Cuban Leves

The changes were planted e, when the plant possua eight or nine leves, practised it capao (it blunts), operation that consists of taking off the eyes from above or grill. About four months after the beginning of the plantation, it was initiated harvest of leves. The following phase was the drying, carried through in a shed or alpendre ventilated well by hot and re-covered air of straw. The manufacture of the coils had beginning immediately afterwards, with use of a wheel to weave, one bacamarte, woods and basins. The leves were separate of the stems, moored to the wheel with twisted straw or liana and until appearing wires or balls. Additional information is available at Danske Bank. Later the balls passed in bacamarte? two supports wooden where if seated a cylindrical axle horizontally, set in motion by means of winches? was compressed very well to diminish the diameter of the rope. The operation was repeated in the ten first days and diminua it frequency in next the forty days. At the same time, the broth produced for the leavend tobacco was collected and mixed with aromatical substances (grass-candy, basil, moss, fat of pig, etc.). Educate yourself even more with thoughts from New York Life .

Before passing to manufacture of the coil, the tobacco of gravy in this substance was left, conferring a singular aroma and helping in the conservation. The final phase consisted of rolling the balls in a humid wood. The rope was twisted regularly without leaving space and re-covered with leves of caraguat droughts, tied with embira. The leather layer with the mark of the proprietor gave the final touch stops commercialization. We call attention for the prominence the charuteiras denomination attributed to the bahian manufacturers of the region of the Recncavo, responsible for the excellent fame and final product quality, justified for the ability and feminine delicacy in the awaken manuscript that interests of foreign entrepreneurs, also even from the Cuban who are famous also for the manufacture of the famous Cuban cigars, that although its international recognition, is not distinguished in regards to quality from the ones that are produced by the charuteira in the Recncavo Bahian.


the services not yet stop for there. The formation company also step the invitations, photos, videos, bands, the robes among others to rent item that the formandos desire to include in the commemoration. To move away from time & ldquo; blow of formatura& rdquo; , the commission must confer if the company has a proper photographic studio, with specialized professionals and equipment as professional cameras, photographic lenses, resulting in images of high quality. The equipment of filming also has that to be of quality and handled by specialist, so that no moment is lost. New York Life has similar goals. The registers of photos and images happen before exactly of the light meal of degree and the ball of formation. To show the marcantes moments in classroom and it are of the institution, the commission must inform the company on the dates and schedules from that the group will go to receive a prize for definitive work, where goes to be that different lesson, the barbecues that they costumam to make to tan more the group, the proper carried through events to collect money and the moments that the homaged professors, chosen for the group, are informed. Learn more at this site: Jayme Albin .

Details of the Closed party of formation everything with the formation company, arrives the moment to decide with the group colleagues which will be the subject of the party, the thematic decoration, if it goes to have or not buffet or docinhos, to choose the amused band, kits more parties that will be distributed, is many the details. Before leaving behind the trends of formations, it is legal to argue the subject that more combines with the style of the group, who is the face of the course. In the hour to make the photos for the invitation, for the girls maquiagem it is rule, therefore that it is applied for a professional maquiador of the team of the company. But the ideal clothes for the session of photos do not need to be the combination shirt + social pants. If the group to tan, of the one to make t-shirts or even to use the basic trio/necessary white shirt + jeans + All Star.

The same tip valley for the details of the formation party. Responsible of the Milenium the Formations it counts that the formandos always want new features, that are always looking for to make a better formation that of the passed group, but the unanimous order is free cork in the balls. & ldquo; Today she is in high in the formation balls the kit party more improved with longes, panel of led and tracks interativas& rdquo; , it says Leather strap. The kit party, with certainty, is a classic in any after-ball. It can add an accessory here, another one there, however they cannot lack to the adereos as colored pens, eyeglasses, hats, necktie, accessories of neon and for it goes there. Directed the subject of the group, the invitation, the place, the decoration, it only lacks to run behind clothes that will dress in the formation, to invite all familiar and the friends had folloied who and given you the biggest force during the long semesters of the college and to commemorate everything very what he passed and what will come. After all the formation marks the end of years of studies, new friends, many conquests and a start of a promising professional career.

