Whitening Teeth

To achieve a beautiful snow-white smile very often necessary to bleach the teeth. There are many ways to whiten teeth by the most elite and expensive health down to the simple folk who can be done at home. Many in power availability means people prefer, but before whitening teeth at home they need to prepare pre-strengthening enamel enamel strengthening, eating calcium-rich natural dairy products and fresh fruits and vegetables. You can also use calcium supplementation in tablet and rinsing the mouth with a solution of tea tree oil. The most common folk methods of teeth whitening at home are: – brushing your teeth with toothpaste, with the addition of baking soda (not more than 1 time per week) – teeth whitening with hydrogen peroxide, teeth cleaning wood ash or charcoal – to apply the mixture on the teeth of strawberries and strawberry or lemon juice. To maximize the effect of teeth whitening folk remedies should observe the following requirements: – following procedures to rinse your mouth with warm water – do not use soft drinks, strong tea and coffee – no smoking.

The duration of whitening teeth at home-from several weeks to several months Depending on the speed of onset of the desired effect. However, the cheapest ways to whiten very high risk of damage to tooth enamel, leading to increased tooth sensitivity and increase the likelihood of tooth decay. Therefore, the most secure in bleaching teeth at home using whitening toothpastes, brush your teeth but these pastes to prevent damage to the enamel dentists recommend no more than 1 mesyatsa.V dental clinics are professional teeth whitening methods, which include teeth whitening with a special gel, teeth whitening and Zoom laser teeth whitening system. The last two procedures are quite expensive (from 500 to 2000 U.S. dollars), but they provide the most rapid and safe teeth whitening. Source: Journal of Beautydream.ru.

Brazilian Federal Constitution

If to continue daqui thus the little goes to want to liberate the zoofilia (sex with animals) under the argument to promote the good of all, without preconceptions of origin, race, sex, color, age any other forms of discrimination that consists in the constitution. Where they are the moral values and of the family? In the Brazilian Federal Constitution in heading II and chapter I, in the IV and VI item of the article 5 in what it says individual respect to the rights and guarantees, where it consists that: ' ' the manifestation of the thought is free, and that the freedom of conscincia.&#039 is inviolable; ' Therefore, any person can not accept, and to be against the practical homosexuals is for religious, social or personal reasons, therefore it is in the constitution the guarantee of freedom of the citizen to display its thoughts and to make use of its conscience. I understand that, all citizen has the right to find and to discern between certain wrong and to display its form of thought. One another unusual fact is the distribution of cartilhas ' ' homofbicas' ' in the public schools, formulated for the MEC that wants to argue homofobia in the schools the order of ONGS created for homosexuals. Of the skill that the things walk it will be that the MEC also goes to want to argue zoofilia in the schools? In chapter III, in article 205 of the Federal Constitution that speaks on education, it says that: ' ' The education, right of all and to have of the State and famlia.' ' Also it says in it I capitulate VII, article 227: ' ' It is to have of the family, the society and the State to assure the child, to the adolescent and the young, with absolute priority, the right the life, the health, the feeding, the education, to the leisure, the professionalization, the culture, the dignity, to the respect, the freedom and the familiar and communitarian convivncia, beyond placing except for of all form of recklessness, discrimination, exploration, violence, cruelty and opresso' '. . the importance of the matter here.


Then I scolded him and we went home. I remember my then all the way from your ears were burning with shame. – Kostya – a stern voice, I said. – We go home. Say goodbye to my uncle, and went. – Good-bye, uncle – said the son. – My mother in the evening we invite you to dumplings with cherries. Only you must come, okay? We will wait for you.

And we live in thirty second apartment on the fifth floor. Feeling like a person pouring the paint, I threw the man a short "excuse it" and pulled his son inside. At home, I swore a long time Kostya, and then began to mold him in the morning promised dumplings. And then at the door rang. Stood in the doorway … the same man. Only without the rods. – Excuse, – he said.

– Just when I went to the 'entrance, he saw a wallet on the ground. And since no one after you came and went, I thought it was lost you. Wallets really belonged to me, and I began to thank a neighbor. – And we have dumplings are almost ready – son exclaimed happily when he saw his neighbor. – Come-come. Given that this man has just found my loss, where there were some documents and received an advance, I still invited him to the dumplings. Eugene, namely the so-called our neighbor and asked him to wait a minute and was out. Twenty minutes later he came to the candy Bones and a bottle of wine for us. All together we had lunch, and then somehow the conversation went quietly to the fact that his son did not have enough male communication. – I understand it – I said. – But, unfortunately, can not help it. Such a man with which I would like to live life, I have not met, but see next to a someone I do not want.