The Superintendent

Search for suitable employees is complicated by the fact that at present domestic vocational training institutions do not train people to work with new technologies and advanced materials. The main reason is that the modern market building technology developing so rapidly that most schools do not have time to adjust curricula or develop new ones. As a result, professionals who produce educational institutions are not willing to work with modern technology. Another serious problem is the low level of training young professionals. Most of them lack the practical knowledge and skills in their specialty. In the absence of the necessary experience and skills of young professionals today's leading position specialists and managers of construction enterprises, mainly by specialists pension and retirement age. Currently, the number of graduates of building schools is growing. Engineering profession, architects, builders and designers once again become prestigious, so analysts construction industry doing quite optimistic forecasts for the next few years.

Staff recruitment Staff recruitment in construction industry has its own characteristics. Theoretically, selection of experts in the construction companies involved in the personnel department, but in practice the service staff treated only in case of mass recruitment teams workers. In most cases, job seekers, bypassing the personnel department, communicate directly with the superintendent, the phone is usually stated in the announcement of a set of working teams. After that, they immediately invited to construction site to explore the foreman, as well as the future place of work. Only after reaching mutual agreements superintendent directs the workers in the personnel department for employment.

Atmospheric Pollutants

Any substance found in the atmosphere in a different ratio of a natural situation is considered as a pollutant atmospheric that not only presents problems for the population for immission of pollutants, next to the point to emission, but also in more distant zones for the effect of dispersion in air. The main urban sources of pollution are the automachine vehicles complemented by the industrials and the activities of restaurants and bars. The Municipal City hall of Victory fulfilling its objective of Municipal Politics of Environment established norms, criteria and standards of emissions of effluent and ambient quality that has for goals the control, the licensing, the monitoramento and the fiscalization of the polluting and degrading activities of the environmental resources of the City. For this the Environment Secretariat Half of Victory? SEMMAM, elaborated Instructions Techniques and Norms procedural to guide and to subsidize the entrepreneurs, in what it refers to the elaboration, implantation and implementation of studies and/or projects of ambient control. To facilitate to this procedure the city hall of Victory 001/2000 created the Instruction Technique n, in compliance with Federal legislation NBR 14.518/2000. 2? JUSTIFICATION Due the complexity of the subject, its understanding and the necessity of an aid technician for initial elaboration of a deeper study and its costs for implementation, appeared the necessity to create a practical script for the agreement of the procedure and funcionabilidade of the system of treatment of atmospheric emissions of the activities of Bars and Restaurants of the great Victory. The work will approach the necessary phases to the control of the emissions in question: captation, treatment and the disposal adjusted in the external environment preventing and diminishing the impacts to the environment and third (atmospheric, thermal and sonorous pollution), the described one in Municipal code of Environment of the city of Victory, Lei4.438/97.

Design Stages

Hobby mnemonisticheskimi formulas sometimes leads to interesting results. In conjunction with the subject of architectural design and construction of this helps one way or another in an orderly to look at the main chain events that have take place according to the stages and phases of design. What is mnemonisticheskie formula? Surely each of us remember from childhood like this: "Every hunter wants to know where sits pheasant, where each capital letter of a word corresponds to the color spectrum. Accordingly, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Blue, Purple. Likewise, in other formulas for better ease of reading and memorizing some elements used their components. Today I would like to introduce one of these formulas stages of design work, which is called "RUPSSS, what it is, I'll tell you a little later.

"P" Design sketch project. At this stage you have to develop the project in accordance with the requirements and wishes of the customer. This is the initial stage of design, but nevertheless one of the most important because everything else will proceed from the fact that you are "laid" at the stage of conceptual design. "I" statement. Approving the customer a draft, you just as it should be approved by the relevant bodies. GlavUAG, GlavAPU. In different cities and countries instance name may be different. But the basic concept is the main architectural control.

And after approval GlavAPU can directly proceed to the next stage that is "P" Design. Stage direct object design. Here you are in the development of the whole working process with all relevant sections, as well as the relationship between a whole range of works. "C" Approval. Of course, the most important "test" the designer is a negotiation. Here we have a lot of work and "run", what would your child has acquired the right to "life." Otherwise, all previous encroachments will in vain. "C" Building. On a miracle, all the design work successfully completed and obtained all the approvals. Finally came the exciting moment when all that you have designed will "grow" before your eyes. The second "test" Designer of this construction. Here it is just pop up all the flaws and mistakes. "C" Surrender. Delivery of the object, although not the most important moment for the designer, but most important for the customer. After all this he sought all this time. And it is this and not end a simple way to implement a project plan. Of course one can not be determined only by the complexity and layering of the concept of design engineering, as well as to example of a mathematical formula can not solve all problems. And that's why a lot of formulas and in this regard, I think this topic Topic mnemonisticheskih formulas in architectural design can be developed and with eventually become a collection of problems for the design:). Of course, this is a joke, but still likely in the future I will try again to address this point, so that would try to reveal in more detail some details and subtleties of design.

