Occupational Risk Prevention Basic

This course aims to train students for the performance of the functions of the basic level of prevention of labour risks law requires all businesses. They are released the rights and duties of workers and employers in the preventive field, as well as the basic regulations applicable in the respective jobs. Today, organizations are evolving so that human capital is the most important thing. One of the greatest efforts of any organization is, therefore, towards human resources. This implies a growing concern for the prevention of occupational risks, the health of workers and the importance of maintaining high levels of motivation among workers: must be guaranteed a work environment conducive to the achievement of the objectives proposed by the organization. Learn about the basic concepts in prevention of occupational risks and the legal basis on which are developed. Identifying hazards in the workplace to train the student in their detection and prevention.

Know the influential factors in the daily efforts of work to assess the consequences on our physical and mental state. Analyze the means of protection and their applications as security elements. Learn about methods and equipment which must have all the companies, to face an emergency situation to contribute to the training and information for workers on the specific risks of his job with security. Differentiate the characteristics that must meet the work equipment. Learn how to safely manipulate a load manually. The legal framework establishes the duty to offer the employer, and the right to receive, by the worker, effective protection in the field of safety and health at work.

In fulfillment of this duty of protection, businessman must ensure the safety and health of workers at your service in all aspects related to work, and performing risk prevention work them through the adoption of the necessary measures for the protection of the safety and health of their workers. As most plausible benefits from the integration of prevention worth mentioning in the working environment facilitates the improvement of the working conditions and implies a decrease not insurable costs of incidents and accidents. On the other hand, ensures the businessman a saving of unforeseen expenses arising from legal breaches. And finally produces an increase in the profitability of human and material resources of the company.