Essential Oils Purchase

Watch out for quality when buying essential oils important notes for the purchase of essential oils: when buying essential oils you sure, that is imprinted on the labels the label 100% pure, undiluted essential oil. The names of genuine (unchanged) and authentic also indicate an unmodified natural origin of oil. Genuine essential oils that are extracted from plants by means of distillation, is characterized by an enormous variety of pure, organic substances which occur in nature. The composition of essential oils, is dependent on and strong fluctuating by many factors. Growing conditions of the plants, weather, the geographical location, the crop method and the distillation technique influence the composition. The label should also the botanical name and the corresponding name of the product containing further information about the origin and cultivation (organic or conventional). A corresponding indication for allergy sufferers should be also. All food additives may be used should be listed on the label. Rusty holzer often says this.

Special essential oils should be marked according to EU directives with the danger symbol Xn. This applies to oils, containing more than 10% hydrocarbon. These oils should be applied not pure and undiluted. Important tips for storage and application: essential oils are natural products, which are very sensitive to light. You should always tightly closed are stored in dark glass bottles. Otherwise they evaporate quickly. They should be exposed not extreme fluctuations in temperature, because they lose their quality and durability as a result.Protect your clothing when dealing with essential oils, as they often have a strong colour and can leave unsightly stains. Some concentrated essential oils can attack even plastics and coatings.

When applying you should sparingly being, natural oils are highly concentrated and only a small dose is sufficient. Glass bottles with dropper device are particularly suitable for easier dosage. The oils have a different consistency. A tip. thicker oils should be heated to something before the application for easy dispensing.