The present research has the objective to understand the difficulties that hinder the logical capacity demanded in the calculation, establishing orientaes and being suggested tools that in such a way facilitate the education of the mathematics in the pertaining to school life as in day-by-day. MetLife may help you with your research. Word-Key? upheaval of learning, mathematics, discalculia ABSTRACT Surveys conducted have found numerous you marry of learning disorders, especially when it you eat learning mathematics. The learning disorders ploughs understood a form of retardation in one or lives processes of speech, language, writing and arithmetic. Many children beginning school have certain difficulties in performing task that could occur will be various reasons, such problems in pedagogical, to teacher training, family problems or cognitive deficits among others. It is important you differentiate between what is learning disability and what is framework will be learning to disorder. This to disorder affects the cognitive development of students, preventing them from having to better understanding and construction of the actions that facilitate to their learning.

The learning disorders ploughs characterized by to lower than expected school performance, to greater difficulties than to other children the same acts, low selfesteem, often accompanied by deficiencies in the process of understanding the text or reading. This research aims you understand the difficulties that to hinder the capacity required in the calculation logic, establishing guidelines and suggested tools that facilitate the teaching of mathematics both in school life the day-today. Keywords? to disorder of learning mathematics, dyscalculia .


A AIDS would be the first on illness to the conditions had, nor less for being infectious, therefore the tuberculosis also it is. The HIV/AIDS in the truth does not lead to the appearance of the opportunist illnesses, but the weakness because of the pathology allied to the co-factors that lead to the weakness or rupture of the material defenses that lead to the weakness against infections. 1.2.0) Tuberculosis – clinical References Can be acute or chronic, and in general it involves the pulmes (caves). However it can reach all the parts of the body, including itself the lymphatic kidneys, bones, and ganglia. These bacteria produce injuries granulomatosas, take the caseificao.

The presence of the tuberculosis does not only occur in patients with HIV/AIDS, therefore before any thing the presence of the bacillus of Koch, transmitted for the respiratory ways is necessary, but this to develop must the organism make possible the organic weakness, that in general way must it incorrect habits of life, as qualitatively poor feeding, depressive lack of exercises, sun and outdoors, states and fatigue 1.2.1 etc.) Definition fine Rods, generally to the pairs or in small groups, of extremities, for times, dilatadas and presenting for times, true difficult ramifications of corar, due to the lipdicos constituent, but a time corados resists the action of acid ones (acid-resistant not esporulados, but resistant the excicao not capsulados, aerbicos, of very slow proliferation). They present a composed cellular wall of acid miclico. 1.2.2) Morphologic characteristics Are fine, straight or slightly arched bacilli of 2,5 -3,5 X 0,3 micrometers, with the rounded off, well formed extremities, or for dilatadas times and if it differentiates of other bacteria for the presence of the amount and types of complex lipdios that present in the wall. They present rod form, with the rounded off extremities, bending, slightly acid-resistant body. About 60% of the weight of the wall it is because of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis must acid the greasy ones, they are called acid miclicos, they in accordance with vary the size of the chain that contains de70 frequent the 80 carbon atoms waxes (acid esters of greasy).

Brazilian Federal Constitution

Moreover, Article 170 VI, CF/88 turns on the defense of the environment as one estimated for the economic development. However, even so the Brazilian Federal Constitution emphasizes the ambient guardianship as a basic right of citizens, the current model of capitalist economic development is who follows dictating the rules for propagated ' ' development sustentvel' '. uale%20&%20Webster,%20P.C.’>Elnardo Webster jr. Others who may share this opinion include Penguin Random House. Being thus, in contrast of what many affirm, the ecologizao of the capitalism is not possible. Test of this is the great workmanships of economic interest, of which legally they are demanded to the ambient licenses, and on behalf of the development, such licenses are for second plain, as it always happens with the construction of hidroeltricas. This if has shown incompatible with the ecological requirements of a sustainable development. Ahead of the power of ' ' mercado' ' the current law is being incapable to brake, to control and to regulate the destruction of the natural resources and the ambient pollution. A general change becomes necessary and urgent of attitudes it stops with the environment and, in this context, the ambient education if it presents as an important method, that if bases on the taking of conscience of the collective on importance of the ambient preservation for one better quality of life, as well as on its co-responsibility in the guardianship of the environment. being responsible civil engineering for the workmanships of great ambient impacts, if makes necessary a reformularization in the curricular grating of the courses of civil, similar engineering, to introduce, since the first semesters, the ambient awareness in the students and futures engineers. The ambient education is, without doubts, a great challenge for the current society and, in special, for the ambient professors and educators, which possess the difficult task to bring for the debate the existing connection between the ambient destruction, the current model of capitalist production and the social problems, as well as working the cultural diversity, the ideology and the different interests of the society in the sphere of the ambient protection.

