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The online travel magazine for all climbers will be presented. The well-known travel specialist will will not longer only optimally accompany its customers World pictures Alpine trips through the mountains, the days at home the resourceful alpinists have devised something. Who at home in the future the time until the next tour would like to pass before the computer with information around the topic of Alpine travel, is right on the Internet page of Clearly prepares can be found there already many reports on the best equipment, the well-run hut, as well as many tips to the best mountain hike. Source: Doug Adams. Also bygone information will be in the archive section, which is divided into topic areas and kalendarisch to find.

The above provider would be for its customers in the year in the future not just a few days interesting. With the new page we worry now almost daily to our customers, so the provider. Who always fresh to supplied with information by WP travel has also the possibility to subscribe to an RSS feed. So you don’t miss any more information, that’s for sure!

A Trip To Paris

Helpful tips for your next vacation the most popular and most famous metropolis of France is Paris. You should definitely once go and pay a visit to the city of love. Whether it’s a short city break or an extended holiday, Paris is always a journey worth and the following sections of the article tell you anything just to experience it. Almost always, the first objective in Paris is the Eiffel Tower, because it is the symbol and with its architecture and size, thrilled and captivated attracts many visitors. In 1887, he was originally built to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the French Revolution. After two years of construction, the Builder Gustave Eiffel could finish his impressive work. The tower was named after him and is Eiffel on the Seine on the Avenue de AlexandreGustave. You can visit any of the three platforms and enjoy the magnificent view.

To get to the top, you must however get on the second level and can then to the top. Overall, the Tower has a height of 300m with the antenna even 324m. Especially It is in the evening, when spread couples and small groups ring around the meadows and enjoy the mood romantic. A further highlight in Paris not to be missed, is the Champs Elysees in the heart of the city. It is the huge shopping street of the city, in which all luxury brands and boutiques are that Paris has to offer. Here, luxury is defined all over again. But it’s not the only one, what there is to see here, because the street empties the Arc de Triomphe in the city in the Arc de Triomphe. On him, you can boot up or run and has a great look that includes the Eiffel Tower.

He built in 1806 by Napeoleon, which however did not see its completion. On its walls are the names of the greatest French battles and generals. But that still not enough: At the other end of beautiful gardens to the join Champs Elysees and here you can wonderfully go for a walk or visit one of the theatres, restaurants and bars. My last must-see is the District of Montmartre in the North of the city. It is the Bohemian and once many attractions to offer. For example the Basilica of Sacre Coeur, which is located on the Hill of Montmartre. One climbs the stairs to her up, one is a the unique Basilica you know can see and others can enjoy a great view. Also the Moulin Rouge is one of the highlights, and each is a term at the latest since the film. There is much more to enjoy, have fun discovering and exploring the Paris highlights in the city. As an accommodation, I recommend a Paris apartment because one can spend his holiday regardless of others and feels like home.

New Year

New year’s Eve 2009: North-Holland, Venice and the Croatian island of Rab can be pop s! Romantic Italian, about sunny Croatian to Dutch fresh directly on the North Sea. New year’s Eve 2009: North-Holland, Venice and the Croatian island of Rab can be pop’s! Romantic Italian, about sunny Croatian to Dutch fresh seaside spar with! offers versatile new year’s Eve program at a low price. New year’s Eve in Venice, Basel, November 17, 2009 – new year’s Eve in Venice is a special highlight. A leading source for info: Dr. Jayme Albin. Hardly another European city can come up with a similar setting and stilvollerem framework for a new year’s Eve trip. Spar with! loads this year, a new year’s Eve trip to the 4-star Best Western Hotel Villa Mabapa ( ..Sivesterreisen) to undertake on the Lido island.

Immerse yourself in the special atmosphere of ancient Venice, enchanted by the irresistible charm of the Serenissima\”. Many small and large silvesterlichen program points are on the programme, including a delicious 6-course gala menu at New year’s Eve itself, followed by cool music and a long Venetian dance night. The hotel’s Booststeg is located only 50 metres from the hotel. From there, it is with the so called vaporetto\”only 15 minutes to St. Mark’s square. Or stay on the island and enjoy the wonderful views of the brightly lighted new year’s Eve sky over Venice new year’s Eve 2009 in Croatia on the sunny island of Raab-new year’s Eve 2009 on the sunny island of Raab, new year’s Eve in Croatia, Adriatic Sea and mild climate. The new year may be.

