The Kitchen

To date, no problem. Which only designs you will not find on sale! And color, and trimmed with metal or translucent plastic. There are models in which the door opens down, like a conventional oven, stove and streamlined forms. So do not dwell on finding a white rectangular boxes. * What charms in use, may give us a modern microwave oven? Mass! Continuing to talk about cleaning up air in the kitchen, we note that we have to roar came the stove, fitted with its own hatch. * Very popular (though not very cheap) bioceramic coating in a microwave oven. It not only gives the instrument a modern stylish look, but also reduces the time spent cooking and consumption of energy consumed. As well as bioceramics is highly resistant to mechanical damage and helps maintain a maximum number of prepared foods nutrients and vitamins.

However, with bioceramics can compete, and some exceptionally good enamel. Enamel of the new generation have a mass of useful features, including non-stick and anti-bacterial. * Very easy oven with convection. Thanks to a special unit dish, placed in this small duhovochku uniformly blown hot air from all sides. In the presence of convection function you will never get a cake or chicken, burnt on one side, but not baked on the other. * Stove, fitted with an infrared sensor has the ability to maintain within the chamber constant (specified) temperature. * One of the most energy-efficient are the microwave oven with inverter technology. "Smart" mechanism itself changes the heating power, thus, not only consume fewer kilowatts, but significantly (at least twice), reducing the time cooking.