Water Consumption

Due to abundance of the water in the planet, never had a bigger concern of the industrial area with this subject, but the water consumption in the industrial processes in Brazil has provoked serious ambient impacts due to scarcity of this resource, so precious. The investment in technology I reuse to promote it of used waters has been each required time more, especially for the industries of great transport, beyond, clearly, of the initiatives of conservation of this good, through the elimination of wastefulness. The economic and social aspects also must be analyzed in this context, therefore the water is an essential resource to the life and must be supplied in the amount and necessary quality all. The recycling concept or I reuse of the water is not new in history. Of course, this occurs has much time.

Planned ways of I do not reuse benefit to cities and industries that use ebb tide water that already had been used and returned to the rivers. This is an indirect form of the use. What it occurs is that currently, the pollution of this way has made it difficult this process. Of this form, the development of a direct form became necessary of reuses, that it consists of the treatment of an effluent one for its reutilizao. This process is not easy and depends on investment in technology, but with the current ambient, each time more restrictive, searching requirements and specialists already had obtained to prove over all that this investment is interesting and viable, in the industrial area. The collection of the water was established for the management of the hdricos resources, as well as promoting the use of this benefit of more rational form. In this aspect I reuse, it of the water in the industrial processes also characterize reduction in the production costs, beyond promoting the recovery, preservation and conservation of the hdricos resources.