Trial Court

For public authorities that receive treatment from grinmeylerov must also include the Federal Internal Revenue Service (FTS of Russia), public authorities exercising control over the activities of the company (State Labour Inspectorate, ecologists, fire control, etc.). It seems that in this list should also mention the police. The corporate conflict is not often hurry to go to the police and prosecutors to protect the violated rights of hectic. And it is necessary understand that not always when you contact the police aim to attract those responsible to justice. The mere threat of bringing cases to court and the possibility of a conviction is a strong means of psychological pressure 3. Trial Court line line as part of the grinmeylu is one of the most popular ways to pressure on the company.

What is the attractiveness of litigation for corporate blackmail and therefore a threat to them than the joint-stock companies: 1) Joint law does not provide opportunities for issuers to deal with claims to its shareholders, shareholders of the same, have broad rights to appeal decisions of the management company and business. 2) litigation in bankruptcy court in the best case, does not last less than 3 months (no more than 2 months to prepare the case for trial, and 1 month trial – st.134, 152 APC). Long-term trials multiplied by the number of cases in various courts create some difficulties for the company. Thus, joint stock company requires competent lawyers, and usually in-house staff busy escort business enterprises. Kismet capital is likely to increase your knowledge. In addition, protracted litigation and have a psychological pressure on corporate management. .