The Preferences

In other cases, the desired size on the order of 150×200 chair sm.Kak typically covered are considerably larger – 230h270 and above. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out New York Life . This option is designed for standard size bed 160×200 (the most popular option) and 180×200 cm This covers the lungs, so this amount should not frighten her unsupportable. Color gammTsvetovaya scale plaid should primarily be defined around the interior. Often recommended to choose the color of curtains, furniture or wallpaper. Additionally one should pay attention to the picture. If the room is in itself bright, then the rug is best to choose a more muted tone or solid color or abstract design. To freshen the room will help fur options – they bring an element of novelty, originality, and will complement a bright room. In case with fur rugs will look original idea of contrasts – the dark room lighter plaid, and light – dark brown or black.

Otherwise, the choice is limited only by imagination. Which rug to choose a gift? The best option – is to learn the preferences birthday, if you can not – or at least the size of the bed, which is supposed to obscure this blanket (that you do not want to just lay a blanket in a box or moved to the country, as useless in the apartment). Not advise you to choose options for economy or blankets questionable quality – their average softness and modest package may not inspire birthday. In that case, better to buy a teddy rug in a small amount of 150×200, which can simply hide birthday. This option is useful and when you imagine how weak and sleeps on what birthday. The same universal gift is small and furry rug size 130h170 – they are original and can be used for many purposes. And its unusual brightness and undoubtedly will be pleased with the birthday. Big fur rug is suitable as a gift unless you know exactly the preferences birthday. For the elderly will be optimal plaid merino wool or a combination of cotton-wool.

Government Shower

Increasingly, the choice of fittings Russians opt for a shower. Experts explain the benefits of this operation and compactness of this type of plumbing, as well as the pace of life, at which time on the bath does not remain, but there is a need for restorative massage. Specialists of "Radomir" note that a shower does not take much space and is an alternative to standard vannym designs. This option is considered to be economical in water consumption and the cost of the equipment itself. Among other things, showers are a number of functions from the whirlpool bath before. Typically, the consumer makes a choice in favor of products with good operational performance of high quality materials.

To date, the Russian market showers is quite diverse and can meet the diverse needs of the consumer. The company "Radomir" report that the shower stall to buy not only ergonomic considerations, but also as an addition to the bath, if a family has both fans soak in the bath, and active amateur tonic soul whirlpool or sauna. "Showers are easy to care, but we should remember that products which contain abrasive elements that could damage the surface – say a, – After the application of detergents should be running water rinse shower and rub a light cloth to remain on the stele is not divorce, and spots of chlorine after the complete drying of droplets. About the company: "Radomir is a leader in the production and sell Whirlpool, which is confirmed by a diploma winners of the Third All-Russian contest "the 1000 best enterprises of Russia in 2002." Diploma issued by the Expert Council under the Government of the Russian Federation. Today Company Radomir has business relationships with partners in more than 80 cities in Russia. In the company's disposal is a network of regional offices and service centers in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Samara, Smolensk, Astrakhan, Yekaterinburg and Krasnodar.


In the harsh Russian climate is good, reliable insulation of the building – an important factor ensuring a comfortable stay in an apartment building, industrial building or in any other room. Today at Russian market has no shortage of such materials. At the same time domestic production is often in no way inferior to foreign analogues. One such material – boards Primaplex, which are manufactured from extruded polystyrene. They are used for thermal insulation of walls, roofs and underground structures.

Extruded polystyrene foam structure is a system of tiny isolated cell filled with a fixed carbon dioxide. Such a system makes the board more moisture resistant than any other type of insulation, and provides them with high strength. This is particularly important for structures with extremely high loads – such as underground structures deep foundations, airports, roads, etc. Another advantage of the plates Primaplex – low density (30-35 kg/m3), which makes the material very easy to use – the weight of the standard package does not exceed 10 kg. It is easy to cut, even knife or a saw, does not crumble and is not dusty, in contrast to other known insulating materials. Its easy to lay on any surface, which increases productivity by installing insulation. Allowable temperature range at which you can use the board – from – 50 C to +75 C. If he complied with the operation of facilities, the geometric dimensions of styrofoam remain unchanged for many years.

Finally, the plates Primaplex, comprising an effective extinguishing additive flame retardants, are class and not readily flammable material spreading flames. If plates are used in fire safety (for example, insulating basement walls or pavement), it is recommended to use the version without the additives retardants. Thermal insulation of walls is well known that through the exterior walls out "on the street," 20-25% of the heat, which loses the building.

Chinese Common

It's like flat without walls. Of course, to solidly built fence – now need a lot of money. Yes, and you should not build a tightly closed three-meter fence, and with barbed wire on top. I – for a hedge! Create it – and you'll feel the atmosphere of coziness and comfort. Because trees and shrubs not only clearly will mark the boundaries of your possessions, but also protect against wind and noise, will give a certain emotional, change for the better climate. Living hedges are: high, medium, low, single-stage, stacked, uncut, untrimmed, odnoporodnye, mnogoporodnye, prickly, thornless, deciduous, evergreen borders. You can see that for every taste.

Already own it Names you can understand how they differ from each other. Therefore, there is no need to dwell on each species. Better for practical use is called a range. For high hedges: common elm, maple field, large-linden, small-leaved, English oak, cranberry, spruce obyknovaennaya, Thuja occidentalis, Siberian fir, mountain ash, red cedar, horse chestnut, puzyreplodnik kalinolistny. For medium: Saskatoon Canada, Tatarian maple, maple Ginnalo, fir, pine, yew, hawthorn, plum, dogwood, Elaeagnus angustifolia, barbed spruce, juniper, common, Siberian pea shrub, privet pine, honeysuckle, cotoneaster ordinary brilliant, lilac, white and pink snowberry, Jasmine.

For the low, yellow acacia, willow purple, bloodroot Daurian. kustrnikovaya, lilac Chinese, Japanese quince, barberry common, Thunberg, Japanese spirea, dubravnolistnaya, pink. mahonia holm. If space allows, very well land a two-tier hedge. By the way – the higher plants. For example, the first row may consist of linden, maple, ash, and the second – of flowering: jasmine, lilac and yellow acacia.