Tupperware Dishes

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Design Product

As it is said daily, the first impression is what counts and in the case of commercial products it is not the exception. The labels play a main role in the process of conviction of the client, since besides transmitting information on it identifies this one it and it distinguishes of the competition through images or impressive phrases. At the moment, the etiquetadoras machines have been evolving to adapt to the needs of the clients, since nowadays a great variety of designs is used, materials, forms and colors in the labels, according to are the type of product and turnpike that takes the same. The type of would scheme to use depends on the labels to place. For example, the automatic etiquetadoras machines and the semiautomatic ones exist; he is preferable to use first in packaging of high speed, without constant alterations and that follows a same line of procedure, whereas second small labels are recommended when the lines are short or. Briefly, the labelling process is related to the process of turnpike and covered, since of certain it forms the design of all of them goes related, since they transmit message through lines, forms and colors.

Threading Machines

Threading is handling the rod or hole in the details with the threading tool for external or internal screw thread, consisting of alternating helical and kanazok projections-turns. Cutting is carried out on pipes, bolts and nuts that are used for releasable connection of pipelines and various pieces of equipment for threading pipe threading machine use. Main the elements of thread: a profile step, the angle of the profile, depth, outer, inner and middle diameter. Cross-sectional shape is called a loop of thread. The profile of the thread are triangular, rectangular, trapezoidal, etc.

When you build sanitation systems and components are used only triangular groove. In the direction of thread turns are divided into right and left. By appointment threads are divided into fixing and special. By fastening thread are triangular, for the special – rectangular and triangular other thread is mounting, because it is cut on fasteners: bolts, nuts, screws. Thread pitch is the distance between peaks or bases of two adjacent coils. Thread profile angle is the angle formed by the intersection of the side faces (sides) spiral threads. Depth of thread 3 is called the distance from the top to the bottom thread.

Outside diameter distance between the tops of two opposite sides of the thread. The inner diameter of the distance between the bases of two opposite sides of the thread. The average diameter of the distance between the top and bottom thread cutting opposite side. The relationship between pitch thread, thread depth and number of turns per unit length of the thread is: the greater the pitch, the greater the depth of the groove and lower the number of threads (turns) per unit length thread, and vice versa.


The format shows the nutritional philosophy of freegans, people who eat than she finds in the sweepings by an ethical conviction. The documentary sample from the harvesting to the preparation of the food. One chef, a journalist and a writer embarks in a particular adventure of harvesting and World feeding Blessed, a news article of the channel Odyssey, in which it is to the philosophy and the day day of the Freegans. To see eaten people looking for in the sweepings is an image that usually is associated with the poverty or the necessity, nevertheless, are some people do who it by conviction. They think that the waste of the food is little ethical that is thrown to the sweepings. They are freegans, or to dumpster divers, literally divers of waste baskets, an alternative movement that was born in New York and that already has followers in the main European capitals. The World reporters Blessed moved to Helsinki, the capital of Finland, where freegans of Europe is one of the more advanced and tolerated movements.

They accompanied them in his harvestings and they shared one it has dinner enjoying its particular harvest. Next to them, one chef, a journalist and a writer followed their day day, from the harvesting to a dinner with reclaimed foods. In each episode, of 30 minutes and rollings in high resolution, will be thorough an excellent history through the eyes of its protagonists. Through them they will show the different approaches that a same reality has. The first chapter will emit Thursday 30 of June to the 23 hours in Odyssey. Source of the news: They release a documentary one on ' gourmets of basura'

Mass media

The mass media that could arrive at the place as much reported innumerable losses in the rows of the guerrilla as of the army. Some means also speculated that in the combats that they had prolonged by but in fifteen days, they were participating the self-defense of the Average Magdalena. The deads were many, was no form to bury them by the din of the combats. The wounded was removed in conditions enough precarious ones and transported to the centers of attention possibly adapted for emergency.

The helicopters went and came without stopping, they lowered the wounded and in some, even that in many cases, in black bags to which they did not resist and they died being removed from the forest. At that moment he did not matter if he were guerrilla, paramilitary soldier or. Oscar that day ran of a side for another one. He was soaked in blood. There was amputee, he had suturado, extracted bullets, cut internal, clipped member completely destroyed, had closed the eyes to more of a soldier or guerrilla who in the table of operations had left their last breath of life. Tired, exhausted, corporally and lowered spiritually by so many deads, therefore horror, for as much bestiality, was asked that sense tapeworm the war, if of by means the stingy interests of a political class were put in front, of particular interests that never were to him inherent to those who in truth gave to their life by those ” ” causas” ” , always other people’s, distant, distant causes of which they never usufructuaban themselves.