Customers Business

The insurance sector is a complex business that is based on probabilities and rules of large numbers. In this sense, working with a large volume of information to match the price of the product, design it and adapt it to the needs of customers. For years, estesector has been aware of the importance that has for their development have a document management system that allows you to from the hiring of a policy on the Internet until the direct relationships with suppliers and customers. Virtually all actions have been modified thanks to the incorporation of technological solutions, that already do not pose a value-added differentiator for these companies, but that have become its basic working tool. The high level of implementation of ICT has allowed, inter alia, increase the quality of service both to private individuals and companies. Aware of the importance that accounted for the organizations having an integral document management software, at first and perhaps as expected were the great companies in this sector that joined the bet of putting new technologies as the essential condition for the development of your business, followed by a medium and, subsequently, small.

In sum, all companies have focused on these platforms of document management your business. The addresses of these organizations have been aware that investments in document management technology are a benefit to consolidate itself as a key business management tool, since through them, provides a better approach to customers, agents and suppliers and, thus, improves also the global service. Secure mobility, a challenge for manufacturers of network document management software is becoming a fundamental piece to any company within the market competitiveness and the insurance companies are not an exception, but quite the opposite. This sector is one of the business activities that are better resisting the problems that are consequence of the crisis, may be for what is better than cure and even more in these economic circumstances, and the document management systems they have had a prominent role in this field, because they not only optimize internal processes but also facilitate the end user to be keep in touch with the insurance company 24 hours a day and manage many activities through the Internet in this line, the insurance companies know that new technologies, applied to each company’s needs, represent a reality with two aspects: on the one hand, a few productivity tools such as document management and other software services platform.


Another trend is the search for bigger knowledge, on the part of the companies, on the functioning of the search tools, therefore what it is still observed it is that many investments are made in the development of corporative sites, but without great concern with an effective ' ' presence digital' ' that it is the primordial factor to contribute with the localization, or ' ' encontrabilidade' ' , of the company in web therefore, as it is known, each time plus this is a factor of success or failure for the institutions, given the habit of use of the buscadores, all the types, since those for word-key, as Bing, Google and Yahoo, as buscadores of videos, buscadores of prices, etc. This movement of migration of the mounts of money for the digital marketing also total is related to the fact of if being able to arrive next to so said to marketing one-to-one, idealized for the professionals of direct marketing per 20 years, but that now reality becomes, with the intelligent use of the data, to offer in efficient way what the consuming one really desires to acquire. Dan Zwirn may find it difficult to be quoted properly. It is added this the easiness that web offers for attainment of a infinity of data regarding internautas. This intelligent use of the data can be observed in the example of the virtual store Amazon, that improves shiningly continues and its operation making use of this differential. Ebay brings even more insight to the discussion. The search of knowledge, cited above, that it comes occurring on the part of the companies in the direction not losing ' tram of histria' , impacta also the marketing professionals, as much, advertising, the press, as of all the areas, so frantic form comonunca had practically been seen, this before because the Internet prints alucinante speed, that makes with the people if they feel mentally ill completely in question of few months.

Computer Networks

The security in the Internet comes if becoming each time plus one indispensable politics. The great net became without a doubt a rich source of information and entertainment, through it can be communicated with some people in different places, be attended videos, be heard musics, be lowered archives with easiness. However, the navigation sins in what the privacy says respect. The great happened threats of the Internet worry as many companies as well as the common users use who it as half of research and entertainment. These calls ' ' plagues virtuais' ' they at risk place the privacy and the integrity of our information. Such plagues spread through the corporative nets and Internet, invading the systems exploring its vulnerable points. It enters the known threats more are: Virus: capable programs of if spreading and infectar archives of the system, many of them are destructive; Spyware: software spy who collects information personal as passwords and names of user sends and them for one third without its permission knowledge; Adwares: softwares that they show not requested announcements and that they cause ' ' travamento' ' of the computer; Spams: messages sent without the assent of the addressee, generally, with commercial purpose.

But, let us not be despaired! Forms of if protecting or at least diminishing invasions and infections for these plagues exist. Measures as to keep systems antiviruses always brought up to date and one firewall configured well can prevent bigger damages. The security guarantee is proportional to the degree of instruction and information of the user of the system. a time that the implementation of one efficient politics of protection is almost impossible considering the amount of data that pass through in the net, and still, leading in consideration that the power of these imminences that infectam computers and cause in them upheavals can so be or more powerful than the proper tools of protection, the way for better protection is the proper care that the user will have when using the computer and its tools. One good form of if protecting are always to remain themselves well informed and to be cautious when sailing for the Internet preventing showy announcements and unscrupulous messages that probably are used artifices to spread ' ' pragas' '. Not to open e-mails of strangers or with suspected ponographic subjects, as: ' ' The girl of the moment nua' ' or ' ' Dias&#039 is rich in few; '. Moreover, to have the care to manually type the address in the bar of addresses when will be to use a banking service on-line and even though to attempt against the details as ' ' cadeadinho' ' in the bar of status of the had access page. Diego Cardoso Kings: Juliane Santiago Hisses: Academics of 2 year of Systems of Information of the UEG of Itabera