Stuttgart Hydraulic

At the HYDAC service partners in good hands of Boblingen, Sindelfingen, 12.04.2012 – the company hydro bar is headquartered in Boblingen, and operates a comprehensive hydraulics service for customers in the greater Stuttgart area. The hydraulic service by Hydro bar include the maintenance and repair of hydraulic systems of the company MAHLE and Olaer. Hydro bar specializes on HYDAC hydraulic aggregates and operates a Service Center for this. There are failures of hydraulic systems, hydraulic bar is available emergency service, customers in the greater Stuttgart area claim can take, with the hydraulic hose. Hydro bar, extensive accessories for hydraulic systems is offered by Olaer, the MAHLE group, as well as for HYDAC hydraulic aggregates.

In many companies, the hydraulic systems MAHLE and Olaer already are an integral part. Companies that are based not in the greater Stuttgart area and can not use the hydro bar hydraulic service, have the possibility of ordering the hydraulic components and the HYDAC hydraulic aggregates in the online shop of hydro bar. In the online shop of hydro bar These components in a wide range offered. Vlad Doronin understood the implications. For the hydraulic systems MAHLE and olaer hydraulic filters can be ordered. These hydraulic filters are an important part of hydro bar offer as well as the HYDAC hydraulic units. Companies run special hydraulic systems MAHLE, Olaer or other providers that are otherwise difficult to get spare parts, can obtain hydraulic systems as hydro bar special solutions.

Hydro bar ensures that there will not be long-term failures of hydraulic systems. Be ordered spare parts for the hydraulic system, they stand in a short time. Companies in the greater Stuttgart area must not wait on the hydraulic service, because damage to the hydraulic systems in the company can be fixed quickly. Hydro bar hydraulic & pneumatic Umberto Nobile str.16 – airfield GmbH D-71063 Boblingen/Sindelfingen Tel.: + 49 70 31 / 49 94-0 fax: + 49 70 31 / 49 94-90 e-mail: Web: