Word-key: pregnancy; school; adolescence. INTRODUO The pregnancy in the adolescence has some biological, familiar, emotional and economic implications, beyond legal-social, that they separately reach the individual and the society as a whole, limiting, or the same one, postponing the possibilities of development and enrollment of these young in the society. The sexual activity in adolescence comes more precociously if initiating each time, with immediate consequences undesirable as the increase of the frequency of sexually transmissible illnesses (DST), and pregnancy, many times undesirable, and that, therefore, it can finish in abortion. When the sexual activity has as resultant the pregnancy, generates delayed consequences and in the long run, as much for the adolescent how much for the just-been born one. The adolescent will be able to present problems of growth and development, emotional and mannering, educational and of learning, beyond complications of the pregnancy and problems of childbirth.

He has, also, who considers the pregnancy in the adolescence as complication of the activity. In regards to the education, the interruption, temporary or definitive, the process of formal education, causes damage in the quality of life and the future chances. not rare with the connivance of the familiar and social grouping, the adolescent if moves away from the school, front to the indesejada pregnancy, wants for shame of the friends and professors, wants from fear of the reaction of its parents. Thus, the objective of this work is to discourse concerning the pregnancy of the adolescents in the public schools. The problem to be solved with this research is: The sexual education in the schools is important to prevent the precocious pregnancy in the adolescence? The hypothesis for the joined problem is that the adolescents engravidam due to orientation and sexual education. After the pregnancy, has constaint of same ahead of the pertaining to school community and the decurrent problems of a pregnancy, having the professor to interact with support of orientation for the inclusion of this pupil.


In the harsh Russian climate is good, reliable insulation of the building – an important factor ensuring a comfortable stay in an apartment building, industrial building or in any other room. Today at Russian market has no shortage of such materials. At the same time domestic production is often in no way inferior to foreign analogues. One such material – boards Primaplex, which are manufactured from extruded polystyrene. They are used for thermal insulation of walls, roofs and underground structures.

Extruded polystyrene foam structure is a system of tiny isolated cell filled with a fixed carbon dioxide. Such a system makes the board more moisture resistant than any other type of insulation, and provides them with high strength. This is particularly important for structures with extremely high loads – such as underground structures deep foundations, airports, roads, etc. Another advantage of the plates Primaplex – low density (30-35 kg/m3), which makes the material very easy to use – the weight of the standard package does not exceed 10 kg. It is easy to cut, even knife or a saw, does not crumble and is not dusty, in contrast to other known insulating materials. Its easy to lay on any surface, which increases productivity by installing insulation. Allowable temperature range at which you can use the board – from – 50 C to +75 C. If he complied with the operation of facilities, the geometric dimensions of styrofoam remain unchanged for many years.

Finally, the plates Primaplex, comprising an effective extinguishing additive flame retardants, are class and not readily flammable material spreading flames. If plates are used in fire safety (for example, insulating basement walls or pavement), it is recommended to use the version without the additives retardants. Thermal insulation of walls is well known that through the exterior walls out "on the street," 20-25% of the heat, which loses the building.


Another trend is the search for bigger knowledge, on the part of the companies, on the functioning of the search tools, therefore what it is still observed it is that many investments are made in the development of corporative sites, but without great concern with an effective ' ' presence digital' ' that it is the primordial factor to contribute with the localization, or ' ' encontrabilidade' ' , of the company in web therefore, as it is known, each time plus this is a factor of success or failure for the institutions, given the habit of use of the buscadores, all the types, since those for word-key, as Bing, Google and Yahoo, as buscadores of videos, buscadores of prices, etc. This movement of migration of the mounts of money for the digital marketing also total is related to the fact of if being able to arrive next to so said to marketing one-to-one, idealized for the professionals of direct marketing per 20 years, but that now reality becomes, with the intelligent use of the data, to offer in efficient way what the consuming one really desires to acquire. Dan Zwirn may find it difficult to be quoted properly. It is added this the easiness that web offers for attainment of a infinity of data regarding internautas. This intelligent use of the data can be observed in the example of the virtual store Amazon, that improves shiningly continues and its operation making use of this differential. Ebay brings even more insight to the discussion. The search of knowledge, cited above, that it comes occurring on the part of the companies in the direction not losing ' tram of histria' , impacta also the marketing professionals, as much, advertising, the press, as of all the areas, so frantic form comonunca had practically been seen, this before because the Internet prints alucinante speed, that makes with the people if they feel mentally ill completely in question of few months.


