World War

While these two British rulers have linked their external to us and their wars policies preventive, the Socialists on the continent were opposed to invading Iraq and call for the immediate withdrawal of that country. While continental Socialists still socializing preaching, they speak of maintaining social benefits or give amnesty to illegal immigrants, the British Labour has buried his leftist or Socialist phraseology, poses tougher restrictions immigration and want to become the main party that promotes private enterprise. Blair and Brown believe that its success consists in having been distancing to the labour of their continental peers who still fail free from his leftist past, for which reason, they believe, in the majority of the European Union they have been losing power. Social democracy was one of the architects of the welfare state at the end of World War II. However, these policies had strength when the world accepted many Keynesian measures and fear of communism made Western Europe creates a mattress of social reforms. However, as liberal globalisation was progressing and the Soviet bloc collapsed, this network of social protectionism started to be seen in leadership circles as something expensive and unnecessary (because the red menace had vanished) and as an obstacle that prevented from being able to attract more capital or compete on the world market.

Hence that Communist parties and Socialists in the 1990s were abandoning many of its previous leftist nominations and seek to ingratiate himself with the monetarist model on the rise. Of all the major sections of social democracy which arrived farther in that rupture and whose example has wanted to be imitated and other parts of the globe is the British Labour. Blair and Brown boast of having been des-socializando to labour to turn it into a party of the radical Centre which in many ways is nothing but a version more moderate, pro-European and liberal conservatism.