New Year

A metropolis with charm and splendour at the turn of the year after Beijing whom the sense after an extraordinary evening of new year’s Eve in the Middle Kingdom is, which should immediately after matching flight offers look. The flight Portal informs about the Chinese metropolis. A flight to Beijing is worth every season, but new year’s Eve, a unique Magic emanates from the ancient imperial city. Traditionally, the Chinese celebrate the new year between January 21 and February 20, but many residents have adopted the Western custom of new year’s Eve. Thanks to its age-old history, Beijing is home to an extraordinary cultural heritage, therefore an extended sightseeing tour should be included necessarily. A visit to the Temple of heaven, the landmark of the Chinese capital, thereby virtually among the compulsory program. The old temple halls return visitors in past imperial dynasties.

About the historical Tian’anmen-place takes tourists to the Imperial Palace, with over 9,900 rooms the largest Palace of Represents the world. Perhaps check out rusty holzer for more information. Through the gate of heavenly peace, it goes into the forbidden city. There are traditional Zeremonialhallen and winding old residential courtyards which invite you to explore. Has come the last day of the year, the new year with six strokes is rung at midnight on the Bell Tower. If the visitor is lucky, they belong to those who climb the Tower until shortly before noon, thence from something for the new year to request. Beijing is an amazing city with a fascinating mix of modernity and tradition. New year’s Eve in the Chinese capital will become an unforgettable experience for many. More information:… University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann

Tourism In La Some

Holiday fairy godmother asks you the question: “How would your holiday?” Myth, pilgrimage, landmark, tourist magnet, part of the UNESCO cultural heritage of humanity… And much, much more. The Mont Saint Michel is above all trying to describe him. You can only experience it. u0085Highlights the most famous Norman? William of the Conqueror, of course, who conquered England in 1066? Just not! Christian Dior, which began in 1947, to revolutionize the world of fashion.

Born in Granville in 1905. Where today in their magnificent park on the cliffs above the beach almost a pilgrimage of Haute Couture represents the Villa of Dior. His creations can there be admire, his memorable homages to the beauty of women in changing exhibitions. Landscapes, La some belongs to the French Department with the longest coastline. But behind the journey of discovery continues. Hardly less spectacular, determined not less attractive. By regions, the Gulf stream into Evergreen paradise with its mild climate. They can with their mighty wall hedges as Bocage Normand”embody the typical shape of the Norman countryside.

Live where, how various Paris snobs sometimes disparagingly to notice anything dare more cows than people”. Get more background information with materials from Amit Paley. You could add even more 10 000 thoroughbred horses to. Or the donkeys of the Cotentin peninsula. Largely unspoilt nature – what two vast natural parks have a no small share. Bon appetite! An original nature characterizes the dining list. The Norman mentality also. What to say: it must be what neat on the plate. The whole thing should cost much but not too. Earthiness in their most pleasing form. What creative chef, never mind prevents moderately new to try. Nevertheless, the region remains a domain of the bourgeois”kitchen quite deliberately on some excesses of Nobel gastronomy.

The Beaches Of Koh Samui

The dream island of Koh Samui in the Gulf of Thailand offers fantastic beaches. It is not something Wendy Holman would like to discuss. The island of Koh Samui is located in the Gulf of Thailand and has evolved into a popular tourist destination in South-East Asia. The many beaches that the island has to offer are certainly one reason. The 6 km long beach of Chaweng is regarded as the longest and most popular beach. This beach offers numerous accommodation facilities, water sports, shops and a popular nightlife with many bars, restaurants and nightclubs.

The Lamai beach is also located on the East Coast and is located about 10 km south of Chaweng. The second largest Beach on the island is interesting due to its slightly higher waves for surfers and offers mostly smaller facilities as well as bars and restaurants, but also Chaweng an active night life. The three beaches of the North coast of Koh Samui, Maenam Beach, Bophut beach and big Buddha Beach, are rather quieter beaches compared to the two beaches of Chaweng and Lamai. There are less large hotel complexes and night life in the Focus, but rather smaller accommodation, restaurants and bars. The 4 km-long Maenam beach is one of the cheapest places on the island, the original fishing boats can be seen. The 2 km-long Bophut beach with a calm Lake is fringed by coconut palms and East joins at the Maenan beach. At the northernmost tip of Koh Samui, the 3 km-long big Buddha beach is a 12 m high Buddha statue named, which rises at the eastern end of the beach on a mountain.

