CMS Configuration

Web content management system, is an easy cms and simple to create web pages with just some clik. Today day is no longer necessary to have computer skills to create a cms because cms tools, that allow us to create new categories, choose the templates that we need according to the section that we will mount is available. Enter the links and images, is easy and fast, since we only have select the text that you want to bind and apply a clik the tab link, automatically the link will be created. Similarly we can format a text with the cms, seleccionandolo and choosing the corresponding tabs, such as bold, italics, indent there are several formats, such as a website that serves as a showcase for a company either a catalog of products, where you can have listed all the products according to several categories, add them to the shopping cartpay securely with credit card for that purchase, etc. No doubt a web content management system, is the best option to always have your web updated without the need to hire an engineer or designer.

Hannah Arendt

As you can see, in these modern authors the problem of the nature of the self is still conditioned by the question, i.e., to reveal the nature of the self is necessary to ask what is the same Yes? then try to give an answer that satisfies the approach with which the problem was addressed. The drawback of the question that referred to itself is that it forces to treat this as a real entity, as a thing whose essence is expected to be unveiled. This also leads to the drawback if that essence presents some activity or not. Doesn’t matter if that essence is credited with an activity or not, in any case itself should be something, and that something can be abstracted from any sensory experience, except for the case of Hume who manages to visualize that it makes no sense thinking a himself free of all perception or mental content, such as pure activity, however was not beyond to locate the problem of the self in the perspective of the who. The self and the question of the who? In the context of contemporary philosophy, several authors have identified the problem of the self in a different perspective to the one used by modern philosophers. This perspective is based on the self is not a substance whose essence need to be unveiled by the philosophical intellection, nor part of which itself is a mere abstraction, a Phantasmagoria of the spirit that should, once and for all, be removed from the philosophical imaginary, but places itself in the perspective of the question by the who by attributing this relational qualities that do not allow considering it as abstracted from reality, but rather present incarnate and immersed in a context. Arendt: agent and narrative Hannah Arendt is one of leading figures of contemporary philosophy in placing the issue of itself within the question by the who.

Andean State

The lack of analytical capacity of the new generations that were born or lived in democracy, allowed that Hugo Chavez taking advantage of the fragility of the Bolivian system, sought a compliant agitator that with unlimited funds, managed to convince a portion of the population that had solutions to problems, caused mostly by himself. The Bolivian crossroads has reached the most critical point of its history. Indifference is going to Socialist nationalism. Hitler took 20 years to get to power, proclaiming their complexes that were transformed into irrational hatred and philosophical basis of his regime, discurseando in the breweries of Germany. The Germans knew what was said to be fooled and however voted for him.

In Bolivia for six consecutive years, Evo Morales disrupted social peace and aired his resentment toward the middle class, whites, mestizos and the inhabitants of the regions with indigenous minority, fuelling resentment asleep. Despite its declared threats, he obtained majority with the votes of those who want to press or annihilate. Madness, idiocy, suicide? Some of all three. nvestors takes a slightly different approach. The country is heading towards the totalitarian imposition with exacerbated racist content, which serves as an excuse to find guilty of everything and for everything. The end of Bolivia as a nation is almost inevitable. If not are Bolivians who achieve defend against governmental arbitrariness, they will have to intervene its neighbours, which are affected by the madness that are made in the heart of South America. The cause of this new and perhaps final chapter of Bolivian history is Hugo Chavez, who with his oversized ego and paranoid reasoning is using the Andean State as test probe to cause reckless changes on the continent.

Ideal Mother

There is the anecdote about the 80-year-old man who asks the doctor to help make a more intense intimacy. When the physician indicates that advanced age, the patient tells the story of a neighbor who ten years older, and those not less boasts his exploits in bed. Physician reasonably observes: "So tell me please!" Psychology of a woman who not so long ago became a mother, is very similar to the psychology of the hero of this anecdote. If you listen to neighbors talk or read a record of young mothers on the Internet, will inevitably come to a conclusion: I am a bad mother! To meet the views of what should be a good mother, poor woman begins to scramble. As rule, its support in this next of kin, filling up valuable tips on how exactly should behave in a perfect mother. However, the results are discouraging.

Instead of an idyllic picture happy family, often quite different: crocked and snap at all the woman who is tormented by guilt because of the fact that it is something wrong. After all, everyone else so easily obtained to be perfect! Psychologist Alex Vladimir says that this situation arises when the mother is too much focused on social stereotypes, and too little listening to him. According to the most modern concepts, the ideal mother should: – Must have own, without anesthesia, and the more operative interventions (caesarean). Had to make a caesarean? – Begin to suffer feelings of guilt! – Breastfeeding, at least two years before.