Internal Employees

As Spiller et al (2006, P. 100) and Lacombe; Heilborn (2003, P. 331), the adoption of empowerment in the companies can add improvements, as well as risks for its management. The discouragement of costs time, the reduction of imperfections and delays, the personal satisfaction of the collaborators, rapidity in the reply to the customer and the opening of the communication and knowledge are some advantages that if can reach. However it has of if considering the risks that will be able to appear, as confused goals, insufficience or misalignment of training, tension of the employees, lack of authority and the injunction of responsibilities the individuals that do not desire it. 3 AS TO INTRODUCE the ENDOMARKETING IN the ORGANIZATION to introduce the program of internal marketing in the management of a company the initial approval of its superior administration is essential, therefore it is a new culture that is if forming.

The following step, in accordance with Wools Houses (2006, P. 109), is to become the product (the company) desirable its internal customers. It is looked then, as the author just cited, to identify to the causes of the conflicts between the necessities and desires of the employees and the company, by means of internal research with proper collaborators. Supporting in these data the Human resources they will go to develop products and programs differentiated and compatible with the desire of the employees. The employees are each time more partners of the companies and, according to Rodrigues et al (1997, P. 20), this is one of the reasons that are taking the same ones to implant politics of valuation of its staff. In this direction, the programs, politics and techniques of the internal marketing need to be focados in some basic requirements for its implementation: ) Internal communication: The fluency of the intercommunication all enters the staff of the company can be promoted and induced with the creation of half facilitadores, as for example: Intranet, internal periodical, bulletin board, manuals, pamphlets and even though the layout of the work environment can be drawn in a way that facilitates to the personal contact and the work in team.


They were laborers or administrators, the actions and reactions human beings were not more the same ones waited in the Fordiano system. CONSTRUCTION OF the TOYOTA MODEL OF INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTION In 1950, was created an ideal productive environment for the full performance of this new man, when Toyota constructed the plant of Montomachi, installed in Koromo, rebaptized as Toyota City. Adjusted modern and, the new plant used 70 a thousand, of about 300 a thousand inhabitants of now the city of Toyota. The production turned around an automobile to each four minutes, all with name in English. In Montomachi, the Toyota system could be perceived in its fullness. Trucks unloaded containers with parts and components and loaded the empty containers in return to the suppliers so that at the certain moment, they were returned. The shed of the plant was similar to an environment of expositions, educative bands and motivacionais they hung from the ceiling and in one passarela, the visitors could contemplate the diverse components, being lead and placed gradually in the vehicles, that passed for diverse areas of assembly until its conclusion. Each vehicle was mounted in agreement particular specifications and the laborers received special attention in the assembly line, some using informal clothes and acting as if they were the owners of the place, due to so great familiarity acquired in the system.

For Toyota, its laborers would not have to be special people, but only normal human beings, aspect that must be detached. The people, for Toyota, are parts of an organism, not parts of a machine. Toyota propositalmente allowed that observing Japanese and foreigners had access to its lines and plants, to some of them the service of its competitors. Insurance on its methods, the industry always disclosed its secrets, in special that moving to the continuous comment and accompaniment of the productive processes, constant transformation and improvements.

Aerial Photo Of Paragliders

When there is a need to conduct topographic survey from the air, many prefer the aerial photography from space by satellite. Or spend Aerogeodesy using large aircraft (airplane, helicopter). By Compared with the data types of aerial photography aerial photography, produced using a paraglider, have a number of preferential differences in quality. – Firstly, glider flights are available at low altitude. When the flight speed of 20-40 km / h paraglider almost standing still, which allows high-quality aerial photography.

For example, if you spend photographing at low altitude, helicopter, hovering, raising clouds of dust and rocks, bends trees. When shooting with a the wing does not. – Secondly, the camera in the hands of the glider pilot can shoot one species, and within seconds – 180 degrees in the opposite direction. In this case, the camera in the hands of the paraglider pilot does not tremble, aerial photography shots clear in Unlike shooting from a helicopter, which often creates a vibration, and aerial shots photo shoot will come out blurry. – In general, high-speed aircraft is suitable for surface photography of large areas.

For more detailed aerial photography is the best suited glider with its high maneuverability and the ability of flight at low speed. – The plane or helicopter has to place aerial shot fly from the airport – and this is additional time and money. Paragliding is an object aerial delivered in the trunk of the car. Paragliders can fly directly to the vicinity of the shooting. And by doing the work here and promptly landed refer the aerial survey. – Also in "large" aerial photography is used primarily only target shooting, that is, top to bottom. It is difficult to imagine how a plane coasting around the church standing alone, a building or a small a plot of land with all the surrounding landscape, making aerial photographs at an angle to the horizontal "side view" on all sides. With aerial photography from the wing as possible. – To one of the drawbacks of satellite imagery from the satellite in addition to Among other things include the fact that the zone of shooting often get clouds, reducing the quality of aerial photography. When shooting with a paraglider, you can choose a specific time of day, lighting, etc. In short, there where high efficiency and quality of aerial photography, glider can not do without.