Cossacks Klimovsk

Of course, that the magnitude of the local budget is directly proportional to capacity of the district and village administrations of scale to improve and develop the infrastructure of human settlements thus restraining the outflow of population. But what concerns the increase in childbirth, then personally, I always come to mind historical analogies from the past of our country, how long in years and near the military. For example, in Great Domestic, the country is on fire. Hunger, cold, death knocking at every house, and the kids were born. Or, for example, a recent nineties, the war in Chechnya. Chechen refugee camps. For many years, in an open field in tents, and in the families during this time almost one baby a year. I think that does not need more examples that would make sure that the economic well-being of parents can not be a determining factor in the number of children in the family.

There are literally I recently listened to a song I had already forgotten, "Well, well, give me water to drink," meaning that surprised me with its depth of meaning and harmony with the ever present I have a question about a dying village and the forthcoming Cossacks Klimovsk event area on top of the crumbling temple restoration, which is located in the village of nettle. For the ring road, As regards from the past, we met with you neglected corner. Deserted old house, without guilt off, and well below the window From the sky upside down.


As we move closer to July 5, the upcoming elections, the political environment becomes even more tense. Despite the efforts of the various partisan groups earn the trust of society and thus achieve its approval and vote, a new campaign citizen is brewing with great force and direction, the call to null vote. As a sign of disapproval of the ruling class, the null vote represents the social discontent that has been generated by how badly that manages the country, acts of impunity, corruption, indifference and boredom; lack of supports, services, etc. Although some other sectors agree that an opportunity is being wasted when void vote, this campaign has a much deeper sense. It is estimated that around 60 percent of the electorate, it will not use its legitimate right of vote, coupled with the number of NULL votes that are expected to have and the division of the rest among the different political parties, any that is elected, will face a big problem at the moment of assuming his position.He will rule with all the legality under the Constitution; However, it will lack most importantly, the legitimacy in society.

It is said that when there is a crisis, it is when the world is moving in all directions, either by desperation out of her, seeking new ways to move ahead, etc. Inevitably, if null vote presents a great number of followers citizens, the political system will have to yield to public demands or new forms of Government; system of accountability, access to information more transparent, public attention, etc. If the null vote is the solution or not, will have to await the outcome of next July 5, where two potential options can occur: If the null vote remains in its usual percentage will be considered as normal and there will be no reaction; However if you get a significant increase, we should expect what will happen in relation to the facts that come after the elections.