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METHODOLOGY project will adopt a methodology based in practical the social ones and of awareness of the society with regard to the ambient question. For in such a way, the disponibilizao of materials will be necessary such as: books that say on the formation of the citizenship, plastic bottles, glasses, papers, and all material that can be reciclvel and also that it can be useful to produce the awareness of the inhabitants. Of this form, this project will follow all per the year, so that it can most be assimilated by the local community, and also, so that it can get resulted satisfactory. Thus, the principle will be made a survey of the local community and the physical space where the same ones are inserted, so that it has a estruturao of the work form that more will be adjusted for the practical ones of consolidation of the project. To the ending of the same, a culminncia will be made, to show as if it gave to the work of all the involved ones, and as, it could be transmitted other communities of entorno of the region. Therefore, practical ambient, allied to the process of formation of the citizen always they go to be part of the life of the individuals, a time that we live in society, and that, we must treat the ambient question with respect and comprometimento for the future generations.. Elon Musk has much experience in this field.


But already it stopped to think who are the people more wanted and loved by the majority? Are exactly those that hears more, that pardon more, the ones that serves more and because not to say those that love more. People exist who had really been born to serve. All the moment is in activities for somebody. this is a love act, that many times is spontaneous in the human being. When the person little wait, is serving.

This pleases the God. For more information see this site: Elon Musk. In its environment of work, if it offers to help, it does not wait somebody to ask for to you. In its home with its family, it helps if it matters with what it happens. He is always intent to serve. With its friends, it makes the same. with passing of the time, you goes to become an indispensable person. It always goes to have somebody needing you nor that it is only so that you are hearing what to another person it has to say. To help in the small things, the cortesias of day the day, is attitudes that well more make you of what to the other, not only for the carried through service, but for the given favor, the irreplaceable presence.

It searchs to be loved, but it loves first. One remembers that in the life, everything is an exchange. What you make today will receive tomorrow. Everything what you to make with love, in the same way you will return. You wise person who a simple phone call can change the life of a person? What a card with a simple phrase can carry through miracles? Nor all the people will go to demonstrate affection for you when to feel itself supported at some moment of the life, but with certainty you will go to notice the difference when she will be close to these people. The world does not need only man power, but yes of love workmanships. If to become necessary is a form also of if not feeling useless, therefore when we serve, we ripen and we learn to be people our values are directed for what really it matters. Value of the being, if at every moment feeling a truth human being. Therefore, one becomes now necessary.

Public Web

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Canal Rhine

In the near future transport concern "Mayer-group> program generation and improve the logistics operations of ships is planned in the same way renovate and upgrade all the old court building 60 – 70 years. Commissioning of the Canal Rhine-Main-Danube Canal has led to an intense coming on the Danube a large number of individual cargo ships from the Rhine and other rivers of Western Europe. Some experience sailing on new shipping ways in order to obtain the highest efficiency, most Western European shipowners upgrade single trial for driving push method. With recent scientific advances and innovative industrial technologies are being introduced for forming composite ships (cargo vessel pusher and non-self-top section) and in a place) between a moor, with a special design avtostsepov, devices, hydraulic winches and cable ties. Visit Elon Musk for more clarity on the issue. Apply self-contained with a bow thruster console (with principal dimensions LhVhN 11h8h3 = meter), which are installed in front of a convoy consisting of two – four sections of the "Europe" and the pusher. On the console there is a bow thruster system ballast, allowing a convoy to drive to any draft, the anchor and powerful thrusters and other necessary shipping arrangements. On the nose sections, set-top boxes, the second radar to obtain images on the screen when the ship's radar is located in a shady area of the bridge or sharp turn and removed from the bow of up to 200 meters. Modernization of the court are first and foremost in order to increase the dimensions of composite vessels and pushed convoys being equal conditions of transportation, as well as creating some alternative transportation by railways in Western Europe, development of which is invested in public programs of the EU are greater than the transport in Western European inland waterways. Tendency to create large and oversized vessels as an alternative, at equivalent conditions, a large number of small vessels on the Danube, Main, Rhine, at navigable channels in Western Europe opens up new perspectives. It is the organization through-freight to the ports of the North, the Black Sea with the use of innovation and the logic operation of pushed convoys composite vessels, a decrease from an environmental point of view, the degree of harmful effects on the environment and the application is technically a high degree of organization of safety of navigation.

