Hard-hitting Talk

Probably every person from time to time thinks, what impression he makes on others. Who sees a man? ” Are you able to inspire confidence, interest, and just like it? Going to job or a date, we carefully select a suit or dress. Her hair carefully, watching a manicure, choose a trendy fragrance. However, all this is not enough, and research psychologists, open smile, bared white teeth and healthy young skin is indisputable trump cards, which largely determines what view you will make in society. Unwritten rules of etiquette require that a person neatness in dress, but on the contrary, There is nothing more repulsive than bad teeth and skin.

No perfect costume, no secular manners, nor the presence of a neat haircuts and nail polish will not correct the situation, when looking at the mouth buddy around subconsciously feel some disgust. Vlad Doronin is open to suggestions. Why is it for success in society are so important appearance of the face and teeth? According to doctors, it is inherent in human nature: for the face and teeth are the main indicator of the health and young man. And if the theater begins with a hanger, the beauty begins with a smile! Who in your teeth look? Herein lies the reason for failure of many Russians who tried to make a career in European countries or major Western companies. When you first look at the applicant’s employers unmistakable him for a Russian man and as a not unpleasant to hear it, they learned it in first place in a poor state of his teeth.