Watches, by the way, like many men. And the old … Is not he can lose them? But after such a gift he'll always be thinking only of you! Men are more savvy in the matter of conquering us, women. Went out to smoke on the balcony – he returned with a bouquet of roses! Not learn whether they have? What would you buy, beg off, let's say to a neighbor for a DVD-disk? Do not know? Here, then, that's it! And you can go down to nearest trays with tickets and buy a couple of his most favorite band or a concert. I repeat – most of all the most! It is very important! Previously, of course, have to like the way, learn about its cultural (and not) ideals. Gift lover – a delicate matter! Surprised? Congratulations! Keep it up! Give her beloved sea of excitement, beauty and romance – a hot air balloon ride! Perhaps more original and memorable gift difficult to imagine. Flying above the ground – a rare fusion of the strongest feelings of stunning beauty and fresh experience! That's what you give each other every day – the sweet life, symbolizes a bunch of candy in the form of heart. This gift will delight with the sense of man-especially a sweet tooth.

Your man – a connoisseur of alcoholic beverages? Give him a bottle of wine / brandy / tequila, etc. And to be here and the original – give a nominal a bottle of his favorite drink: a label will help you draw any designer friend:) Have you loved to go to the mall. How can I make it do this? Tell them that you urgently needed to buy new erotic lingerie. .

Federal Interior Ministry

The VDEB seal is result of the group work of the Association of IT-Mittelstand. It was designed by medium-sized vendors in cooperation with TuV SuD and worked out. So is not caused because of academic theories, it reflects the valuable business experience of practitioners who know how they can increase their business opportunities. Core provision of the VDEB label is the deposit of the source code, which advises the Federal Interior Ministry of software customers. This is done with regard to the VDEB seal of approval for special rates at the Department of information and communication technology of the TuV South. The source code is checked by trained computer scientists on readability and verified. Verification means to identify the source as such, and to confirm what a technological expertise is needed.

This is fundamentally different the VDEB seal of approval by depositing at notaries. The jurists can in most cases only confirm the deposit, but not the readability of the disk check. Instead of a law review a computer science perspective is necessary as the Association IT-Mittelstand more natural close way occupies and is recommended by the computer newspaper. Without this perspective, the promise of investment security must remain empty. In further steps can be additionally tested the accuracy, consistency and documentation of the software and the VDEB TuV SuD certificate obtained as a secondary level. This includes a comprehensive test of the software and offers the customer maximum security decision in the choice of the product.

But worn the VDEB seal not in the deposit of the source code, it is also so important. It includes as well a base update and maintenance contract for five years, does not exceed 25% of the license price per year, and called for the acknowledgement of intellectual property rights and are a sufficient IT property damage liability insurance. Subject to the latter by the VDEB over a Framework agreement with the IT insurer Hiscox very favourable tariff conditions are reached. Smaller and medium-sized software companies that want to secure the competitive advantage of the VDEB label is just against the background of financial and economic crisis to increase your business growth, can contact for more information on the Office of the Association of IT-Mittelstand. Also, talks are arranged with current owners of the VDEB label that describe their motivation and look forward to an exchange of experience. A significant contract was awarded on the basis of the certification already us”, says Dr. Oliver Grun, CEO of green Software AG. The competitors and we were judged as equivalent, the seal was then.

Lauro Matavelli

The concern of the successory process starts to be determinative factor for the progress of the organization. It argues Weil (1999, P. 39), ' ' without a vision of long stated period, and many times without the least to have had physical time to learn the complex and implacable laws of the businesses, the familiar ones finish adopting strategies that compromise the future of empresa' '. In turn, Lodi (1999, P. 7), affirms that: ' ' The founder creates a company from a personal dream and arrives at the end of its life with difficulty of to partilhar its values with second gerao' '. The dreams of the second necessary generation to be product of work of all the involved people. For this, she is necessary that who assumes the command of the family incarnates the traces and the values that the second generation discovers of the first one. The second generation goes to present throughout the years and, mainly, in its process of growth, a series of pertinent questions to the culture and values of the previous generation, that will be able to influence it more than what the complex activities of management.

According to exactly author, valley to remember that one of the peculiarities of the familiar society in Brazil is that the great majority of the founders is immigrant or children of immigrants, what he directly influences in the search of the solidification and duration of the familiar business. With regard to the strategies, for the progress of the organization, Gersick et al., (1997), perceives that, uncovers common interests that join the systems, such as the search for results and growth, common yearning of familiar and enterprise system, the desire of financial balance and to be able and the interest in the return of investments, common to the enterprise system. A familiar company, of average transport, with more than 40 years that gave certain is the Refrigerating Cardinal, with an enviable team. The professional union of the children, continuators of the work of Lauro Matavelli, its founder, Italian immigrant, continued harmonic with administrative, managemental and diligent collaborators of the production. The Cold storage room keeps firm the objective to assure the level of quality of its products. .

