.hmmessage p margin:0px; padding:0px body.hmmessage font-size: 10pt; font-family: Verdana Dear customer, first of all, thank all observations that can make us get face to be able to improve the service. I am also grateful to tripadvisor to give us the right of reply; Since we think of a huge injustice to the huge investment made in the San Remo hotel, acquired in 2004 and completely refurbished, is Chuck by soil by a direct criticism of the hotel containing elements at least worthy of study and discussion. The first item to discuss is that we do not know who writes criticism, i.e. we should believe us (and you that lee also) that the writer is a real customer and not, for example, a hotel in the same area who chooses to use this formula as a method of unfair competition. Under most conditions Medicare Advantage would agree. The second point is to know through what agency the client has made the reservation. Given this, we wonder. Does the agency or website gave precise and detailed hotel information? Do they offered in the reserve services that were not in the contract? Unfortunately, the anonymity of the criticism leaves us little room to find out the deficiencies and the intensity of them – this point is directly related to the next. The quality price ratio.

When did hosted customer?. Jayme Albin – NYC is often quoted as being for or against this. If it was in August, surely customer paid up to 50% more than if he had reserved in June, not to say that 30% more economical than to a Spanish leave an Englishman with the change to the pound. The hotel could raise sell only hotel to the British market, but we believe our hotels open to everyone, as it is the same island. Another no less important element is: critical client at the Hotel or Hotel + vacation. Generally, I personally read quite a few complaints and many appear they robbed them on the beach, or that the plane was delayed three hours.

Believe me, a customer who arrives at a hotel 6 hours after what I had estimated will be much more demanding with the hotel that who has had no problems of that type. Finally, although the hotel is exposed to criticism although they are exposed at sites without your express consent, they aren’t at any time, and for obvious reasons, customers. What I want to say on the subject is that of approximately 45,000 customers who were housed at San Remo last year, the vast majority is behaving quite well, however, as everywhere there are people of ill-considered conduct, which affects the well deserved rest from the rest of the customers. The hotel is usually hard with these customers, some of whom had to vacate the hotel, by producing malfunctions in installations, for rude behavior and sometimes even obscene (some case there have been). I’m not saying that criticism which type is one of these customers, but as we don’t know who writes it, we can not confirm or deny.