Russian Federation

The Hungarian language belongs Ugric background-Ugric languages. He is the official language of Hungary, parts of settlements, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Vojvodina (Serbia). Spoken and Written Language options have proliferated in the territory of Slovakia, Romania, Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia and Austria. Also, the Hungarian language is used in Ukraine in the Carpathians. Distant kinship Hungarian language has such European languages, as Estonian and Finnish, but the media do not understand Hungarian. And that is why until the late 19 th century, scientists have questioned the ownership of the Hungarian language, a Finno-Ugric language group. About 3 thousand years ago there was disagreement between the two languages Baltic group, which includes Finnish and Estonian languages, and ancient Hungarian language.

The great similarity is the Hungarian language with the languages of peoples of the Komi and Mari, who reside in the territory of the Russian Federation. The Hungarian language is one of the few languages that are not related to the Indo-European language family, the number of speakers of which is rather large. Approximately 900-1000-th years of our the era of the Hungarian tribes moved from the Urals and Siberia, inhabited the middle part of the Danube Plain and Transylvania. In these areas had already lived and sekei, ethnic groups, similar to Hungarians. Invasion Hungarian tribes bore the warlike nature, in contrast to the migration of the Slavs on the territory of the plains of 4.3 century earlier. Hungarians were fighting for territory with the Slavic tribes, as well as with the Germans and Romanians.