Many times wanted to follow different ways, wanted I to write my history without nobody palpitasse. I made distinction of yes and of not, and never used I find, in the hour that would have to say. If it was certain, never I will know. Friends I made several for the ways, few sobraram, or better, almost none. Now it goes to know if they were only caminhantes friends or as I for the life? Does not know where moment I started to draw my future, if it was when I learned what it was the life or when the entire life if expanded inside of me? if I never had written a verse at least, if never he caught in a penxs pra to write poetries, will be that I would be today in foot with my divagaes? The time not return, its line is always pra front, but the questions do not stop. If I slept I yield I eat all, I would prevent certainly the bad mood and the olheiras, but and the life that beats in me in this hour, where part of the day it I would go to cry out. If I had used uniform, beaten point and I followed the norms all, where I I would be now? I stop many times pra thinking because I exist, and if I exist I have to argue that me always. If I changed in definitive time the direction of my life he guided and it for other ways, where shortcuts I I would meet today? If I had denied everything was given that me, I will be that I would be a beggar of words? Or who would transform knows me into an employee of the high step, with diploma in the wall, much money in the bank, a pretty woman pra to show and the frustration not to know the desatinos that make today me to make a folia for the life? Perhaps if pra played to invent loves only to saciar the latent desire, had lying with more than a thousand women, but with certainty it would not know the fire of the passions. If I folded the contrary esquina to that I folded, I will be that he would find a richness in money. But this esquina for which I entered made me to find in the end of the rainbow a pot, but not of gold, and yes of talentos. The life does not know the effect butterfly, therefore, living creature the gift in the future talking with the past.