' ' With isso' ' , it affirms Robert Matavelli, current leader of the company, ' ' we intend to extend our participation in the market, keeping its image of serious company directed toward the quality and the tradition, but, however, integrated with the trends of mercado' ' (MATAVELLI, 1997, P. 43). CONCLUSION Is perceived that it does not have great difference between not-familiar company of familiar companies, in what says respect to the functional work, searches, marketing or accounting, for example. But in the aspect of the administration, the familiar company requires proper rules that they need to be observed. To institute and to lead a business of competitive and strategical form in the current corporative market are not a very easy task. Challenges and difficulties are common to any company, either it managed by relatives or not. However, the familiar companies present greater complexity in the organizacional management. One of the reasons for this fact is the conflicts lived deeply for these corporations that can happen, for example, due to familiar culture, that is, to the emotional relations between the members of the family in the work environment they can impactar the professional relationship of the same ones. Another preoccupying reason is the fan

Measuring Cost Effectiveness

To be successful we must measure the cost-effectiveness of each activity we do. Is it really appropriate to spend our valuable time on routine administrative tasks and can delegate? As reported by the VACOC, and the U.S. Small Business Administration, on average, independent professionals, entrepreneurs and small business owners spend up to 40% of their time performing routine administrative tasks. Ideally, we should devote 80% of their time on activities that create value and increase the income of our enterprise. The more time you spend on activities such as planning, business strategy, marketing and networking, and creating and delivering products and services that generate income, the higher our business and profits! 7 Benefits You’ll Delegating 1. More Energy: have more energy to the extent that he no longer do the tasks that do not like or do well. 2.

More Time: more time to work energizing a passion and enjoy your life and the fruits of their work. 3. More Focus: avoid distractions not doing work that should not do as a business owner. 4. More Productivity: to the extent that this more focused, be more productive and effective, get more done in less time.

5. Less Stress: when he does things and really make this progress, their level of happiness, increased energy and creativity! 6. A more solid basis: will be creating and establishing a solid foundation for further profitable growth of your business. 7. Major Gains: all these benefits together are the key ingredients to generate more revenue. “Nothing is impossible if you can delegate.”

Multilevel Marketing

During these last years I have asked myself, because to enterprising people it as much costs to him to grow in systems of Multinivel, being this most productive method of all the systems of trade. It is a fact that without prospectuses or clients there is no business Mainly referring me to Multinivel Marketing. I want to compare this system with the Nature, that according to says is very wise and we could learn of her. The Bees for example are fascinating, it makes million years that they are between us, and its model of work is unique and exemplary Or by the structure of our system of marketing will compare, it with a beehive of bees, – it will leave them to the ants because they do not seem to me so attractive the structure of hierarchies is similar to the matrices multilevel, we have a queen (the director or manager of the system or business), we have the soldiers (Leaders and motors of the business) and finally we have the workers (the majority, affiliates in the business) All the Bees work by a same Objective, that is to create Wealth constantly (Honey) Multinivel Marketing (beehive) it is the means by which all the frenetic activity of the members is organized (bees) All this is Fantastic, If but only for the Bees, so that they have the sense of the beehive, something that, by our human condition we do not have within the framework of the businesses. If the sense of the beehive is so fantastic for the Bees, so that we do not stop? The Bees work united coordination altogether, and the result is extraordinary. It unites the survival to them and I tie almost Sacred Is the beehive sense We are going to analyze what it interests to us. Now I want enumerarte the advantages that our business has, you are not scared, I do not want venderte nothing? It is a business 100% guaranteed, so that it works in a matrix of 3 xs 15 levels. .

Growing your Business

Growing your business does not have to be such a difficult task. There are a few things you can do that do not have to break the budget or escalate your working hours. For example, opening up your firm as a franchise opportunity, gives you the profits without the pain. Also, licensing your product is a low-cost way of taking your business to the next level.

SMS Advertising – Modern Marketing Method

Modern marketing techniques are still like this kind of SMS advertising. To date, sms advertising is one of the most popular ways to communicate with customers and relatively inexpensive method of promoting goods and services. Cellular Telecommunications firmly established in the life of modern man. Next to us mobile communicators there for eighteen hours a day. Newsletter SMS messages can convey information to really each client. Moreover, sending sms will not be unnecessarily intrusive, because advertising client reads it when it's free. Another plus for the system "sms informing" is able to exercise detailed sampling of the target audience, sending advertising is a category of consumers, which can really be interested in the advertised kind of goods or services.

Car show, for example, send sms notification the emergence of new luxury cars only to customers who are able to buy them, and the bank will send a SMS notification of new types of lending only to investors with no negative history. Automatic dispatch of SMS will opportunity to congratulate clients on holidays, which will increase their loyalty to the firm. After automatic dispatch sms greetings, especially individual leaves a pleasant impression. Do not, however, think that sms text messaging makes it possible to use only the already existing client base. After all, advertising sms sending more prevalent and because they allow to attract new customers. It should be noted that mass mailing sms advertising does not cause resentment among potential and existing clients, because it is not intrusive, but provides the ability to navigate the vast world of products and offers services.

Today's decision allows to build flexible and scalable system with the ability to integrate services into business processes. The program allows you to send SMS for greater speed of sending sms notice, allows you to check delivery status, significantly reducing the advertising budget and save time. The effectiveness of this marketing method, like sending sms advertising, more than 20% (in terms of response). So can be concluded much more impact this type of advertising in comparison with others, including the media, methods.