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Close to this ground of dismissal and that that basis, dismissal due to a single gross violation of employee job duties. For serious violations include: absenteeism (absence from work place without a good reason for more than four consecutive hours during the working day) coming to work in a state of alcoholic, narcotic or other toxic substances; disclosure of secrets protected by law (Public, commercial, service and other), which became known to the employee in connection with his employment; committing theft in the workplace (including small) of another's property, embezzlement, intentional it destruction or damage, established by a valid court sentence or order of the body authorized to use administrative penalties, violation of worker safety and health requirements, if the violation resulted in serious consequences (work accident, an accident, the catastrophe), or knowingly created a real threat of such consequences. There is another common grounds for dismissal – mismatch position due to lack of qualifications, confirmed the results of certification. Inconsistency – the inability to employee training quality perform due to an employment contract, its performance is unsatisfactory, a systematic marriage, etc. Inconsistency employee position or work required to prove the administration. It was she who organizes test of knowledge, skills, theoretical and practical skills of the employee. If you made a certification, then conscientiously prepare for it. The most common ploy is the employer's dismissal for absenteeism.

If you have already "promised" to fire for absenteeism, try to make your arrival and departure from work seen by other employees. If you go to court to recover their rights, their testimony will be work on the weekend, if it is declared in the prescribed manner a working day; unauthorized abandonment of work – all of these cases are absenteeism. You need to be alert and careful in the workplace. Remember that forbidden to drink alcohol, not only during operation, but also outside office hours at the workplace or within the organization. Refrain from taking part in the feast, even if it has initiated a supervisor. What do those employees who may, but is not hit by the reduction? In this case only general recommendations: to try to demonstrate to the employer a high level of motivation to achieve results of labor function, try to achieve visible results in their work, which should be seen not only you but your colleagues and supervisor.

Despite all the difficulties that brought us financial crisis, and in such situation has its pluses. It is possible that right now you notice and appreciate leadership, a wide range of duties and responsible approach to their implementation will help you climb up the corporate ladder. If possible, Try to do more than ever, the amount of work will be a plus if you add additional responsibilities. If you expanded the scope of duties, do not hurry to resent or complain, even if the amount of Salary has not changed, and only talk about assistant fraught with unwanted firing an employee. Compensatory time off and sick leave for an employer – a source of discontent and irritation. Some workers choose a different path, such as collecting dirt on colleagues or even to the head, blackmail, denunciation of colleagues, superiors and others seduction Remember, these games are dangerous, unpredictable consequences of them.

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However, this leadership is very conditional and depends also on the political situation. Among all the channels RBS particularly promising for this region is mobile banking. Mobile communication has a very high penetration in all countries, here we add the benefits of SMS and USSD-channels and get a fairly cheap way of banking. Technically, a mobile bank is a collection of several products: from a very simple Java-client and SMS-channel applications to thin clients and smartphones. Depending on the preferences of the bank's supplier can offer one product, and their combination.

Unfortunately, the level of penetration and stability of the Internet remains quite weak, so – good old SMS and IVR channels are more effective than current solutions in Russia and Europe, designed for broadband Internet access. GEMINI line includes the full range of products for mobile banking – the significantly upgraded making the 90-ies, based on SMS and Contact-centers – to modern channels of DBS on smartphones and iPad. Taking into account the local conditions in each Central Asian region will certainly be changes in products and to meet the exigencies of the Bank – in the end implemented solutions. A powerful movement GEMINI line to the Central Asian region is already noticeable in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. Let us hope that in other countries in the region will eventually be found interested lenders, which is explicitly stated in the concept of product development in 2011 (this concept can soon be found on the resource).

In conclusion, the future development of banking services and products in Central Asia will inevitably lead to a clear orientation on DBS channels. This is not only an image or reduce queues in the offices, but also the obvious opportunity to automate a huge number of customer self-service functions (for both corporate and retail customers). And it means: Minimal own costs of banks to hold in the RBS of all payments and transfers, new channels to market, minimizing the costs of providing common services (receipt of loan applications, processing deposits). For Central Asia it is still possible relatively painless, making Internet bank first-generation systems such as Web 2.0 (More details on trends in Web 2.0 can be found in LiveJournal in the account Gemini_Banking). Therefore, despite the late start, here it is quite possible accelerated development. Let's hope that the products GEMINI (and other products RBS) will undoubtedly positive impact on the banking market in the region.