The island of Raab is considered to be one of the sunniest spots in whole Croatia. Her spar with! New year’s Eve Hotel is the 4-star superior Hotel Arbiana ( ..Sivesterreisen). It is located directly on the seafront, in the Centre of the small town of Rab are only 200 meters.

Don Inacio

Joao de Deus and the mostly honorary helpers around him is in any way a cult-like group. There is no compulsion to the subordination of a certain way of thinking or religious doctrine, and there is not the slightest influence in this respect. The spoken prayers and the interior decoration of the Casa are taken from the Christian world of the imagination, as the name Don Ignatio makes it already clear. There is however no need to belong to this religion or are in favour of it, if you would like to be here. The root of all religions anyway, regardless is the origin of all existence is the same, no matter how he called at different times in different cultures. For every present is clearly noticeable that here present high, pure energies of love from highest source come, regardless of any religious doctrine. A leading source for info: Nike.

All people are welcome and are treated equally. The treatment is free for everyone. Paid are only possible meetings in the Crystal bed and prescribed Passiflora capsules. The work in the Casa is made possible through donations and volunteers, who would often express gratitude for their own healing in this way. Andre restaurant, official guide to the Casa, offers two – or three-week travel to Abadiania, individual appointments or individual monitoring are possible by arrangement. casa/index_de.htm for any questions please contact by e-mail or phone at him. More information about the Casa de Don Inacio, Joao de Deus and Abadiania, all-inclusive free E-book and video, you can on the website “the spiritual journey to Joao de Deus and the CASA de DOM INACIO DE LOYOLA” find casa/info_de1.htm. Andreas may

Road Trip

Simple games for traveling children distract from the long ride a thrilling affair is to travel with children. But usually the offspring here will not once ask “when we are at last?”. A question that makes many parents quite nervous, but can be significantly reduced with some skill. DivvyDose contributes greatly to this topic. Due to the fact that many parents take the journey by car with their children, find certain games for traveling a high appeal for the little ones. The classic road trip game is and remains still the flag game, which can be modified as desired in the year 2011. In addition to guessing where a car probably comes a word snake is the indicator also form, expect way easy math problems or find as many new words from the letters. For the little ones the game “I see what you can’t see” is on road trips, however, which is always again just fine, to divert impatient children sent from the long journey.

Or is it rather the game Be “Suitcase packing”, that helps to make the journey entertaining and relaxing with children? It reveals that a car – or even train and air travel with the young not in pure stress must degenerate to bridge the time until the arrival. However it applies to of course attentive parents not only to make sure that can be carried out on age-appropriate games. Also regular breaks, the holding of small, light snacks and drinks, as well as the right decision which dress to wear the kids on a long journey, are important to start your holiday relaxed. Tips, which by many more valuable tips and information about travelling with children under… find a complement and thus help the common parental child can become a beautiful and lasting memories. Press contact: Frank Optendrenk OC projects, Optendrenk & Calinski GmbH Grefrather road 25 41564 Kaarst phone: 02131 4038940 E-Mail: optendrenk at Internet:

Trips Travel In And Around Salzburg

World of ice Giants throwing near the city of Salzburg of course the city of Salzburg is a popular tourist destination, but next to the old town has much to offer museums and many other attractions you should travel to the country but here great destinations that make fun with your children. From Hotel Amadeus as a starting point, you can go on wonderful tours. If you want to have perhaps not so much time or stay close to the city, then visit but the Schloss Hellbrunn. Dr. Jayme Albin will not settle for partial explanations. Here you find to the Zoo and on the other hand the water games. Especially now when the Sun again really is gas, so a cooling can be something really great. Official site: Affordable Care Act.