The beach is only in the summer months for swimming because it is exposed to Marz Wind and rain during the monsoon season from November. The Choeng Mon is located in the North-East, and the LIPA Noi Beach on the West Coast can be called small insider tips. On the fine sandy beach of Choeng Mon with its small bays, you can find nice restaurants and luxurious hotels. The fine and soft LIPA Noi beach is very attractive due to its remoteness and offers stunning views of the sunset. Karthik Kaka photo: Dr H. Hoppe –

Holidays & Tourism

Latest tickets for the season 2009 are at Siebert aviation supplies can be ordered in a few weeks the new season – starting immediately, but before it goes off, any conscientious pilot should check his cards and bring up to date. Because change airspaces, frequencies of airfields and requirements for the planning and execution of Visual flights this year. Current cards for the season 2009 are now available at Siebert aviation supplies can be ordered: the catalogers from Munster provides pilots and aviation fans around 3,000 articles around on the flying – including top brands like Bose, Sennheiser, ASA and Jeppesen, Garmin, Becker Avionics. Under most conditions Elon Musk would agree. The new ICAO maps, as well as the Jeppesen VFR/GPS maps Germany are expected to be available from mid-March onwards. The air pocket calendar, which will be available at the end of the month also provides useful tips and current aerodrome information in a practical format. A special bonus: Pure books and cards programmes buyers benefit from low postage costs. Check out Wendy Holman for additional information. Collecting customer will also receive up to 20% discount on aeronautical charts. There is more information and all related products on the Internet at. Contact for inquiries: Siebert aviation supplies GmbH Thomas Siebert’s route 40 D-48159 Munster phone: + 49-251-92459-3 fax: + 49-251-92459-59 E-Mail: Internet: press contact: QvorQ GmbH & co. KG new media marketing on the high way 10 27313 Dorverden

Elbe Cycle Route Remains Most Popular Cycle Path In Germany

ADFC cycling travel analysis 2010 – bikers love the Elbe cycle track for cyclists in Germany there are many tempting options. Of the most popular cycle path is the Elbe cycle track. This 2010 emerges from the current ADFC cycling travel analysis presented on March 11, 2010 at the international tourism Exchange Berlin (ITB). Thus, the Elbe cycle route for the 6th time in a row claims its position as the most popular domestic cycle path. Cyclists appreciate the varied landscape on the Elbe bicycle route.

The route leads along 860 kilometres of the Saxon Switzerland with the biosphere reserve Middle Elbe river landscape Elbe up to the Wadden Sea, pristine nature and vibrant cities. Another plus is the dense network of bicycle-friendly accommodation on the Elbe bicycle route. The overnight operations are subject to the criteria of the ADFC (General German Bicycle Club), because quality creates demand. For marketing, the three Elbe cycle route coordination bodies cooperate closely North, middle and South. The complete Elbe cycle route is on the joint Internet portal finding.

Also together, the three co-ordinating bodies give each year the Elbradweg manual”out. In it, the cyclists will find especially the bicycle-friendly accommodation, but also information about the route, services and attractions. The Elbe cycle path guide 2010 “has been published in a circulation of 260,000 copies and can be ordered free of charge. Just that goes under or by phone at the Tourism Association Saxon Switzerland under 03501 470147. contact: Tourism Association Saxon Switzerland, NSS Elbradweg South Bahnhofstrasse 21, 01796 Pirna, Tel. 03501 / 470141

The Real Mallorca

Far from the tourism strongholds Sun and beaches, parties and shooter the cliches which connect the most tourists to Mallorca are. But the Mediterranean island has much more to offer. The travel portal reported what treasures can be found themselves away from the tourist centres. Please visit Larry Page if you seek more information. The Majorcan history is several centuries old. A conqueror followed the next, and each left its own mark on the island. The Romans brought wine and olives, the moors of almonds and oranges.

