The Additive

To activate the granulated slag to it adds a lime: cement for the main blast and open hearth slag at 10%, from acid-ferrous metallurgy slag, cupola production – 15-20%. Another important area of use granulated slag is used in their manufacture slag Portland cement. The introduction of slag in the cement composition in an amount of 30-50% does not reduce the strength of branding Portland. Moreover, applying the active glassy slag, slag Portland cement plants produce fast setting with high strength – up to 600 kg/cm2. Nike is likely to increase your knowledge. Portland slag cement are widely used in construction practice.

A particularly important role they play in construction of massive waterworks. The fact that the hardening of cement with the addition of slag allocates 1.5-2 times less heat than without the additive, which determines high fracture toughness of concrete sets. Shlakoportlantsementy made by co-grinding in ball mills, pipe Portland cement clinker and granulated slag, the amount of which depends on the type of slag Portland cement. Granular slags are also used for the production of cement shlakoschelochnyh, which are hydraulic binders obtained by fine grinding of granulated slag with alkaline malogigroskopichnym bean or ground slag mixing solutions of compounds of alkali metals: sodium, lithium or potassium. Alkaline components are introduced in an amount of 5-15% by weight of slag in terms of dry matter in the form of compounds of alkali metals in aqueous solutions, which give an alkaline reaction. Shlakoschelochnye cements have several varieties, depending on the composition of the aluminosilicate component: bezdobavochny cement, blended cement or effusive intrusive rocks, clay minerals, burned rocks, alkali-and silicon-containing substances, etc.

The Pulleys

If we determine that such industrial wheels and rollers, then briefly can say that industrial roller (or wheel support) is a rigid wheel of small size, which has mounting bracket. Bracket, in turn, is a metal (sometimes plastic) base with a platform for mounting on a trolley or the like "mechanism." The wheels themselves are spare replacement parts to the rollers, which makes sense when you consider that the wheel – this triggered the material subject, abrasion and deformation. But back to our car production, which, incidentally, used such aggressive substances such as oils, lubricants, chemical cleaners, and finally the fuel. On top of details and arrangements delivered to the assembly line, have a considerable weight. Investment opportunities is often quoted as being for or against this. Only taking into account all these characteristics and operating conditions can produce or find the right industrial wheels and rollers with brackets for consideration by us production. Now we can safely say that we need a heavy duty castors heavy series with elastic tires. But the choice of tire-wheel, in this case is determined by the softness of the need for roughness. Judge themselves: one could use the wheels of cast iron, but when released into the rough sex is not samortiziruet wheel and can quench a blow that sent mnogokilogrammovoy details.

Moreover, it can hurt if not the detail, its coverage and may cause it to fall off the truck. Additional information is available at Charles Schwab. It is fraught with other consequences: at least damage the floor, and even injury to the worker. Therefore the choice of elastic wheel tires are most justified. On top of the wheel is the tire and its basis, that is, apart from a tire which is in direct contact with the floor, there is a bush, "spokes" and the wheel rim, and this support can be made of different materials. So heavy-duty wheels and castors are polyamide base or aluminum base, the base of steel or iron, welded or cast. Brackets rollers are usually made of steel welded sheet steel.

In addition, there are two kinds of brackets for the roller – rotary and non-toggling. Castors are more likely to guide and placed in front of the trolley, if this truck pulled behind them, such as a loader. But if you need to push the same cart in front of him, the pulleys to make more reasonable the rear, that is to deploy a cart on the contrary. Of course, this is not always possible or appropriate, so the installation of all rotating rollers. In one article will not be able to describe deployed all the features and applications of industrial wheels and rollers, but we did not ask such a purpose, so you can always consult the experts manufacturer or supplier of these products and get an exact answer what is the model of wheels and rollers is best suited for long and reliable use.

CPD Furniture

The popularity of such material as particle board, it seems, knows no boundaries. It is used in all areas of construction and arrangement of our lives. That is why this procedure is as cutting chipboard had long been a problem even for production in large quantities, either in domestic and artisanal conditions for repairing or assembling furniture. But, nevertheless, saw cut chipboard – the process is labor-intensive and is associated with a lot of fine dust. But if the plant all completely solved, in the home environment and artisanal hard lined, 30 sheets clearly sawing chipboard, and then after all still need to clean up the trash.

It is much easier and faster to order cutting at purchase. Currently, this service widespread. This is done on professional equipment and as soon as possible. Types of Cutting Cutting Chipboard Chipboard is a solid particle board training for various construction purposes or production of any furnishings and furniture. Straight cutting chipboard As the name implies, it is cut, resulting in the formation rectangular shape.

For example, such cutting is used for furniture making rectangular forms, or for the manufacture of flooring on the floor. Curve sawing chipboard This involves cutting the preparation of elements with curved shapes. It could be parts for a original design furniture, and fragments of coatings for building custom shapes. Mixed cutting chipboard There is also a form of cutting, combining the first two types. It is used when you want a shape like a sawed straight and curved lines. How to saw the house CPD for those who want to cut a chipboard at home, we say that it can be done any saw, but rather that she had small teeth. Cutting was more even, if Saw will have a very acute angle to the surface of the chipboard. At the same time it must maintain gentle pressure with a low-impact, to avoid wrinkles. Further protect the surface of ADI can be stuck on the line cutting the tape. The most important is when cutting laminated chipboard. Most importantly, cutting chipboard can not tolerate noise. Rushing can lead to splits. If, after the cut chipboard turned clean cut, additional treatment of such details would be required. If the edges are uneven, trim them to rasp, a file or planed. During the cutting DPS exposed inner layer slab, which may be subject to various deformations, so cutting edge when in need of additional protection. This can be done with a plastic tape having adhesive coating, or by using veneers, which also protects the chipboard from sagging. This operation called – edging As you see, you can cut it chipboard and at home, but for better quality results refer to specialists. Especially in the case, if it is not about a couple of details, but a large amount of cutting chipboard.

Threading Machines

Threading is handling the rod or hole in the details with the threading tool for external or internal screw thread, consisting of alternating helical and kanazok projections-turns. Cutting is carried out on pipes, bolts and nuts that are used for releasable connection of pipelines and various pieces of equipment for threading pipe threading machine use. Main the elements of thread: a profile step, the angle of the profile, depth, outer, inner and middle diameter. Cross-sectional shape is called a loop of thread. The profile of the thread are triangular, rectangular, trapezoidal, etc.

When you build sanitation systems and components are used only triangular groove. In the direction of thread turns are divided into right and left. By appointment threads are divided into fixing and special. By fastening thread are triangular, for the special – rectangular and triangular other thread is mounting, because it is cut on fasteners: bolts, nuts, screws. Thread pitch is the distance between peaks or bases of two adjacent coils. Thread profile angle is the angle formed by the intersection of the side faces (sides) spiral threads. Depth of thread 3 is called the distance from the top to the bottom thread.

Outside diameter distance between the tops of two opposite sides of the thread. The inner diameter of the distance between the bases of two opposite sides of the thread. The average diameter of the distance between the top and bottom thread cutting opposite side. The relationship between pitch thread, thread depth and number of turns per unit length of the thread is: the greater the pitch, the greater the depth of the groove and lower the number of threads (turns) per unit length thread, and vice versa.