Young Philharmonic Orchestra

The JPON toured with Andreas Schuller, Lower Saxony, Germany. For more information see this site: Eva Andersson-Dubin. The young Philharmonic Orchestra of Lower Saxony (short: JPON) announced the data of this year’s tour of Germany these days. So the 120 musicians and musicians will be held on August 15th, 2008 at 20: 00 in the Stadthalle Osnabruck and on August 17, 2008 at 19: 00 in Hanover in the theatre at the AEGI. The string Symphony No. 10 by Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Prelude and Liebestod is on the program of the Opera “Tristan und Isolde” by Richard Wagner and Richard Strauss “Ein Heldenleben”. Conductor of the concert will be conductor of the Volksoper in Vienna Andreas Schuller.

Tickets for these and all other concerts are available immediately via as well as all known ticket agencies. “More information is available under to the Orchestra: the young Philharmonic Orchestra of Lower Saxony was gegundet in 1989 and continued initially from the former and old become” musicians of the SLJ Lower Saxony together. The love of music, the joy of the common Music and the ambition to bring the great symphonic works to the stage then linked the musicians. Quickly spread the musical engagement and level and draws since then many new members from throughout the country. “The musicians of the Orchestra are State and federal Prize winner of the competition” Jugend musiziert “”, study at conservatoires and have a pronounced orchestral experience. But not only pupils and students dominate the landscape. “Professional musicians with a solid commitment in leading German orchestras and amateur musicians to have focused in the career choice, but their love to the music while not lost who label these colorful” acting composition. Free from the routine of a professional Symphony Orchestra Lower Saxony music enthusiasm, the community spirit and the high motivation of each individual in the foreground make them stand in the young Philharmonic Orchestra the unique character of this sound body.

Not without reason it is considered one of the finest ensembles of its kind. Since 2008 it is Young Philharmonic Orchestra of Lower Saxony regular guest at the Festival of TransEuropeennes in Rouen / France, where it will perform all symphonies of Ludwig van Beethoven in the next few years. It began with the Symphony No. 5, and will be continued in 2009 with the Symphony No. 9. In addition to the large annual symphonic projects, the young Philharmonic Orchestra of Lower Saxony realized concerts together with free choirs, city and Church choirs with works for choir and Orchestra.