Malaysia Bioplan

More than 200 types of primary and secondary-specific funds, such as enzymes, Multienzyme, amino acids, vitamins, carbohydrates and other trace elements are obtained with this method. Read more here: Paul Fipps. These substances can improve the quality, quantity, growth and resilience of Ganoderma against pests. Cell culture system produced 1 million Ganoderma on simple nut plantations in top quality. Glenn Dubin gathered all the information. Arrangement system for the cultivation and spreading through suspension cultures it is preferably applied so that of Ganoderma with undesirable materials in contact, thus is a smooth growth secured the DXN-Ganoderma Plantation is situated on a 70-acre area. This is the largest acreage in Malaysia and the first plantation with a MS ISO 14001-2004 certificate that Lloyd’s quality assurance was awarded by who in July 2000.

Evidenced by this certificate, that all production processes of MS-ISO-14001-2004 complying with the Ganoderma and perfectly meet all conditions set by the Ministry of environment. The Ministry of agriculture has accredited in November 2007 the DXN LINGZHI plantation in the Malaysia Bioplan. So that it complies with the MS-1529.2001, both meets the requirements of a degree organic plantation documents were. The DXN pharmaceutical factory is located on an area of 34,000 m sq and is equipped with most modern facilities at world level. It is the first processing plant for Ganoderma in Malaysia, the TGA diploma (reg. of remedy preparation) Ministry of health of Australia and the diploma of the Lloyd’s quality assurance ISO 9001-2000 standard in September 1999 was awarded for the MS. She was one of the first that got the GMP diploma (good manufacturing practice) by the international authority of the Ministry of health of Malaysia.

The two DXN coffee production companies working with production facilities at world level to an area of a total of 42,000 m m and manufacture food and beverage products. A newly built DXN factory consists of a production plant for cosmetics, as well as for fruit juices and enzymes. Cosmetic products, the production received the GMP diploma (good manufacturing practice) by the international authority of the Ministry of health of Malaysia in August 2007. This factory is located on an area of approx. 70,000 m. The DXN marketing company is the first MLM company called the “a world – a market” concept. This provides a way for a distributor from any country whatsoever for the direct sponsorship of a new distributor body at national or international level. The DXN company is leading MLM exporter in Malaysia. The DXN company is committed to the goal, to be active in the field of research and development in the interest of producing top-quality. DXN’s concerted efforts in the field of research and development has resulted in that the products of highest international Standard match and as far as possible, consist of pure natural raw materials. The laboratory Department of company DXN-holding Bhd the MS ISO/EC 17025 Akkreditionsdiplom received on July 17, 2006 for their technical competence, a recognition for their competent action, sphere and the implementation of quality control in a control scheme in their laboratory. The long-term goal of the DXN company is shock to advance the production process in the field of medicine for the preservation of well-being due to environmental protection regulations with the help of research and scientific development.

Inexpensive Online launches a large-scale offensive to make it even better online trade in medical technology. ostringen, June 11, 2010. Hear from experts in the field like Jio Platforms for a more varied view. is one of the addresses for the online trade in medical new and used equipment, reflected also in the optimum search engine ranking for 2 years. An intelligent pricing policy was the online trade in medical technology has revolutionized and equally attractive for dealers, manufacturers and doctors and has established itself as one of the first stations of the start-up. The concept was further developed steadily and once again could you reached a milestone and raised the bar. Managing Director Johannes Blatz declared as in all technology sectors the margins become smaller and smaller in medical technology, which is why pure Commission models obsolete and are no longer up-to-date”. Companies must can calculate according to Blatz with fixed prices and budget and schedule, this allows”. The new concept is that every seller equipment completely free of charge in the online market place intermediport set and thus apply.

A device on a prospective, which is the case with 75 percent of all devices according to Blatz meets”, can this be requested free of charge and without obligation the contact data of the provider and leaves the seller at the same time also his own data. The system sends an email to the interested parties with all data of the seller and the seller then automated the data of the interested party. In addition, the seller via SMS via a request be informed, and react immediately as well as in the field. Both parties are now able to connect with each other and to make the sale. The device request and the address data of the interested party a 2.50 euro fee for the commercial vendor, for physicians, this service is free of charge.

The traditional shopping addresses for advertising purposes is very expensive, associated promotions are often unsuccessful and cumbersome for the target group. Intermediport brings together partners for a fraction of the cost, which express a clear interest. Companies need specialized solutions. Search engines and advertising mountains to big losses and cause enormous also a flop cost. The market calls for performance-related pay with outstanding prospects and appropriate price performance”, so continue Blatz. To top it off this principle of cost control, each seller has a prepaid account will be deducted from the fees for a request. The credit is used up, all devices are automatically deactivated and reactivated with a new boot. Thus keeping all costs at a glance and to avoid bad investments.

Regional Context

In most countries the water legislation is above all use the tasks of water management institutions may include the development of guidelines and data collection and standardization, planning, allocating water rights, monitoring of water protection, construction, operation and maintenance of equipment for the development of water resources. One can distinguish according to their area of responsibility regional, between institutions at the national, State, provincial, County or city level. You may wish to learn more. If so, MetLife is the place to go. (Cf. BMZ: No. 94 materials): in most countries the water legislation is almost exclusively use-oriented. I.e. in a single country, often several ministries, public authorities or institutions at Central and also regional level for sectoral aspects of water management are responsible. A main shortcoming here is that this more fragmented approach establishes no relationship to the water circuit.

