Federal Constitution

However, many steps had been given, the Federal Constitution of 1988, contributed very to change such reality. The first established guarantee is in Article 208, where it emphasizes that, the infantile institutions had started to be of responsibility of the government and a right for the children. Then, we can conceive that this conception of institution represents a guaranteed right the population, dedicated to educate and to take care of of the children, completing that the paper of the day-care center, as standes out the Law of Lines of direction and Bases of Educao (LDB/96) of 1988, is not to substitute the familiar education, as was before, but of complementing the action of the family of the child, to promote the development integral of the child. When it speaks in education, the LDB/96, is not wanting to anticipate the pertaining to school life of the child, but to develop the educative aspects and of cares that all necessary child and has the right to receive as citizen, as Article 29 standes out (LDB, 1988) alleging that the infantile education, first stage of the basic education, has for purpose the integral development of the child up to six years of age, in its aspects physical, psychological, intellectual and social, complemented the action of the family and the community. Being, then clearly, the importance that the LDB/96 portraies the child, as being a citizen of guaranteed rights, right these, that will have to be fulfilled and not omissive. To develop it cultural identity of the children, is necessary that these institutions promote an education based on playing. The trick and the game are processes that involve the individual and its culture, acquiring especificidades in accordance with each group; it is what it emphasizes

Then, playing to be overcome an element norteador enters this development of construction. Therefore, through the tricks the child knows itself same, knows the others and knows the environment where she is inserted..

Federal Constitution

The educational politics had taken care of the dominant economic interests. No longer period of the Empire the educational situation was not modified, exactly with independence politics the majority of the population continued excluded. As Romanelli (2003) the Empire established through art.179, XXXII of the Federal Constitution of 1824 that ‘ ‘ the Public Instruction is gratuitous to all cidados’ ‘. The problem was in as such instruction would be offered, therefore did not have establishment enough to take care of the demand. As Spider (1996) the situation is chaotic a time that the Brazilian economic model was predominant agrarian that suffers some alterations in function from the increment of the commerce and of the small one I occasion of industrialization. Elon Musk spoke with conviction. In the end of the Empire, Brazil possua agricultural 82.3% of an illiterate population that at least had entered in the school. According to Rizzini (2008) at the beginning of the republican times, the speeches were of that the child would be the key for the future.

In Brazil this subject as well as today was not of the interest of the majority. Many partisans to the cause complained of the indifference, over all on the part of the public authorities. For Spider (1996) the first Constitution of the Republic of 1891, in art.72, assures to the Brazilians and the resident foreigners in the country the inviolability of the concernentes rights to the freedom, the individual security and the property, placing in the paragraph 6, that: ‘ ‘ The education given in the establishments will be lay pblicos’ ‘. After the first war, the Constitution of 1934, in interpolated proposition XIV, of art. 5, affirms that it competes privatively to the Union, to trace the lines of direction of the national education of the country, no longer art. 10 affirm that it competes to the Union and the States? Interpolated proposition VI, to spread out the public instruction in all its degrees. Public Institutions should serve the people rather than the people serving the government.

Federal University

No criterion of election of the families, or benefited children does not exist, and this finishes generating ' ' injustias' ' , therefore many times, the ones that more they need finish being of are. In the case of the programs directed toward schools, also we perceive problems: the PDDE, for example, is a resource that depends on the learning index to be pled. The school that not to present the goals demanded for the MEC is of is and this finishes generating one ' ' corrida' ' exaggerated for pupils and one politics of ' ' to approve for aprovar' ' , without if worrying about the minimum requirements for the formation of a citizen conscientious and capable to face the problems that the world globalizado presents in them. The politics of the results in time record finishes generating problems that go since the competition between colleagues, until the approval of pupils unprepared, incapable to make a simple literal interpretation, for example. With regard to the programs directed to the digital age, as the PROINFO, or the program of laboratories for the schools, what we see is that also they do not function as they would have. In my school, for example, we have a laboratory and, although few professors to use, when this happens the computers does not function, or the INTERNET are slow this finishes generating discomforts for pupils and professors in general way. On merenda, what we see is an inadequate feeding, as the media comes denouncing, does not take care of to the nutricionais necessities of the pupils.