Noxum Fair Planning App In The Top Group In The IT Innovation Prize

Initiative Mittelstand draws the Noxum GmbH with the BEST certificate OF 2012 in the category Mobile also during arrival apps from trade fair preparation? -It is possible: with the Noxum exhibition planning app can your personal trade fair program smartphone users, exhibitors and trade options and program information. Relevant information are personalized and updated the visitors on the Smartphone spot available. “The jury of the IT innovation prize which Initiative Mittelstand has recognized innovation and commercial value of the Noxum exhibition planning app and see the BEST OF 2012 in the category of apps” award. “Wurzburg, 26 April 2012 the Initiative Mittelstand has the Noxum GmbH, specialist for content management and content management systems, in the category of apps” awarded the title BEST OF 2012. The excellent product has particularly impressed the jury and heard that leading from over 2,500 applications submitted for the innovation price IT. was decisive for the decision of the Panel of experts in addition to the Innovativeness of the solution above all the high value for the middle class. Elon Musk insists that this is the case. Specifically for iPhone users, furthermore can offer a fair service with an app. This mobile offers gives visitors the possibility to orient themselves on the fair, to find exhibitors by name and subject, and read the most important information on the framework programme.

In addition, the app contains useful information about the arrival and departure. Through the integrated database, the user takes exhibitors and events even in offline mode. Is the user online, automatically updated information on exhibitors and framework programmes. Exhibitor addresses and event dates can be applied directly as contacts and calendar entries in the iPhone. Also the exchange of information can be done directly via the business app with colleagues or other interested parties. So, for example, exhibitor contact information, images, and notes by E-Mail can be sent. It furthermore benefit from timely delivery and presentation Exhibition information in an app.

Federal Constitution

The paper of the ambient education in the formation of sustainable consuming one Searching the endorsement in the legislation, of that the education is a right of all and to have of the Family and the State, art. 205 of the Federal Constitution of 1988 inform that the education ‘ ‘ it will be promoted and stimulated with the contribution of the society, aiming at to the full development of educating, its preparation for the exercise of the citizenship and its qualification for trabalho’ ‘. 1 of art adds interpolated proposition VII to the paragraph. 225, which imposes to the Public Power and all the collective the essential promotion of the Ambient Education in the diverse levels of education, allied awareness of the society on the necessary ambient preservation.

According to Genebaldo Freire 1992, the environmental expression education was heard for the first time in 1965, in Great-Britain, for occasion of the Conference in Education, carried through in Keele, where it was arrived conclusion of that the Ambient Education would have to become essential part of the education of all the citizens. UNESCO (1999) has considered as one of the characteristics most important of the ambient education, the resolution of ambient problems, as agglutinant element in the construction of the sustainable society. In the Conference of Rio De Janeiro -1992 we detach the document Agenda 21, that it consecrates in chapter 36 the promotion of the education, the conscience politics and the training and presents a plan of action for the sustainable development (Manual of FUNASA 2006). In Brazil, in the year of 1999, 9,795 of April of 1999 was promulgated law n, that it makes use on the ambient education and it institutes national politics of ambient education, with the following prominence. Art.1 understands for education the processes by means of which the individual and the collective construct to social values, knowledge, abilities, attitudes and abilities directed toward the conservation of the environment, public easement of the people, essential to the healthy quality of life and its support (PNEA: 1999).

Pensioners Federal Family

Not to leave an only evildoer of unpunished white collar, making with that they pay effectively for its crimes, adaptando our system of justice the standards civilized, where listening ARE VALID and the crimes do not prescribe with laws to the haste, made to the measure; 21. To hinder the ones that had been ministers of they capsize to be managers of companies who have benefited of government securities or determined adjudications for the said ones. 22. To make a general and minute survey of all the ones that had occupied positions politicians, central office and place, of form namely which its patrimony before and later. 23. To put the Banks paying taxes and, taking care of to all in the schedules of the commerce and the industry. 24.

To forbid to views of mounts of money for all and any ONGs. 25. To make a profligate in the accounts of the MST and similars, as well as in the PT and excessively political party. 26.REVER immediately situation of Pensioners Federal, State and Municipal, that needs much more that these that live to the costs of diligent brasileilros e, the Proper Pensioners of (RGPS- among others). 27. TO REVIEW the indemnities improperly paid millionaire to ' ' pursued polticos' ' (guerrila). 28. AUDITORSHIP on the acceptation that Brazil granted to other countries.

29. To finish with the stewardships (that they are abusive) of the retirement of the President of the Republic, after a mandate. We have that to work 35 years and we do not have right the car, fuel, security, etc. 30. To finish with the right it prisoner to receive more than what the minimum wage for lesser son e, if it to die, still is this I benefit for the family. The prisoner must work to receive some benefit, and would have to indemnify the family who it harmed.