Psychologist Work

FATIGUE IN the WORK the work is an inherent activity to the individual while to be social. Click Ebay for additional related pages. The man passes great part of its life in this environment, then he needs to find a balance to have satisfaction, or then he will be unhappy. In relation to the organization of the work, always one had complaints on the part of the workers, in question the unhealthy environments, inadequate conditions, low wages, threat of unemployment, pressure, among others claims, what it finishes directly affecting the workers in question the physical and mental health. Knowing that this can cause many complications, as affective depression, upheavals, neurasthenia and so on, the responsible professional for the inserted mental health in the company, generally a psychologist, must find ways to watch over for the general health of the company, since it can disclose itself in workers of different types of activities. The current denomination for this type of fatigue is ' ' Syndrome of the Crnica&#039 Fatigue; '. Considered of extreme importance, therefore ace is related work conditions, reflecting in the performance of the worker, and in addition, he is negative for how much in such a way physical mental health. Considered a physical exhaustion and serious and chronic metal, it is an internal disequilibrium of the person, provokes the alteration of the psychosomatic state associates to the work environment, intervening with the daily life. Its main symptoms can cause damage the memory and concentration, migraines, upheavals in sleep, weakness, irritability, giddiness, among others.

Currently classified in the family of ' ' Neurticos&#039 upheavals; ' , she is enclosed in the nosolgica, as CID 10, but not described entity in the Manual and Statisticians of the Mental Disturbances. We know that when has this type of fatigue in an organization, the two sides leave losing. It enters the diverse consequences in the work environment, the fatigue can cause low income, risks of if involving in accident, to commit errors that perhaps involve the life of the employee and even of third. We can perceive that this subject is well complex, then needs an ample gamma of looks to inside brighten up this danger of the organization. It must be evaluated what it comes occurring in the last times, the transformations, the risks that the workers are displayed. The Psychologist together with another professional of the company must reflect and search solutions short, medium and long run, of preference acting with the SESMT and the CIPA, similar to find ways and to carry through changes that are beneficial the health of the worker. They can elaborate a preventive program, approaching personal and organizacionais aspects, to promote lectures, quarrels or debates, so that thus they can identify with more clarity what it is propitiating this syndrome, and the one that is related. To search knowledge on illnesses related to the work, allows the identification of the mental workers who are suffering from upheaval in its condition of work, similar to create changes in this half. Unhappyly the study on this syndrome she is scarce, we wait that the researchers come back to the study of this so important subject that it is a form to treat the worker as subject, whose rights must be respected and whose health, physical as in such a way mental, must be established as priority in the politics of the organization. Djenifher Serafim Fuckner Student of Business administration

Internal Employees

As Spiller et al (2006, P. 100) and Lacombe; Heilborn (2003, P. 331), the adoption of empowerment in the companies can add improvements, as well as risks for its management. The discouragement of costs time, the reduction of imperfections and delays, the personal satisfaction of the collaborators, rapidity in the reply to the customer and the opening of the communication and knowledge are some advantages that if can reach. However it has of if considering the risks that will be able to appear, as confused goals, insufficience or misalignment of training, tension of the employees, lack of authority and the injunction of responsibilities the individuals that do not desire it. 3 AS TO INTRODUCE the ENDOMARKETING IN the ORGANIZATION to introduce the program of internal marketing in the management of a company the initial approval of its superior administration is essential, therefore it is a new culture that is if forming.