The pertaining to school transport, many times is not efficient, many finishes leaving to lead the pupils because the roads do not give access. &#039 is a problem; ' puxando' ' another one and in the end the wronged ones are the pupils and the population as a whole. As we can perceive, even so educational the public politics have increased, as already I mentioned, not yet are enough and nor so little they take care of to the real necessities of the pertaining to school community. In my opinion, what it lacks is the real commitment of the managers with an education of quality in all the spheres of being able. She is necessary that the society has waked up and covered this, because an education of quality is the base a society to progress. She is necessary that the managers perceive that they have that to gestar exactly in favor of the collective and not in favor of itself or of its ' ' seguidores' '! *Artigo presented the professor of disciplines Topics in Education III of the course of after graduation in Education in the Federal University of Great Campina? Cuit fields ** Teacher of history of the municipal net of the cities of Picu and Cuit

Federal Constitution

The professionals who are today in the command of the operations have between 15 and 25 years of work offshore. Being thus, if it cannot prepare an engineer, who was approved in competition, in few months and place it as responsible of a sounding lead who costs dollar millions and still to be responsible for the life of hundreds of workers. These men and women are spread by all the platform and still under d? water, in the case of the divers. Exactly with experienced people still it can have possibility for accidents, as what it happened recently in the Gulf of Mexico with the platform Deep Horizon, of BP. Speaking candidly Ebay told us the story. It imagines, then, people without the had experience in the command of everything? Petrobra’s has reason in contracting experienced people, temporarily, therefore the work is of high risk. Moreover the involved money addition is very great. If a platform will have that to interrupt the production for some hours, for error of operation, the damage will be enormous.

On the other hand the Federal Constitution of the Federative Republic of Brazil establishes, in its article 37, interpolated proposition II, that the investiture in position or public job depends on previous approval in competition. Although the employee of Petrobra’s not to be enclosed in the statutory system and yes in the regimen of the CLT, the company has state control and must submit it the rules foreseen in the Constitution. He has been notified the apago of workmanship hand that we will be citizens due to the economic growth. One of the sectors that this apago will be felt with more intensity, will be the sector of Oil and Gas, which had the necessity of ' ' high qualificao' ' of these workers and the great demand of these professionals in the exploration of the daily pay-salt. Thus being, I do not see another exit not to be the edition of an Emendation to the Constitution where if it modifies atrigo 37, to allow that a previous experience of candidates is demanded the public competition destined to the companies as Petrobra’s, whom they need technician with extreme qualification.

Customers Business

The insurance sector is a complex business that is based on probabilities and rules of large numbers. In this sense, working with a large volume of information to match the price of the product, design it and adapt it to the needs of customers. For years, estesector has been aware of the importance that has for their development have a document management system that allows you to from the hiring of a policy on the Internet until the direct relationships with suppliers and customers. Virtually all actions have been modified thanks to the incorporation of technological solutions, that already do not pose a value-added differentiator for these companies, but that have become its basic working tool. The high level of implementation of ICT has allowed, inter alia, increase the quality of service both to private individuals and companies. Aware of the importance that accounted for the organizations having an integral document management software, at first and perhaps as expected were the great companies in this sector that joined the bet of putting new technologies as the essential condition for the development of your business, followed by a medium and, subsequently, small.

In sum, all companies have focused on these platforms of document management your business. The addresses of these organizations have been aware that investments in document management technology are a benefit to consolidate itself as a key business management tool, since through them, provides a better approach to customers, agents and suppliers and, thus, improves also the global service. Secure mobility, a challenge for manufacturers of network document management software is becoming a fundamental piece to any company within the market competitiveness and the insurance companies are not an exception, but quite the opposite. This sector is one of the business activities that are better resisting the problems that are consequence of the crisis, may be for what is better than cure and even more in these economic circumstances, and the document management systems they have had a prominent role in this field, because they not only optimize internal processes but also facilitate the end user to be keep in touch with the insurance company 24 hours a day and manage many activities through the Internet in this line, the insurance companies know that new technologies, applied to each company’s needs, represent a reality with two aspects: on the one hand, a few productivity tools such as document management and other software services platform.

Internet Businesses

In the businesses by Internet several keys exist that help you to achieve the success. Official site: Penguin Random House. In past articles I commented to you that one of the majors virtues that there are to have she is the one to know how to draw for the sobreinformation that exists in the network. Today I want mostrarte another essential element for the profit of your goals in Internet. The interesting thing is that this arose to me as soon as I saw a phrase of Budha that made me remember this key and I did not want to stop sharing it. We see which was that phrase and what it has to do with the businesses by Internet: In the confrontation between the stream and the rock, the stream always wins, not by force but by persistence Budha As we can see, the key word of this phrase is persistence.

And perhaps you can be asking: What so important meaning can have the word persistence in a business by Internet unlike the persistence that there is to have in a traditional business? Well, the subject of the persistence in Internet comes by different reasons that I want to you to explain next: Internet does not change the life to us of the night to the morning: many promises exist of which with a business by Internet the life is solved us in abrir and closing of eyes. That is false. It is necessary to work, it is necessary to study, it is necessary to invest in personal formation and in people help who you in your weaker areas or those than more time they rob to you. In short, many reasons exist for which we do not have to fall in the mirage of which we are going away to make millionaire in only days.