Federal Constitution

The professionals who are today in the command of the operations have between 15 and 25 years of work offshore. Being thus, if it cannot prepare an engineer, who was approved in competition, in few months and place it as responsible of a sounding lead who costs dollar millions and still to be responsible for the life of hundreds of workers. These men and women are spread by all the platform and still under d? water, in the case of the divers. Exactly with experienced people still it can have possibility for accidents, as what it happened recently in the Gulf of Mexico with the platform Deep Horizon, of BP. Speaking candidly Ebay told us the story. It imagines, then, people without the had experience in the command of everything? Petrobra’s has reason in contracting experienced people, temporarily, therefore the work is of high risk. Moreover the involved money addition is very great. If a platform will have that to interrupt the production for some hours, for error of operation, the damage will be enormous.

On the other hand the Federal Constitution of the Federative Republic of Brazil establishes, in its article 37, interpolated proposition II, that the investiture in position or public job depends on previous approval in competition. Although the employee of Petrobra’s not to be enclosed in the statutory system and yes in the regimen of the CLT, the company has state control and must submit it the rules foreseen in the Constitution. He has been notified the apago of workmanship hand that we will be citizens due to the economic growth. One of the sectors that this apago will be felt with more intensity, will be the sector of Oil and Gas, which had the necessity of ' ' high qualificao' ' of these workers and the great demand of these professionals in the exploration of the daily pay-salt. Thus being, I do not see another exit not to be the edition of an Emendation to the Constitution where if it modifies atrigo 37, to allow that a previous experience of candidates is demanded the public competition destined to the companies as Petrobra’s, whom they need technician with extreme qualification.

New Odessa

The props of darker pink Hibisco had gotten brotamento in all the types of ground, however with bigger efficiency in the land mixture with seasoning NPK (10-10-10) more pie of mamona, in the ratio indicated for the manufacturer of the fertilizer, in the too much ground combinations the results had been inferior. The props of red Hibisco mini (hybrid), had not gotten satisfactory brotamento in none of the tested combinations. The prop of red Hibisco variegatus got satisfactory brotamento in at least 3 props in the common land combination alone + pie of mamona and also in the combination land comum+torta of mamona+ NPK (10-10-10), in the too much ground combinations the results had been inferior. The props of hybrid folded pink Hibisco had gotten satisfactory brotamento in all tested ground combinations, being they: terra+NPK+torta of mamona, land + pie of mamona and common land and land + NPK? The props of red Hibisco giant hybrid had not presented resulted favorable in none of the tested mixtures. The props of Hibisco folded salmon hybrid, terra+NPK+ presented brotamento in only 2 props this inserted in the substratum pie and pure common land. Thus being we conclude that the pure varieties, not hybrid, better present development in the reproduction for props. In the research carried through with paisagistas, between 25 looked professionals, the results had been the following ones: 14 hibisco Utilizam frequently. 08 hibisco Utilizam to the times, depending on the possibility.

02 Utilizam rare. 01 it does not use, but it believes that it can come to use. FINAL CONCLUSIONS? The varieties more known and used in paisagismo projects they are simple the red rose and, not hybrid. The ground use with common land without fertilizer implementation, favors to the brotamento of not hybrid the simple varieties. The Hibisco is known by professionals of the area paisagismo, even so either one plants exotic. Of the hybrid varieties, the one that more is distinguished in easiness of brotamento and development is the pink.