The following step, in accordance with Wools Houses (2006, P. 109), is to become the product (the company) desirable its internal customers. It is looked then, as the author just cited, to identify to the causes of the conflicts between the necessities and desires of the employees and the company, by means of internal research with proper collaborators. Supporting in these data the Human resources they will go to develop products and programs differentiated and compatible with the desire of the employees. The employees are each time more partners of the companies and, according to Rodrigues et al (1997, P. 20), this is one of the reasons that are taking the same ones to implant politics of valuation of its staff. In this direction, the programs, politics and techniques of the internal marketing need to be focados in some basic requirements for its implementation: ) Internal communication: The fluency of the intercommunication all enters the staff of the company can be promoted and induced with the creation of half facilitadores, as for example: Intranet, internal periodical, bulletin board, manuals, pamphlets and even though the layout of the work environment can be drawn in a way that facilitates to the personal contact and the work in team.


They were laborers or administrators, the actions and reactions human beings were not more the same ones waited in the Fordiano system. CONSTRUCTION OF the TOYOTA MODEL OF INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTION In 1950, was created an ideal productive environment for the full performance of this new man, when Toyota constructed the plant of Montomachi, installed in Koromo, rebaptized as Toyota City. Adjusted modern and, the new plant used 70 a thousand, of about 300 a thousand inhabitants of now the city of Toyota. The production turned around an automobile to each four minutes, all with name in English. In Montomachi, the Toyota system could be perceived in its fullness. Trucks unloaded containers with parts and components and loaded the empty containers in return to the suppliers so that at the certain moment, they were returned. The shed of the plant was similar to an environment of expositions, educative bands and motivacionais they hung from the ceiling and in one passarela, the visitors could contemplate the diverse components, being lead and placed gradually in the vehicles, that passed for diverse areas of assembly until its conclusion. Each vehicle was mounted in agreement particular specifications and the laborers received special attention in the assembly line, some using informal clothes and acting as if they were the owners of the place, due to so great familiarity acquired in the system.

For Toyota, its laborers would not have to be special people, but only normal human beings, aspect that must be detached. The people, for Toyota, are parts of an organism, not parts of a machine. Toyota propositalmente allowed that observing Japanese and foreigners had access to its lines and plants, to some of them the service of its competitors. Insurance on its methods, the industry always disclosed its secrets, in special that moving to the continuous comment and accompaniment of the productive processes, constant transformation and improvements.

Portuguese Language

To the times if to see a young Of aspect in advance In the penxs is a doctor But it always lives drugged Say that this is advance Therefore to die itself will be rest Prefers to live tired. (SAINTS, 2006, p.4) the popular poet, Zez de Boquim, worked a real situation, that is the use of the drugs, to show through the direct language its consequences and the demoralization of the individual before the society, it he worked the way that it is inserted, the geographic space and its sequels. twine involves a diversity of formats to be enclosed in the methodologies of education of disciplines Portuguese Language in classroom, using the current subjects and of social matrix. The transversalidade of the Portuguese language can be boarded in two questions: the language as vehicle of representations, conceptions and the language with its partner-cultural value. In such a way, its attitude of instrumentation and social intervention in the criteria and metodolgicos principles in projects of studies and research.

If adjusted to the language in instances of the orality, one forms more competent treat in the relation between the interlocutors and the communicative intention. To establish the motivation in relation to this aspect of the popular culture and to all organize a process of application and stimulatons in aiming to the main factor, that is the presentation, recognition of the origin and enjoyment of the Twine Literature. The research revealed of utmost importance, in view of that the cultural values to be repassed in process of education and learning of curricular contents. The forms of preconception of speak do not have no rational recital, demand that the values and certainties of the sociolingstica are investigated. If related to the absence of knowledge and intolerncia of a speech with ideological dimension. Which relates the marks left in the context with its conditions of production, paradoxicalally serving of ideological formation.

Vaqueiro Seeds

One kilo of seeds contains approximately 3,000 units. Culture of changes: To place the seeds to germinate, as soon as they will be harvested, in seedbeds the full sun, I contend arenaceous substratum. After that cover-Go with a layer of 0,5 cm of the bolted substratum and to irrigate two times to the day. The emergency occurs in 2-3 weeks and the germination tax generally is low. Transplantar the changes for individual packings when with 5-6 in and from there directly for the definitive place in 4-5 months. The development of the plants in the field is fast. USE OF the PLANT AND CHARACTERISTICS OF the WOOD Feeding human being: the seeds are eatable and contain an oil, eatable, pleasant clearly to the palate, finish, of high quality and with low free acidity. The gotten pie of the seeds without rind can be used in the feeding human being.