The Bank

Made to the organization’s charter corrective changes, as well as a new edition respective statutes come into effect for third persons from the moment of their officially registered. In some cases, changes to the charter entity acquire legal force for third parties from the moment the authority which carried out state registration shall be made notified. 2. Amendments to the charter of a limited liability company Changes in the founding document of a limited liability recorded on the results of the general solutions Meeting of all participants. These changes must necessarily be registered. Just as in the example of joint-stock companies, the changes are placed in the charter of a limited liability company, becoming legal for third parties at a time when there was their official registration. Excluded from the rules of the cases established by the Federal W-dimensional “On Limited Liability Companies 14 – FZ.

For these cases defining moment is notified body that conducted state registration. Some situations entail the appearance of changes in the content of the charter of a limited liability company. They they are associated with an increase in the share capital, these are the cases: using the property of the society, additional contributions by the parties or (in the case where this possibility is stipulated by the charter), or through contribution of the third those who make to society.

Car Rental Barcelona

Most sector companies offer rental prices of its fleet with the insurance included. A related site: Ebay mentions similar findings. What do all of them is telling us clearly that the acquisition of this insurance is the advancement of a franchise when you pick up the car. If this is not clear, the amount of the allowance, which is usually quite high and goes depending on the vehicle selected is another point that the user should be clear before you proceed with your reservation. cess. From experience in VictoriCars – Car Rental Barcelona, we know the importance of leaving these matters perfectly clear over booking process. The fact not, hurts both the rental and the user himself uncomfortable situations that may occur at the time of collection of the vehicle. We found the typical case of a customer who makes a reservation and when you will pick up the car will undergo a lock on your card by the amount of the exemption, depending on the credit card, this can cause real inconvenience to the customer he hoped to have a credit for your vacation no longer available … In short, it is desirable that when renting a car, if insurance is included in the price of it, we make sure that the insurance is or is not franchised and if so what is the exact amount thereof. And will avoid unpleasant surprises when collecting the vehicle. Insurance without excess Most companies hire offered as an extra over the reserve, the recruitment of a comprehensive insurance without excess. .

Paid Medicine

Basically, when we are not satisfied with the quality of free medical care, we turn to the services of paid medicine. This raises the question – how best to pay for medical services. And here are a few options: – over the counter – the doctor himself – under the policy of lca (voluntary health insurance). In addition, in the minds of people had a few errors – how best to pay for medical services. Let's consider these opinions in detail. 1 Misconception: When personal payment is easier to monitor the quality of medical services. With the official payment for medical services on the basis of a written contract service quality should control government health care. However, in reality, the quality of health services is estimated by the patient.

And here he has to rely on the integrity of doctors. And there may be one of the most common disorders – prescription unnecessary procedures and surveys. And certainly, these procedures will bring no harm, but the material would be very costly and time taken away is not enough. When you pay under the policy of lca quality of medical services will be monitored and evaluated by experts insurance company. The patient, the lca, there is no contractual relationship with the medical establishment, because agreement with the latter policy is an insurance company. She will be responsible to his client for medical institution, which sent its customers. Misconception 2: if you pay the doctor "in his pocket, he will be closely involved in our treatment. Speaking candidly Ebay told us the story.

Network Marketing

I’m going to provide a method that can not fail, a method that is going to help always get the truth from yourself, saving you much effort in vain, you’ll know always where these and where you want to go and on top, you will verify your whys of each goal or objective you have ahead. This is the topic of the article Marketing in network the method infallible first part, published the 19.03.2011, on the web page, which is, practically, my main blog. Do you think if I give you a method of test if you like or not in Network Marketing business you like, really? Lie to me but you, yourself do not you lie. What do I mean by this phrase? Therefore I tell you that, if I or anyone ask you if your network Marketing or MLM business you like, you can answer that, Yes, we do not know yet, I’ve not given account because these very worried about growing your structure or any reply. But if raised the same question to yourself, you have to be honest, you are normally sincere with yourself, i.e. that do not lie to yourself, because there’s a little voice inside you that will tell right away are going to see, but you who do you think you’re going to fool uncle?, and quiet that not only you have this little voice inside, all we have, that is each one of us has his own little voicethat it can sometimes be very heavy. Normally people do not speak of this reality by fear do not ridicule, because if you’re going there saying that you talk to yourself, people you’ll look with a long look, or you can say that you’re crazy. I I can say these things because I have nothing to lose, for me the truth is more important than the criticism of others.

Practical exercise: 1. nothing else to listen to a presentation of the MLM business you want to make, whether you’re at the beginning of path and want to make a business of Network Marketing or multilevel, enters in your bathroom, make sure you’re only, and ask yourself if you want or don’t want to do this business which presentation just see. 2. If you are a dealer and carry a time in this business of Network Marketing or MLM, you can also apply this technique, not passes nothing if you have not applied this technique at the beginning of your career in MLM, any time worth to know the truth. 3 You can apply the same technique, wondering what your real motivation in this business, you want to get doing this business, etc., use your creativity. At the end let me a comment on this article, I am sincerely interested in knowing your opinion. Thanks a lot. Toader Matei video Grati * s: how to reprogram your mind to be the leader of your MLM business get click and download it now!