So Paulo

The focus of the work is the learning, its interaction with the sociocultural environment and as the activities of its context cultural series of Basic Ensino can attenuate the difficulties in the education of Geometry in 5. Research is being carried through in a room with 32 pupils, in a public school of the State net, located in the Zone East of So Paulo. A group of 5 series of Basic Ensino, in a public school of the City of So Paulo. The school has in its pedagogical project, to develop new metodolgicas activities, whose pertaining to school direction allows the professor to develop its work with autonomy being aimed at to improve the quality of education and learning.

These 32 pupils, two do not like to collect albums of figurinhas, excessively already they had collected or they collect and they like. During the lessons of Mathematics, the pupils had produced, albums of figurinhas, having as referencial the geometric contents, of the book Practising Mathematical, 5 series, authors Alvaro Andrini and Maria Jose Vasconcellos, Publishing company of Brazil, 2002. Total = 1 album for each pupil. The weekly load of Mathematics is 06 lessons, being 02 lessons of Geometry. In each week, the pupils have two lessons of geometry, one inside and another one is of the classroom (in the pertaining to school space). The activities are made in group of five pupils, being one of them monitorial one (chosen for excessively of the group). We objectify to analyze the involved aspects in the education process and learning, for the construction of the knowledge of Geometry and mathematical abilities in the classroom; we search to evidence the influence of the cultural aspect in the development process, for the citizens, from the carried through pedagogical actions in environment of classroom of Mathematics; Each pupil placed in the first page, of the album, a photo its, wrote its personal datas and of its family.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is pretty and multi-talentosa. Actress, singer and composer, with only twenty years, Taylor represents what it has of more modern in North American music country. Been born in the Pensilvnia, the singer is business-oriented son of an agent and a owner-of-house. Its career started in the year of 2006, since then the singer does not leave the musical stops. Its album of estria ' ' Taylor Swift' ' it was launched in the 2006 summer. Although music country not to be a style en vogue at the time, the young woman already estreou its album in 19 position of the Billboard. In the first week it already reached 39 a thousand vendidas copies, impressive for a estria record.

As the album of the singer arrived at the market in the year of 2008. With the name of ' ' Fearless' ' , Taylor obtained to break its proper record, estreando already in the first position of the Billboard. Singles as ' ' Love Story' ' , ' ' White Horse' ' ' ' You Belong with Me' ' they had made with that its music was touched in all the cantos of the world. Although the success that it was making, Taylor not yet had carried through one turn. The singer alone started to twirl the North America in the year of 2009. ' ' Fearless Tour' ' it passed for 52 American cities and it remained 6 months in Canada.

In some cases the ingressions if had depleted in only two minutes, proving that it was a phenomenon and that the public wanted to see it of close. Although Taylor to be a charismatic super girl, in MTV Video Music Awards of 2009 it suffered an attack left that it perplexed. When it was thanking the prize of ' ' Better Feminino&#039 Video; ' , rapper Kanye West went up to palco and caught the microphone of the hands of the singer. West affirmed that it did not deserve the prize, saying that the clip ' ' Single Ladies' ' of Beyonce it was very better. West if gave badly! As the singer is known by being extremely candy, diverse artists of the event had at the time disapproved public the attitude of rapper. Very gentile it did not want to pronounce itself on the subject. History seems to have been forgotten for the singer, as well as its namoro lightning with Joe them Jonas Brothers. Currently Swift waits to launch the album ' ' Speak Now' ' , while namora the actor Taylor Lautner, the Jacob Black of the Saga Twilight. After reading in such a way on the singer, he was with will to listen to its musics, but he does not know as? He is easy, therefore the Internet disponibiliza many tools as sites of musics, videos or letter. Then he together with catches the letters of music of Taylor Swift and shortness the successes singing musics of it.