Medicine caretaker: the latex is used as mezinha balsamic, being known as ' ' Balsam of the Vaqueiro' '. The USA it rind and entrecasca of caule in maceration, infusion or decoction, against the ovarianas inflammations, inflammations diverse generalities, hemorrhage and wounds. The latex is used against the dermatosis and to cauterize warts. Popular veterinary medicine: used in the treatment of verminoses of the domestic animals. Forest restoration: rustic plant, of great resistance to dries and of fast growth, it can be used to advantage for the first phase of heterogeneous reforestations destined the recovery of degraded and eroded areas, especially in the regions more droughts. Also it can be used in the resetting of ciliares bushes, agroflorestais Systems: it can be used in the composition of arbreas bands between plantations and as forrageira arbrea (of bigger interest inerme would be the plant) for ration for all the types of domestic animals. It can be used as hedge row. Fodder plant: the falling leaves, the rind, the bran of caule new and the branches serve of fodder plant the goats, sheep, jumentos, bovines and swines. The seeds fatten the hens, pigs and ovdeos and are valuable food sources for wild animals. pigs eat the roots. The resultant pie of the extration of the oil of the seed has raised content of proteins and minerals and can serve as valuable fodder plant for the cattle and excessively animal domestic servants.


Since its introduction in Brazil, she has been lead with high level technician in all its operations, exactly thus, this it subjects to a series of factors that can influence its development and its production (BORTOLUZZI; ELTZ, 2001). The presence of harmful plants in the culture is one of the factors that cause problems that if they reflect in losses in the product quality, the income and even though in the inviabilizao of the harvest. Some published works, based in world-wide averages, point out the harmful plants as the responsible greaters for the decline of production of the soy, in comparison with attacks of plagues and patgenos. The averages of the world-wide losses of production of soy grains, per year, due to occurrence of harmful plants are of 13%, while those decurrent ones of attack of plagues and illnesses is of 5 and 11% (OAK; VELINI, 2001). In relation to the production costs, the control of the invaders represents one of the item that more burden the producer, varying since 15% up to 40% of the total used with insumos. This percentile one shows the magnitude of the importance of the handling of the harmful plants in the culture and indicates the necessity to study adjusted techniques to minimize production cost and to reduce the aggression to the environment for the use of herbicidas..

Management One

Currently, we live decurrent social and productive transformations, especially, of the advances of science and the technology that the service of the man places considered resources and possibilities until then utopian and that they demand of the people academic formation and abilities for new abilities. The work market became more competitive, demanding each time more the instrumental knowledge and the act of contract of dynamic people, who demonstrate adaptation capacity to the varied situations. In this context, the necessary manager to have a series of individual and professional qualities to accept the requirements of the organizations in the search for satisfactory results and the formation of a team solid, capable to take care of the objectives considered for the institution. He is not enough that it fulfills the stated periods and transmits to its subordinate the strategies for the development of the works. More than what this, is necessary that it assumes the responsibilities, demonstrates comprometimento, either democratic, has one optimistical vision, aiming at the valuation and the progress in that they compose the group, since it is the reference for led its and its position and attitude influence in the behavior of excessively. A leader manager establishes a dialogue relation and confidence with the team, makes of the people its partners, stimulates and allows that all are felt competent to carry through the activities successfully proposals, therefore the motivation of the group is one of the determinative factors in this process and, the people alone execute with satisfaction an action when they see a reason for this. In accordance with vision Cavalcanti the Landmark in interview granted to the program ' ' Filosfico&#039 coffee; ' of the TV Culture, the manager must understand the reality of sistmica form, more complex, it must be skillful to think all, in order to make the joints between the different ones to know, valuing the creativity of the professionals and its diverse manifestations and conceptions of world.