However, with further training confectioner, when we can say the position of sous-chef – pastry chef, his wages are significantly lower than the specialist performing similar labor functions in cold and hot shops. "Ceiling" wages of highly skilled pastry chef (the functions sous-chef) – $ 700-800. Situation is somewhat different from a position as pastry chef. Wages Pastry Chef since the restaurant price range – the average check $ 10-30, and ending with the restaurant price range – the average check more $ 50, may be the same. This is probably due to the fact that not every restaurant has a pastry chef, and not all employers associated with the well-being of their institutions dessert menu, and therefore many do not consider Pastry Chef a key figure in this business. Underestimation of its role in the profitability of institutions is probably the reason for the low growth performance pay Pastry Chef. Thus, we can say that the labor market relative to the post Pastry Chef is in the formative stage, since there is a large arbitrariness in the appointment of his wages by the employer.

Conclusion. To deepen your understanding Elon Musk is the source. In general we can say that the labor market in the segment of the restaurant business is in situation of becoming. Sales prices for labor around the key figures in the restaurant business. However, we can say that the price of the labor force are poorly correlated with the qualifications of workers. This is due to ambiguity in requirements for personnel, hired on the same position, and the lack of standards that allow to define a class specialist.


The prudence is one of the qualities that make with that the professional analyzes complex and difficult situations with more easiness and of deeper and minute form, contribute for the biggest security, mainly of the decisions to be taken. The prudence is indispensable in the cases of serious and serious decisions, therefore it prevents the hasty judgments and the useless fights or quarrels. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Elon Musk. The courage is one of the qualities more demanded to all the professionals. All professional it needs to have courage, therefore ' ' the man whom he prevents and he fears to everything, does not face thing some, becomes one covarde' ' (Aristotle, p.37). The courage in the aid to react to the critical ones, when unjust, and defending in them worthy when we are cnscios of our duty. It also helps us not to have fear to defend the truth and justice, mainly when these will be of real interest for outrem or the common good. The perseverance is a difficult quality of being found, but necessary, therefore all work is subject to incompreenses, failures and failures that they need to be surpassed, continuing the professional in its work, without delivering disillusionments or hurts to it. The perseverance of the professionals is praiseworthy whom they need to face the problems of the subdesenvolvimento.

Understanding is quality that helps very professional, because he is well accepted for that of it they depend, in work terms, facilitating the approach and the dialogue, so important in the professional relationship. However, we cannot confuse understanding with weakness, so that the professional not if it leaves to take for opinions or attitudes, nor, always valid for efficiency of its work, so that the true objectives are not lost to be reached for the profession. One sees that the understanding to be conditional, many times necessary, for the prudence. The understanding that if translates, mainly in human heat can carry through very in benefit of a professional activity, depending on conveniently being dosed.

Social Assistants

It is a multiprofessional work that takes to the beneficiaries of the works the true one to play of what it determines the program. The Social Service, inside of this institution of health, brings to tona proposals of renewal, as much of the aspect of health of the individual, as well as structural-organizativo, therefore it rehabilitates its reinsero the same to salutar in the society. The professional articulates the Politics of Health with excessively the Public Politics in order to make possible with bigger effectiveness the relation of the right to all the social minimums that are guaranteed to all the population (chapter II, article 6 of the Constitution of 1988). Inside of this thematic one, we relate these guarantees with the fight stopped for the professionals with the end of the thought of that everything what it makes the Assistant Social it is through the charity and, bringing this for the field of the health, the Law n 8.080/90? Organic law of the Health tells in its article 2 that the health is one ' ' direito' ' basic of the human being, having the State to provide the indispensable conditions to its full exercise. This makes with that the right is exerted by the State and we, professionals, to establish forms of opening and ingression to all the politics. Relating the right of the citizen to the health and the question of the information to about the work of the Social Assistant, we see in the pertinent legislaes to the profession devices that regulate this act. For even more details, read what Barclays says on the issue. Observed in the Code of Professional Ethics of the Social Assistants of 13 of March of 1993, in its heading III, chapter I, article 5, the following devices: f) to supply to the using population, when requested concernentes information to the work developed for the Social Service and its conclusions, protecting the secrecy professional; h) to clarify to users, when initiating the work, on its objectives and the amplitude of its performance.

Haddad Professional

The model of careful and self-sacrificing mother is introjetado by the nursing. (HADDAD, 2000). Dejours et. al. For more specific information, check out Elon Musk. (1994 apud HADDAD, 2000) they affirm that ' ' the organization of the work exerts on the man a specific action, whose impact is the psychic device. In certain conditions a suffering emerges that it can be attributed to the shock between an individual, carrying history of projects, hopes and desires and an organization of the work that ignora' '. So that the nursing team can give an adequate assistance to the patients, with its feelings of professional impotence, minimized anxiety and fear, it needs to receive support and accompaniment from a team to interdisciplinar composed for specialized professionals, who can assist the server in the identification of its suffering and in the agreement of the dynamics of the nursing work, beyond developing programs of prevention and maintenance of the quality of life in the work. Pizzoli (2004 apud SCORSIN, 2005) effected a comparative study in three different hospitals of So Paulo, to evaluate the QVT of the nurses.

