Organization Systems Successfully Optimize

Develop an effective system of organization of Hovelhof. An effective system of organization belongs to a successful company. How the organization system of the company really looks, unconsciously acting processes, relationship structures and conflicts, clearly a statement of organization in an exceptional manner. It is optimal to detect destructive structures and to transform them into constructive”, explains Jorg Reker, General Manager, coach, and individual consultants by Jorg Reker Business Coaching. While the various implementation options can be passed through realistically, to find the optimal solution.

Organisational constellations belong to the family of the system installations and work with the scientifically not easily explainable phenomenon of substitute perception. After an order clarifying the issue from a group on the topic of seven people intuitively Deputy people chooses for himself, his employees, functions, or abstract elements such as tasks, objectives, values, feelings or locations from and makes it freely in the room to each other in relationship (distance, direction, position). The be observed from now from the outside. The Installation Manager will now begin his work and asks about feelings, feelings, physical symptoms and thoughts of the people. Without previously having information experience feelings the representative of company employees in amazingly precise manner, words or even symptoms of real people. The Installation Manager can ask now the established, to follow their urge to move and change their position. So a new relationship, which gives information about the Organization and the relationship of the involved people sustainable appearance. Here come often so far unconscious conflict contexts to light, the company prevent from achieving your goals. A solution is found, the Deputy will be replaced by the stand and takes itself the necessary steps. The results the work are amazing and act sustainably. Daniel Hans – Jorg Reker business coaching