Windows Mobile

My favorite stand-alone application that organizational reQall. ReQall can actually turn your iPnone to full assistant – you dictate the list of cases various reminders, appointments and other everyday tasks, and it translates your commands into the existing problem. (I find that the free version is good enough, but the more demanding users may want to invest $ 25 a year in the Pro version.) If you do not really like to dictate, take into account the Milk, the organization of the application of routine tasks, which are different from others of its general functionality in a cloud of Internet. The application is synchronized with the calendar set of programs (including Microsoft, Apple and Google), and can be used anywhere online. Using the Milk reminder on your mobile device – you can not have only iPnone but as BlackBerrys and Windows Mobile phones – You can subscribe to the Pro version that costs $ 25 per year.

Work on the run. Credit: Blake Resnick-2011. A good personal assistant will always be at your fingertips, and you can always get access to the necessary documents, spreadsheets or other small gadgets that can help you during your trip. In order to receive this service from iPnone, you need to download some special applications. Among my favorite Air Sharing ($ 5 per the standard version, $ 10 for extended), which may provide a joint work with the PC – so if the device were connected via USB, without connecting through a connector. AirSharing requires small disposable settings on your computer (Mac, Windows or Linux); then your iPnone will look and work as an additional device to your computer.