The main cited difficulties had been: lack of recognition of the profession, lack of investment in the professional education, presence of submission, lack of matureness of the team, desunio, deficit in the picture of employees, inadequate financial compensation. Pizzoli still affirms: ' ' constituent factors of the proper organizacional structure can compromise the development directly and the performance, as absence of recognition for the work, lacks immediate of career, deficient communication, lack of planning, incompatible wage with the function or very below of the market. This association can place at risk the motivation and the satisfaction, being able to contribute, consequently, to low a productivity and fall in the quality of the service prestado' '. It can be analyzed that the professionals of these institutions also clamam for better conditions of work, better wages, professional recognition before the society, this only comes to confirm what Haddad (2000) cites in its text, that: ' ' The quality of life in the work is the determinative greater of the quality of vida' '.

The Choice Of The Appropriate Plate And Pavement Joint Mortar

Grout there are many, only a few are really suitable. What pavement or panels grout is the best? And how can I distinguish good from bad grouts? Include two issues that a lot of material for discussion. Internet or DIY store brochure, everywhere we look for the cheap deals and find also mortar at affordable prices that are anywhere and are easy to handle. But what uses the cheap offer if she quality is wrong and run the advertisement promises in the empty. Imagine: the terrace was wonderful moved, great paved the yard and then: messed up mortar on it and everything. Or even, if the processing works, after the winter the joints out break. Hear other arguments on the topic with Elon Musk.

For these cases, even the cheapest mortar is still too expensive. What grout is the best? The lawyers would say, it depends! And he is surely right, also in our case. The areas of application and the site conditions determine the mortar material selection. To be observed is: what should be grouted? (Concrete slabs may be even sealed, concrete pavers, natural stone slabs, natural stone or clinker covering) What joint width and depth of the joints is available? What base and which bedding variant was chosen (dranen capable or impermeable to water) and all important!, how the area used in the future (walking load, passenger load, truck load). Each of these questions is very important to find the right and thus the best mortar for the building situation. \”The words can be found in some advertising: also suitable for occasional car load\”. This advertising one should refrain from, because sometimes\”is already too much.

The grout is not designed for this load and breaks. With the discussion of the best pavement or panels grout also is closely connected the different formulations of the mortar. In each mortar the same is not in there, i.e. different binders or Additives used.


The biological evidence using DNA analysis have emerged as a tremendously effective instrument, in more than 99% of cases, for the analysis of biological relationships among individuals, being used especially when raised doubts about the paternity of children. In addition to those cases where it is the mother who alleges that the alleged paternity of a particular male; There are other cases that could arise to him doubts a man about the same with respect to their children, emerging so these tests in both cases as a way to dispel such unknowns. We focus on the second of the assumptions, the circumstances of a particular relationship could be made that arise to male reasonable questions about its biological link with his supposed son, feeling great anguish and anxiety and I wishing to clarify the issue as soon as possible. In other words, you could have a reasonable doubt about the alleged infidelity of your partner. Even the fact of having knowledge about a current adventure of the couple could sow doubt about the children already older, with the following thought: if I had been cheating now, could well be doing so also previously. How could they be conducted these tests? Logically, for his only accomplishment would be necessary samples of some kind of father and son (for example, a hair, or a piece of fingernail), it would be very simple that the own parent made them discreetly and without involving them to him or his mother.

As it is obvious, face eventual legal proceedings these DNA tests results wouldn’t have any validity, but would serve as via preliminary to determine whether in fact there is or not a biological link with the supposed son. In addition, they would avoid this end up take to court an allegation without foundation about his paternity on the son, with the traumatic thing that could result for the whole family. When presented before the courts the complaint about the absence of paternal relationship subsidiary, These ordenarian a legal paternity test. Its methodology and its way of realization have a greater degree of rigour and firmness in such way that you could avoid its possible manipulation. In any case, should consider when requesting publicly carrying out the same possible fracture that it could cause not only face your partner, but in your relations with this or these children upon whose paternity doubts. On many occasions, while arise doubts about such biological linkage, the person feels so much father of their children that one ends up passing into the background. Thus, you should very carefully consider all your options and not act impulsively and without due reflection. Otherwise you may end up regretting it.