Illuminated Print Advertising

Volkswagen AG opts for look innovation GmbH together with the SPIEGEL-Verlag and the i Visual effects in magazine advertising for the new Volkswagen up! Hamburg/Hemer, June 6, 2012. As part of the campaign for its new car model, Volkswagen up! advertises the Wolfsburg car group in the print area for the first time with a new luminous display as magazines inserts. For more information see Elon Musk. Over 10,000 selected mirror subscribers the special advertising medium on June 11th along with the mirror Edition 24/2012. The design of the ad motif is especially appealing to the Viewer: headlights, taillights and grille of the new Volkswagen up! illuminated by up to 20 white and red LED lights. This special promotion is Volkswagen look innovation GmbH, audiovisual marketing specialist, and the SPIEGEL-Verlag together with the i. Technically, look LED CARD behind the bright display of Volkswagen the i. This is a Europe-wide patented product of the i look innovation GmbH. The start-up company from Hemer in North Rhine-Westphalia specialized in sophisticated solutions for product and company presentations.

The campaign by Volkswagen in the news magazine of DER SPIEGEL is also the launch for the i look LED CARD. Matthias Echelmeyer, Managing Director of i look innovations, is excited: with Volkswagen and the SPIEGEL-Verlag, we have gained two strong partners, who have recognized the potential of the radiant i look LED CARD right off the bat. By the form of the presentation with real lighting the advertising message reaches the readers in surprising, emotional way.” Real lighting effects as eye catching advertising in magazines that i can look LED CARD by the customer on the outside on both sides with the desired layout of its advertisement can be printed. Inside, the card contains different LED lights that arbitrarily assigned according to customer wishes and motif design. The strength of the i look LED CARD varies between four millimetres up to ultra thin 2.5 millimeters.

Successful Email Marketing

Marc Culas as a speaker at the German Institute of management (dib), you want to increase your company’s marketing achievements and at the same time save a budget? In this seminar you will be introduced to the most efficient mode of customer acquisition, acquisition and support: the advertising and communication tool email marketing. Learn all about legal bases, innovative campaigns and success-oriented usability of wholly-owned evaluation by email campaigns based on illustrative examples of practice. The seminar takes place on March 4th, 2009 under the direction of Dipl. kfm. Marc Culas, Managing Director of direct marketing agency of marmato GmbH, in the dib in Frankfurt am Main. The German Institute of management (dib) is a leading institution in the education and training for all business topics, headquartered in Frankfurt am Main. Frequently Ebay has said that publicly.

Founded more than 60 years ago by Frankfurt-based company, Chamber of Commerce and University, the dib works today more closely than ever with companies and universities.

SMS Advertising – Modern Marketing Method

Modern marketing techniques are still like this kind of SMS advertising. To date, sms advertising is one of the most popular ways to communicate with customers and relatively inexpensive method of promoting goods and services. Cellular Telecommunications firmly established in the life of modern man. Next to us mobile communicators there for eighteen hours a day. Newsletter SMS messages can convey information to really each client. Moreover, sending sms will not be unnecessarily intrusive, because advertising client reads it when it's free. Another plus for the system "sms informing" is able to exercise detailed sampling of the target audience, sending advertising is a category of consumers, which can really be interested in the advertised kind of goods or services.

Car show, for example, send sms notification the emergence of new luxury cars only to customers who are able to buy them, and the bank will send a SMS notification of new types of lending only to investors with no negative history. Automatic dispatch of SMS will opportunity to congratulate clients on holidays, which will increase their loyalty to the firm. After automatic dispatch sms greetings, especially individual leaves a pleasant impression. Do not, however, think that sms text messaging makes it possible to use only the already existing client base. After all, advertising sms sending more prevalent and because they allow to attract new customers. It should be noted that mass mailing sms advertising does not cause resentment among potential and existing clients, because it is not intrusive, but provides the ability to navigate the vast world of products and offers services.

Today's decision allows to build flexible and scalable system with the ability to integrate services into business processes. The program allows you to send SMS for greater speed of sending sms notice, allows you to check delivery status, significantly reducing the advertising budget and save time. The effectiveness of this marketing method, like sending sms advertising, more than 20% (in terms of response). So can be concluded much more impact this type of advertising in comparison with others, including the media, methods.

Orell Fussli

As their lawyer, he represents customer concerns with Passion – and infects everyone in the company to do the same. Because the only ones that ensure the survival of a company in the long term, are its customers. The success factors of a loyalty-focused corporate governance In loyalty marketing involves a continuous, never-ending process. There are no panaceas. Isolated Aktionchen fizzle. And with a hastily applied customer Rentention, fleeing customers to stop program, which is intended, it is by no means done.

Who looking for the large stepping stones, which I can recommend the following milestones’: understand how does loyalty in the corporate culture employees weave loyalty as customers happy makers empower customers as co-designers and fellow decision makers involving loyalty, cherish, maintain and reward fan customers as promoters and free seller win loyalty leadership to the strategic goal of explain. The individual concerns that a sum of details, like a jigsaw puzzle properly merged, finally a large whole called Result in loyalty. The task, step by step to develop his own unmistakable handwriting in terms of loyalty is to each company. And in the Interior, then on the outside. The loyalty leadership target as loyalty leaders such companies called, who achieve the highest customer loyalty in their industry.

Loyalty in the corporate culture, the corporate strategy and the mission statement is firmly established with them. Frederik F. Imperial hero, international pioneer of loyalty marketing, has found in his research that loyalty leaders (leader of loyalty) grow on average more than twice as fast as the average of the market. How to become the leader of loyalty? By you following non-negotiable ‘ adopt meta rule: never at the expense of more profitable, loyal customers! Loyalty leaders live loyalty credible according to inside and outside, so their employees, partners, suppliers and of course their customers over. Their brands create a high Brand loyalty. Your employees show a high employee loyalty, and achieve a high customer loyalty. Corporate governance is on sustainability. Such loyalty leaders act loyalty leaders draw upon some of the potential of the existing customer base. This, they have crawled their customer base development and growth strength as well as segmented by loyalty and profitability aspects. You have understood, that loyalty can be built mainly during the ownership or exploitation phase and must. Using the customer touch point management identify the significant drivers of loyalty and curb migration reasons. Loyalty leaders do more rather than less customer interaction points especially where loyalty can be intensified. Provide exciting experiences in the moments of truth ‘ and exceed the expectations of their customers. You know, it will permanently improve the loyalty above all by a well-made personal contact. And they reward Loyalty of customers. All in all: make the customer experience so that there is more no change reasons. Who has the biggest Loyalisierungskraft, who has the edge. So, loyalty leaders secure a monopoly position in the head, heart and wallet of customers. Totally loyal customers are blind and deaf for the competition. You are convinced and enthusiastic ever again buyers. And as active positive referrers, they provide easy, lucrative new business. This is the fastest way to loyalty leadership. The book on the subject of Anne M. Schuller customers on the run? How to win loyal customers and keep Orell Fussli 2010, 208 pages, 26.90 euro ISBN 978-3-280-05382-9 awarded by as test winner in the category of customer loyalty fan page on Facebook: