Directory Media Award In Gold For O-NAVI

Dasortliche was awarded last Thursday with the directory media award in gold for his navigation solution o-NAVI. Since the middle of last year, Dasortliche offers a free software which can be added to mobile phones to full navigation systems. As a special highlight you must not even remember the street name of the destination this navigation system. o-NAVI can access the entire database from Dasortliche with all included residential and business addresses. So both phone numbers as found in a normal phone book or address can be researched and applied directly in the navigation. Even a so-called reverse search is possible\”: this one enters only a phone number in the search field and promptly receive the corresponding address.

So, to save the typing of street and place names on the mobile phone keypad. Free offer the program easy to install, as well as the respective route information from Dasortliche are free of charge. That’s possible, o-NAVI is ad-supported. At the top of the screen an unobtrusive ad appears, which will remain during the entire journey. To create any distractions, there is static graphics – flickering, flashing or rotating pictures with click prompt are so excluded. o-NAVI boasts more free features a variety of functions in addition to the direct acquisition of addresses in the navigation. So is it possible on the TMC dam alarm to fall back and be calculated automatically alternative routes. Anyone looking for a gas station, is about smart refuelling the cheapest petrol stations of nearby display.

And who worry that his mobile phone was too small, can announce during the route guidance also complete streets and place names. Current cards as so-called offboard system o-NAVI refers to all data via the mobile network from a centralized server. This is always the current maps available. So the o-NAVI saves money for regular updates as users be always necessary when onboard systems to keep the systems up to date.