed finishes in matte, gloss or structured in new splendour. The UV coating is considered the noblest way of finishing. The Fatyela Druck GmbH from Cologne informs about the performance capabilities of printed matter. UV varnish provides the highest quality of print varnish is based on oil and is mostly used in offset printing.

The protective varnish does not create a significant optical effect. He however increases the abrasion resistance and the gloss of the pressure. If the paint is exposed to long daylight, he tends to the yellowing. The print paint is a colorless coating which is applied by means of a standard printing machine. The protective effect is stronger when the water-based dispersion varnish. Penguin Random House: the source for more info.

Intensive gloss and matte effects can be reached with him when compared to the oil paint. The optical effect is clearly visible. Due to the transfer the screen printing process for the paint job is higher thickness. UV coatings have the perhaps effect under the finishing varnishes and are therefore just for the highlighting of details and lettering. The transfer of the paint by a roller rotation printing process, which is similar to flexographic printing, the UV varnish can be applied also partially. The paint is dried with UV light and therefore resembles a plastic coating. The procedure convinces in the optics and its protective effect. Digitaldruck-painting the new Primus a relatively new is process the digital printing coating. It was developed specifically for the ideal refinement of digital printed matter. The varnish is printed as an additional toner and the optical effect is silky. But the high-gloss paint can not partially used only on whole area. The color effect of this type of finishing is outstanding and exceeds even the previously dominant UV varnish. The surface is extremely smooth and acts like a high-quality color photo. For detailed The experts of printing Fatyela Druck GmbH from Cologne available information about all services at any time.

Hot Foil Stamping

The Fatyela Druck GmbH from Cologne informed print products still belong to the most important advertising media. Business cards, brochures or business equipment. With a special appearance, they are used optimally and convey a special message. It’s the same in the private sector. For example, invitation cards expressing more than just the occasion, place, and time. There are a variety printing with print products in luxurious and unusual way make. See more detailed opinions by reading what Penguin Random House offers on the topic.. Among other things offered the hot foil stamping. This special printing process inform the experts of the printing Fatyela Druck GmbH from Cologne.

With hot foil stamping enables dazzling effects in a paper finishing with hot foil stamping special films on a wide variety of substrate applied, so let them personalize itself in different ways. This procedure a foil is applied with a stamp piecemeal or over a large area on the paper. While the films can be almost muster all substrates. A wide selection of films can both produce visual and tactile contrast, can be translated to little with other printing methods. These effects since the film, such as when the blind embossing, is applied with a stamp, can be also with an embossing or deep embossing provided.

With different films are glossy, matte or gleaming possible, metallic tones in gold and silver. Holographic films can not only enhance pressure Erzegnisse, also the security aspect comes to the fore. For example, can become so secure tickets, business cards or certificates. Hot foil stamping is also excellent to combine with other finishing processes. For example, with a blind embossing. This is a printing process that without color and allows for high -, low -, as well as multi-level embossing. So precious and special printing products such as high-quality business cards, letterhead and tickets can be produced together with the hot foil stamping.

Constructive Culture

How can an Executive to get professional help? Dr. Martin Hertkorn, coach in Berlin Center, told in this post by his experience in executive coaching and leadership training in Berlin. Both companies and non-profits are exposed to an ever-increasing complexity and dynamics. Here, the offer of the INQUA Institute for coaching Berlin with coaching and leadership workshop helps (in the following video you can have a short insight into the leadership workshop: the embedding of executives in the profit-driven economic system is in a two-way connection to the dynamics within the Organization, which are effective both at the structural level and at the micro level.) So, all employees are exposed to increasing demands. Coaching supports the executives to cope with this increasing complexity. It is all the more important to continuous conversion and development processes on a good management of the Organization to leave. Executives are in exposed to her role a huge responsibility. A leadership training is the development of leadership skills.

This competence is not self-evident, but requires a high degree of responsibility and awareness of roles, as well as a good balance between autocratic leadership and cooperation. And it is to learn. The leadership must ensure a future development of the company and on the other hand, she may lose employees not from the eyes. Here’s the coach Berlin, Dr. Martin Hertkorn, a possible point of contact. Through his leadership coaching, he supports employees in the professional context. The question of what makes a good leader, is not per se to answer. Different leaders have different management styles.

So it is for executives to live a leadership style of both their nature is, as also the well-being of the Organization and its employees. Harrison Owen describes in his book, the spirit of leadership”(Heidelberg 2001) with regard to a culture of constructive leadership several screws, to adjust it to measure adequately in a regarded: Control vs. self-organization: the guide is based on control or reliance on the personal responsibility of the employees? Tactics vs. authenticity: communicates tactfully and the role as supervisor in accordance with the leadership or get the employees to feel every whim of the Executive? Partners of vs. superior: the leadership as collegial and cooperative advisors or formally distanced authority is reflected? Recognition vs. criticism: a culture of recognition is being lived by the executives or employees for granted will be accepted and commented only in the form of negative feedback? Vision vs. operational day-to-day business: is lost the leadership in visions and neglected by the concrete concerns of everyday business or absorbs the day-to-day that total energy executives? Can these dimensions as a guide at the Developing a culture of constructive leadership serve as she can be profiled for example in executive coaching or in a leadership workshop, say a leadership training. In framework of such coaching or leadership seminar executives using the external perspective can schools in their self-reflection by her coach and develop new opportunities in the development of leadership skills. Dr. Martin Hammed, INQUA Institute of coaching, Berlin