Brazilian Federal Constitution

If to continue daqui thus the little goes to want to liberate the zoofilia (sex with animals) under the argument to promote the good of all, without preconceptions of origin, race, sex, color, age any other forms of discrimination that consists in the constitution. Where they are the moral values and of the family? In the Brazilian Federal Constitution in heading II and chapter I, in the IV and VI item of the article 5 in what it says individual respect to the rights and guarantees, where it consists that: ' ' the manifestation of the thought is free, and that the freedom of conscincia.&#039 is inviolable; ' Therefore, any person can not accept, and to be against the practical homosexuals is for religious, social or personal reasons, therefore it is in the constitution the guarantee of freedom of the citizen to display its thoughts and to make use of its conscience. I understand that, all citizen has the right to find and to discern between certain wrong and to display its form of thought. One another unusual fact is the distribution of cartilhas ' ' homofbicas' ' in the public schools, formulated for the MEC that wants to argue homofobia in the schools the order of ONGS created for homosexuals. Of the skill that the things walk it will be that the MEC also goes to want to argue zoofilia in the schools? In chapter III, in article 205 of the Federal Constitution that speaks on education, it says that: ' ' The education, right of all and to have of the State and famlia.' ' Also it says in it I capitulate VII, article 227: ' ' It is to have of the family, the society and the State to assure the child, to the adolescent and the young, with absolute priority, the right the life, the health, the feeding, the education, to the leisure, the professionalization, the culture, the dignity, to the respect, the freedom and the familiar and communitarian convivncia, beyond placing except for of all form of recklessness, discrimination, exploration, violence, cruelty and opresso' '. . the importance of the matter here.

Brazilian Federal Constitution

Moreover, Article 170 VI, CF/88 turns on the defense of the environment as one estimated for the economic development. However, even so the Brazilian Federal Constitution emphasizes the ambient guardianship as a basic right of citizens, the current model of capitalist economic development is who follows dictating the rules for propagated ' ' development sustentvel' '. uale%20&%20Webster,%20P.C.’>Elnardo Webster jr. Others who may share this opinion include Penguin Random House. Being thus, in contrast of what many affirm, the ecologizao of the capitalism is not possible. Test of this is the great workmanships of economic interest, of which legally they are demanded to the ambient licenses, and on behalf of the development, such licenses are for second plain, as it always happens with the construction of hidroeltricas. This if has shown incompatible with the ecological requirements of a sustainable development. Ahead of the power of ' ' mercado' ' the current law is being incapable to brake, to control and to regulate the destruction of the natural resources and the ambient pollution. A general change becomes necessary and urgent of attitudes it stops with the environment and, in this context, the ambient education if it presents as an important method, that if bases on the taking of conscience of the collective on importance of the ambient preservation for one better quality of life, as well as on its co-responsibility in the guardianship of the environment. being responsible civil engineering for the workmanships of great ambient impacts, if makes necessary a reformularization in the curricular grating of the courses of civil, similar engineering, to introduce, since the first semesters, the ambient awareness in the students and futures engineers. The ambient education is, without doubts, a great challenge for the current society and, in special, for the ambient professors and educators, which possess the difficult task to bring for the debate the existing connection between the ambient destruction, the current model of capitalist production and the social problems, as well as working the cultural diversity, the ideology and the different interests of the society in the sphere of the ambient protection.

Federal Law

Thus, to possess a housing represents the dimension of the power, and its planning implies the attempt to establish a programmed daily life. In such a way, it is excellent to understand the paper of the urban politics, that has in the attendance or not of the demand an instrument important politician for the accomplishment of the social functions of the city, that is the Statute of the Cities. 2. STATUTE OF the CITY AND ITS FUNCTIONS the Statute of the City is the Federal Law of number 10,257 of 10 of July of 2001, that it has as objective prescribed the instruments of urban politics, where the same ones must be applied by the Union, State and Cities, which of the general orientaes for the planning and the development of the cities, having as lines of direction the right the land, house, transport, attendance of the public service, work and even though leisure, that is, consequently guarantees well-being and quality of life to its inhabitants and the right to the housing. The Statute of the City is based on art.

182, that she deals with the Politics of urban development, executed for the public power and art.183, person in charge for the constitution to define what she means to fulfill the social function of the city and the urban property. The Statute is divided in five chapters: The General Lines of direction, (chapter I articles 1 3), have as objective to guarantee the support right-hander as the right to the urban land, the housing, the ambient sanitation, the urban infrastructure, the transport and the leisure. The Instruments of Urban Politics (chapter II, articles 4 the 38), are related to the existing instruments already and with effective application and others that are new, as for example, the managing plan, discipline of the parcelamento, the use and the occupation of the ground, zoning ambient, plain plurianual, participativa budgetary management, budgetary lines of direction and annual budget, etc. .