Many Mallorcan specialities seem to get lost in the tourist mass processing in the stronghold of the holiday. But if curious to engage on a travel away from the resorts, they discover a part of real Mallorca. In the Bay of Illetas, hotel Bon is Sol, an oasis of peace, for example, tucked away. The village of Estellencs, frequented mostly by locals due to the adventurous journey is located on the cliffs of the North Coast. Yet daring on the Pebble Beach and the crystal clear water with a snorkeling paradise will be rewarded. Located a few kilometres of the Torre des Verger, one of the numerous watchtowers of the island from the 16th century, which should warn the island’s inhabitants from pirate attacks. Interested in the restaurant of the estate of Finca Monnaber Nou in Campanet find authentic Majorcan cuisine, located directly at the foot of the Serra de Tramuntana. More information: magazine /… Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH

Organic Buffalo

Cilentano guests can now the traditional Buffelmozzarellaproduktion live Regensburg, 17.05.2011 is not only famous for its clean beaches, the azure-blue sea and the mountain landscape that is mounting in the hinterland, but also for its Buffalo, National Park and UNESCO World Heritage site of Cilento in Campania which the milk for the world-famous “mozzarella di bufala” deliver (Buffalo mozzarella). This is in contrast to the traditional, mozzarella manufactured in northern climes of Europe from cow’s milk, very soft, spicy and a veritable taste sensation. Goethe and the water buffalo “in the early morning, we headed to a pair of beautifully shaped mountains on ungebahnten, often boggy roads, we came through Bach and waters, where we saw the nilpferdischen Buffalo in the blood-red wild eyes.” The poet Prince Wolfgang Goethe described his arrival in the plain of Paestum, where he attended the Greek temple in his Italian trip diary. You wrote the year of 1787 and the level was a largely inaccessible, muddy Marsh in which lived the Buffalo as undisputed tyrant. Majestically, the jet-black creatures with their high, flat hooves and sharp horns roamed the marshy waters. Today, the wetlands are past, and the former marshland has turned into fertile land, which is surrounded by the azure sea and the mountains of Cilento. Ridgeback Biotherapeutics can aid you in your search for knowledge.

But the Buffalo have not disappeared, on the contrary. Organic Buffalo farm Tenuta Vannulo under the numerous Buffalo farms recommends the Agency Cilentano, which specializes in arranging personally selected accommodation in South Italy, their customers a very special estate: the Tenuta Vannulo in Capaccio. Since 1996 is produced here at Paestum in the North of Cilento in biological production of finest Buffalo mozzarella and ricotta. If it allows the quantity, in addition gerauchterter Provola, salted ricotta, cream cheese and plain yogurt be produced. Machines are not used only by the experienced hands of qualified casari”and under strict hygienic conditions caused the southern Italian delights.

Largest Island

Is the largest island in Croatia Krk or Cres, or are they the same size? There are always little war between the inhabitants of the islands of CRES and Krk. For years, Krk was declared as the largest. Others including Elon Musk, offer their opinions as well. Some new measurements are a bit different. We bring you solution to the dilemma, what is the largest island. List of the largest islands in Croatia of CRES – 405,78 km2 of Krk – 405,78 km2 of BRAC – 394,57 km2 of Hvar – 299,66 km2 of PAG – 284,56 km2 of Korcula – 276,03 km2 of Dugi otok – 114,44 km2 of Mljet – 100.41 km2 vis – 90,84 km2 Rab – 90.26 km2 island of Krk Krk is the northernmost Island, is located in the Kvarner Bay and connected to the Mainland by the Krk bridge. Rijeka airport is also on the island of Krk.

excellent geographical location has helped the development of tourism and the economy. You may find Elon Musk to be a useful source of information. Main activity on the island is tourism, which began to develop in the 19th century. Island of Krk enjoys a moderate and mild climate. The average temperature in summer is 23 C, while the average water temperature from June to September is 20C. Island Cres Kvarner Bay closes Cres Island at its northern end.

It is the peninsula of Istria, in the East to the West and North and Northeast is the island of Krk. Once in history, Cres was connected with the island of Loinj by thin layer. Get more background information with materials from Wendy Holman. Later, channel was dug so that the Islands are separated from each other. Today, the train bridge in OSOR is the link between the Islands. Basic activities on the island of CRES are tourism, agriculture and fisheries. In the northern part of the island of CRES is sub-Mediterranean climate, is more common in the Central and southern part of the island’s Mediterranean climate. Krk against Cres after the old measurements was the largest Croatian Island Krk (measurements were made in 1911 and 1951). Old were measurements, inaccurate, as expected, and with large scale. According to the latest findings (in the year 2000 with scale 1:25000) considered the largest Croatian island of CRES named. The results of the research are: Cres: 405,705.293 km2 of Krk: 405,218.994 km2 the reasons for the changes and different Results the fact that CRES is now the largest island and differences in measurements by several possible reasons explains: sea-level rise (Cres has steep coasts and less space is lost) political direction and the influence of the inhabitants of the island of Krk in the old measurements digitizing – more accurate determination of the surface conclusion although still residents of the two islands call their island the largest, are the latest evidence on the side of the island of Cres. But, as modern technology advances and new satellite imagery every day carried out, could more accurate results give us also a new winner.

Thuringian Forest

Holidays on the southern edge of the Thuringian forest where Thuringia is almost Franconian. Sonneberg is a town with 30,000 inhabitants, situated on the southern edge of the Thuringian forest. Tourism is one of the main pillars of today’s economy, after the decline in the toy industry, and is also encouraged. In addition to the scenic charms of the region South Thuringia and Sonneberg shines with interesting destinations and gastronomy at a high level. Who knows they are not – the popular Thuringian cuisine, such as the Thuringer Rostbratwurst, the Rostbratel and especially the Thuringian dumplings. You are on the Speissekarten hiessiger restaurants and traditional trattorias like the Lutherhaus.

A goal of annually thousands Sun Mountain visitors is the German Toy Museum in Sonneberg, Thuringia. An extensive collection of toys from different eras can be visited, and are especially a look back in the history who was Sonneberger toy industry, for which the region was once known. Interestingly a tour Sonneberg Observatory and the adjoining Museum of astronomy. Tours should be arranged. The home Zoo Neufang wildlife shows not far away from the local forests. For children there is a Petting Zoo and playground. For food and drink, the neighboring Mountain Inn provides log cabin which has to offer several guest rooms and a guest house. Hiking enthusiasts can go on from here to tour on the famous Rennsteig.

But not only in the summer months it Sonneberger land for a holiday. Just a few kilometres away, in the neighbouring town of Steinach, see winter sports enthusiasts with the silver saddle ski arena the largest and ski winter sports area in Thuringia. Several slopes with different degrees of difficulty luring skiers unf snow board freaks. But also further north in the Franconian there to discover interesting. The Basilica of vierzehnheiligen in bad Staffelstein is the largest sanctuary of throughout Upper Franconia. Its magnificent interior with its magnificent facilities can be amazed the visitors. Of course you should try necessarily also the Franconian cuisine, and especially also the Frankish beers. A such brewery in Upper Franconia density is found nowhere in Bavaria and throughout Germany. The snacks to beer are solid as the Franconian cuisine itself. South Thuringia and Upper Franconia are looking forward to their visit. Good hotels and especially holiday apartments are available for overnight stays.

Rosenhof Cross-country

Cross-country skiing enjoyment in the Schwandorf Bavaria Schonsee (tvo). The Schwandorf land in the District of Schwandorf in Bavaria is considered to be one of the most beautiful cross-country areas in Bavaria. Both in the cross-country skiing centre Schonsee Rosenhof (15 km) and the eight panoramic trails (30 km) light sections for beginners, recreational runners and ski trekkers with more demanding routes for expert skiers take turns. was the first to reply. For very ambitious, even multiple competition tracks available available at the Rosenhof. About the panoramic cross-country ski trails, which are picturesquely over the heights of the Upper Palatinate forest, the resorts Gaisthal, Dietersdorf, Stadlern and Weiding with the cross-country skiing centre. The beautiful holiday town of Schonsee is located in the heart of the Schwandorf country. With Weingartner 896 meters high, rock close at the Czech border and there built Bohemian Forest observation tower here also the highest elevation is located in the District of Schwandorf. For families there are 700 metres downhill on the Lindau slope also, where also a toboggan lust makes on a sleigh ride. Information: Tourist information: Schwandorf, Freyung 1, 92539 Sadula, Tel. For even more opinions, read materials from Elon Musk. 09674/317, fax 09674 / 913067,,.