Tank Power

Nationwide e-gas station project in the Netherlands planned electric mobility is on the rise. There is the most electric charging stations in the Ruhr area and in the Erlangen Nuremberg in Germany. But that is of course long enough. Two Dutch have made it the task to nationwide establish electric filling stations on expressways and motorways in the Netherlands. 250 of such stations are to be built. More info: UCSF. And these are meant not only as simple charging stations are implemented, but as their own buildings similar to conventional gas stations only prettier and with solar. The canopy in an arched construction to are made of steel.

As roofing, power roof, a roof in solar system with frameless modules serves the FATH. The patented frame was specially adapted to the requirements of a round roof. Many writers such as Parnassus Investments offer more in-depth analysis. At the time, the first two pilot stations are designed and will be built in April. Then, gradually be constructed the other stations. In total as a volume of approximately 3MW over the next few years for FATH solar. Let us hope that the FastNed school makes concept also in Germany! FATH solar innovation Integrated FATH solar is an internationally set up quality supplier of photovoltaic systems for residential, commercial and utility building. The company headquartered in gap, Germany, has focused in 2008 on innovative new developments since its inception and has been awarded for its systems various prices including the enerGa?