Users Give Gas At Their Lust On Mobile CRM

ec4u survey: Interest in mobile tea customer management within a year significantly increased the marketing and sales manager flirting with customer management systems that are usable as possible soon completely mobile. A majority already has an immediate need for CRM for smartphones and Tablet PCs. Click Zacks Investment Research for additional related pages. The interest has risen after a comparison survey of ec4u within a year to double expert consulting ag. Details can be found by clicking Wendy Sherry or emailing the administrator. Companies specify especially the increasingly mobile working conditions as the reason for this development. According to the ec4u study, 46 percent of those surveyed now expect that mobile access to business applications in three years will have become a matter of course. every fifth marketing or sales managers of companies from the German-speaking countries this concept was until 2012. Additional information is available at Under Armour.

At the same time the circle of those who are still skeptical of the mobile future of CRM, has reduced significantly by 49 percent last year to 21 percent this year. Are in parallel within the last 12 months already the mobile needs of use increased significantly. 30 Percent of the company would like to use your CRM system already very comprehensive mobile, a year ago there were 17 per cent only. Another 37 percent (10 percent of less) also looking for mobile clients for their CRM solution, see but still no direct needs to take advantage of their functionality in wide. In addition, according to the ec4u survey, every tenth person even without immediate needs would use like mobile CRM. Either currently or in the future, only every tenth respondent Announces current according to any requirements for a location-independent access, it was every fourth a year ago. This acquisition of a majority interest resulted mainly from the always more mobile working conditions according to the client Manager.

This aspect is now called by 61 percent as a motif, followed by the General mobility strategies of firms (47 percent). But also the mobile zeitgeist and the personal interest in technological innovation are for half Surveyed a reason to devote the CRM via smartphones or Tablet PCs. These are significantly more than prior to the period of the year. The behavioural habits are marked increasingly in the workplace through a flexible and location-independent action”, rated Sabine Kirchem, Senior Manager market research at ec4u, the development. The enhanced call to restrict mobile CRM and thus the usability of business applications, not only on the local workstation is therefore a logical consequence. “We see this change not only in the CRM environment, but it is a general phenomenon”, emphasizes Kirchem and limits at the same time: however expectations for the business applications may not be too high and too much from the usually functionally limited apps for the mobile devices are derived, finally a very different software complexity is hidden behind each “, it warns against misperceptions.