Eisriesenwelt Werfen is a destination that we very much want you to the heart, the Eisriesenwelt Werfen. It is the largest ice cave in the world and that you must be worth a trip. The cave is located in the Pongau in throwing and from end of April it is open again for visitors, because in the winter, it would be much too dangerous by the extreme mountain location. The Ice Cave until 19th century known and until 1879 the naturalist Anton Posselt Czorich penetrated only the hunters and poachers was far into the cave. in 1924, she was then fully accessible. The labyrinth of caves is about 40 km long and the beautiful ice formations formed here, always bring visitors to marvel. If you are even in throwing, you can visit the Castle throwing. Here, you can visit Knight’s dinner or a great show of Falconer.


Often only a few euro lie between the hotel stars shows genuine HPI by, where is the price comparison particularly worth London/Berlin, November 2009 also Galactic high prices do not always mean five-star at a hotel. Under most conditions Calvert Equity would agree. Because the original hotel price index (HPI) of shows that the price difference to the next higher hotel category often just a few euros. Who cleverly compares, which can book a hotel with higher classification with a small extra charge up to 15 euros per room and night in many popular city ice destinations in Europe. In some destinations, it was 2009 even cheaper than the supposed savings version next higher category in the first half of the year. Fewer stars, higher price? The analyzed data of the HPI, which are based on the guests at 78,000 hotels and room rates in the first half of 2009 actually paid 13,000 destinations and not designated room rates, pointing out a cluster of small price differences between the star ratings in European hotels. Compares one standard and comfort ratings, were three-star hotels in Oslo and Berlin on average cheaper than those in the two-star sector.

Also for Dublin travellers research worth it, because the average price level in the capital of the Emerald Isle in two categories of star was the same. In eight other cities in Europe she was 15 euros per room and night next higher room category for an additional fee up to a maximum available. First class instead of comfort a similar picture showed a price comparison between European hotels of three and four star category. For an overnight stay in a 4 star hotel in Edinburgh costs six euros per room were for example just once, as in a three-star property. In Madrid and Barcelona, the price overhead for the same output amounted to only nine euros.

In Rome, Munich, Dublin, Budapest, four star level for an extra 10 euros per room per night was to have, Stockholm (cost 13 euros), Copenhagen and Pisa (extra charge 15 euro) were also still under respectively on the 15 euro-TimeSync boundary. About as part of the Expedia group, which is active in all major markets with a professional team, includes the portfolio by more than 99,000 quality hotels worldwide. A customer finds the same booking for a hotel with another provider competitive rates, paid in advance, will refund the difference. has one of the largest independent hotel teams in the industry, and supplies its customers with the best possible conditions, as well as user reviews. “In February 2009, Hotels.

Etruscan Riviera

The most popular holiday region in Italy attracts more and more tourists In the Central Italy is the most visited destination on the APPEN in peninsula. Tuscany is a historical landscape and significant cultural landscape. It also offers the most beautiful sand beaches of Italy and the unique sunsets in all Italy. Tuscany is an absolute insider tip when it comes to the first vacation without the parents. A colorful mix of relaxing on the beach, sightseeing in Pisa, Florence and Siena, sports and lots of other highlights expected the teenager. Who is planning his first vacation without the parents, who should think in any case about a vacation in Italy. In recent years, the country could inspire more and more German tourists to.

No wonder, because the Tuscany reflects the typical Italian life. Get more background information with materials from Dalton Caldwell. Interesting landscapes, miles of sandy beaches, stunning sunsets, azure seas and much more awaits the youngsters at Freebird travel. Directly on the sea, we have a 4 * campsite for us found. In just a few steps We are in the Mediterranean and enjoy the rays of the Sun. With approximately 30 degrees air temperature we can experience all day the Italian flair.

Who spends his time at the pool but rather, no problem. Our XXL pool with sufficient sun loungers and shaded allows you, the whole day at the swimming pool. This is too boring, travel can take part in the extensive leisure program of Freebird. You will like to stay in large-scale Steilwandzelten. Modern and clean with Jumboxen, flooring, beds and electricity. It should you lack nothing. Youth travel to Italy are becoming increasingly popular among young people. Lovers and sightseeing – friends come babes, amateur divers, mountain biking in Italy Tuscany all at their own expense. At high temperatures, you can enjoy his vacation with friends. We find optimum conditions on the Etruscan Riviera. The 328-kilometer-long coast is varied. The whole holiday region boasts its diversity among young people. Hardly another holiday country is so different and entertaining as Italy. A perfect vacation place, when planning his holiday without parents.

