The Term

MAIN WORKMANSHIPS Its main workmanships, directed to the education, had been: What she is pedagogia (1987), History of the education (1990) and Philosophy and history of the Brazilian education 2 ed. (2009). Skechers follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. 2.3.1 What she is pedagogia The first step to understand what she is pedagogia includes a revision terminolgica. We need to locate the term ' ' pedagogia' ' , and to see what it falls on its delimitation and what it escapes of its court of appeals. For such, the best way to act is to compare the term ' ' pedagogia' ' with others three terms that, in general, are taken wrong as its synonymous ones: ' ' philosophy of educao' ' , ' ' didtica' ' ' ' educao' '. The term ' ' educao' ' , that is, the word that we use make reference to reference ' ' act educativo' ' , nothing more it assigns of what practical the social one that identified as determined a secular and space situation in which the relation occurs teach-learning, informal deed of division or. The relation teach-learning is guided, always, for some theory, but nor always such theory can be explained in all its set and details for that they participate of such relation the professor and the student, the educator and educating in the same way that she could make one third element, the observer, are armed of one or more theories regarding the educational theories. The education, a time that is practical social of the relation the teach-learning in the time and the space, finishes in an act and never more it is happened again.

Not even the same participants can repetiz it. Nor they can record it. Nor in the memory, nor by means of machines. It is a intersubjetivo phenomenon of communication that if locks up in its to unfold.