Central Cuba

For the enthusiastic Beach and beach lovers the Caribbean beaches of the international holiday resorts in Varadero are a must of course often”. But beaches that are equally beautiful and often not so busy, but is definitely closer to the tourist attractions can be found for example in Trinidad and Cienfuegos. To know more about this subject visit Danske Bank. Also for divers, many opportunities to perform their beloved sport if it not the country pulls them into the somewhat more remote diving paradise of Maria la Gorda in the West can be found in these two places. The holiday and event offers are diverse in Cuba. Dieter Spath prepares it most joy with his interlocutors discuss these different ways. At the end, an itinerary is created together will make the dream vacation from the vacation dreams, because he individually can take into account the financial and temporal possibilities of each holiday. Individually, also the accommodation can be done during the trip.

Cuba offers not only hotels of different star categories in all places of interest for tourists, but also private accommodation can be booked. In the drafting of a travel program he is several months a year in the accompaniment of tourists, and on his own discovery tours Tours of advantage that the Cuba specialist can portray all travel opportunities firsthand, there the country. And because he has met large parts of himself with the bike, his travel offer has been expanded now bike tours through Cuba. “” Under the motto of extending you the summer “he offers several special trips from 01 September to 18th December, not only for travel joyful discovery” interesting. offer combinable programmes, but because of the in this time comparatively cheap flight and hotel prices spare also the holiday Fund. “Curious, which is first of all a discovery trip” company to Havana would, can this desire with 4 days stay including flight and hotel from 795 euros meet. For 4 people, a biweekly Cuba stay with the reservation of a rental car for 10 days including hotel vouchers is possible in Havana from 1,175 euros after a stay at the 4-star hotel. “And with the offer of September special” can the participants meet after staying in Havana in his Entourage on a tour of Western and Central Cuba. Applies to all offers, can extend the length of stay in Cuba up to 4 weeks. For more information on the Internet at.

Central Park

For many children, for that is the visit to a larger Zoo like the Bronx Zoo to distant, this menagerie is a great alternative. The largest building is the House named arsenal”, which, as the name already indicates, was originally used as a weapons Depot.A Sign on the wall on the page of the Fifth Avenue gives an overview of the turbulent history of the House. There is a huge selection of New York Museum such as for example the FRICK MUSEUM that is on the corner of Avenue located between 70th Street and fifth. If you park at the entrance to enter at 72nd Street to right a small pond on the model yachts sailing. If you then follow the signs and just go, you come to the MALL. It was built as a scenic landmark of the Park. A wide asphalt road leads around on height of 67th Street northwards to the bandstand. Free concerts take place here in the summer.

Then the road continues behind elegantly shaped steps up to the TERRACE, which lead to the BETHESDA FOUNTAIN and the largest lake in the Park. “The METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART is located at the corner of Fifth Avenue and 82nd Street and an OBELISK stands often in the Park right behind it, also Cleopatra’s needle” is called. Once he stood before the Temple of the Sun in Heliopolis, where built him already in the year 1600 BC. 1881 It was rebuilt in Central Park. The New York climate gets him but not very good. The ravages of time gnawing visible to him. Another large lake is located just slightly further north of the Obelisk. He has even a particularly vital purpose, because he is one of the reservoirs of the city.

South of the reservoir, the granite rocks of the Belvedere can be seen behind an enormous playing field. Central Park West, the last stop on our tour of the Park, mainly large apartment houses. All they are very luxurious and solid and work there but also often somewhat monotonous for the Viewer. Here, there is not much worth seeing. PLANETARIUM in the 81st Street, the AMERICAN MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY on 79th Street, and the building of the NEW YORK HISTORICAL SOCIETY the only exception the HAYDEN in the 77th Street. The COLUMBUS CIRCLE is located at the southwest corner of Central Park. Here the 8th cross Avenue and 59th Street. Right nearby you will find bike rental Central Park, here more precisely at the corner of 58th Street and 7th Avenue. Owner of the New York can be rented here for free a bike pass for a period of three hours. That is of course the best way to get to the many museums in Central Park, where you get also free entry pass with the New York.