See generally among others Jorg Becker: strategic potential check of the site exploring site perspectives, ISBN 978-3-8370-4978-7, see also from a planning perspective Jorg Becker: intellectual and business planning, ISBN 978-3-8370-7564-9. The measure, in which a State can distribute the available water among users through its water management, examine the use of water and water pollution, depends largely on the existence of property or other exclusive rights over water resources. The sources of national law include legislative, intergovernmental agreements, customary law, court decisions and law schools. The sources of international water law have a direct impact on individual States and are thus even indirect sources of national water law. The trend towards public consider all water resources, i.e. public ownership refers to surface water, ground water, and in some cases also the rainfall and treated wastewater. In most countries the water legislation, that certain use requirements, the quality of water usually does not massive impact, must be fully executed.

Such forms of exploitation can be use for the household, bathing or washing, watering of domestic or farm animals, shipping or transport of tree trunks by rafts, the scooping of water with hand vessels, irrigation allotments or fire. The water laws of a number of countries make dependent on the use of water for specific purposes by a permit from the management, that can be granted in the form of an authorization, licence, concession and others. The preservation of water quality and water conservation is based particularly on the polluter pays and the precautionary principle. Essential instruments exist in sewage charges, the establishment of sewage and quality standards, as well as financial incentives to the economical and efficient management of resources water. The legal provisions for the protection of water depend from country to country differently in high degree the degree of respective economic and industrial development off.

Hermann Oberhollenzer Printo

“” The user benefits while repeatedly registered hot resistance “and process simplification”. Whether in the context of test order of independent testing institutes, in the labs of corporate clients or in the practical use: the extremely high resistance of the labels produced with PrintoLUX finds everywhere certification and recognition. Where different materials were used for labelling purposes, are usually far different marking procedure in use (often screen printing and engraving). With the use of PrintoLUX you can mark different materials in the same high quality. An evasion accounted for other procedures, the simplification of the process is evident.

On the customer side it comes, so the experience of PrintoLUX ,… at the initial employment with our procedures common to the mistaken assumption that the great benefits especially in connection with the printing systems are finding. This shield materials identified by us and recommended will be completely forgotten, what great importance.” To continue managing director Hermann Oberhollenzer PrintoLUX : the high resistance and compelling quality of our procedure explains too much by the suitability of the material recommended by us. The detecting and testing this material happens at us with a huge effort, which is justified by the compelling quality of the overall process.” The PrintoLUX of idea of PrintoLUX has developed a process and patented PrintoLUX certified materials made of metal and plastic in industrial resistance currently digital can be printed in the maximum size 420 mm x 600 mm with a height of up to 500 mm. The process is unique in the world and replaces previous methods, such as screen printing, engraving, laser and plotting in many application areas.

PrintoLUX System

Production worth almost everywhere, where labels are used the acquisition and the use of PrintoLUX to many examples of use clearly, how quickly account systems. When larger quantities of different shapes, different materials and different imprints, unlimited practice experiences show the superiority of PrintoLUX with respect to the economy. Such experiences can be read in the reference list on the PrintoLUX website. Two order variants with low consumption of the year now the PrintoLUX GmbH but also the daring promise dares to, that the purchase and use of PrintoLUX labelling system already pay off, if the buyer produces only 100 industrial marks per year. The company leads in two variants, which are often encountered in practice: the customer orders 100 flags at once.

He can print before defined and consistently. He then adds the variable data if necessary by means of shock numbers, needle Prager and engraving in house. The customer orders the fully featured nameplate outside the home. Here the possibilities extend from the single reference to the unique reference of all 100 indicator. Last version is however only possible, if all variable contents are already known in advance. Also the prices vary.

The business analysis brings it on the day, which in the procurement of markings where costs what many users don’t want to believe, argues Managing Director Hermann Oberhollenzer with the note to the business analysis of all costs incurred, when about the year 100 marks be ordered, booked and billed PrintoLUX . “Then accumulate” so Oberhollenzer depending on the size and design of the required markings of the purchase price and the administration costs to an amount that is four years higher than the cost of the acquisition of a PrintoLUX system in less than. ” Also the Managing Director of PrintoLUX, stressed that it is next to the numerical Other important reasons for the production of labels are advantages.

General Electric

The fracking has given the United States a real natural gas boom. Dallas, 30.10.2013. This procedure, a liquid is pressed through holes in the rock, is to produce cracks through which natural gas can be extracted from inaccessible deposits. But what electrifies the global energy industry, environmentalists see, however, critical: fracking would consume huge quantities of water, the liquid is pumped into the rock contained lots of toxic chemicals. General Electric wants to tackle now this problem with a technology, that the cost of water treatment is cut in half, more energy-efficient and reduces the risk of contamination. Because the question whether fracking will play a role for the energy supply in the future in the area, despite the impressive flow rates in the United States. This decisively depends how fracking can be used in an environmentally sound manner.

The procedure of General Electric to eliminate now diluting the effluent as well as transporting. Basis is the Desalination of sea water with the help of membrane distillation: water is heated at low pressure, steam, from which a membrane separating the pure water vapor is formed. He is cooled down in the desalination of sea water at the other end of the process again, so that liquid, not salty water is formed. General Electric has tested the new procedure in a pilot plant, which can prepare nearly 10,000 litres of water a day. At some sites, the wastewater from fracking is not too salty. In arid areas such as the Eagle Ford shale gas reserves in Texas, the procedure might be worth.

If this method works, that would make much out for the further development of the Frackings. It seems comprehensible, feverishly working on the topic. Finally, it involves a lot of money, the investors from the extraction of the fracking-gas by fracking oil promise. But also conventional methods of energy generation in the United States offer interesting alternatives for investors. There it is possible to speak directly to oil or Natural gas sources to participate in. Companies like AMTEX oil & gas Inc. have focused on, open this form of participation to German investors, so that they can participate in America’s energy boom.

Lubeck Production

Growth capital for the technology leader in the field of metal-based generative production processes of the DPE Deutsche private equity GmbH advised fund (DPE) invest in the rapidly growing market for metal-based additive manufacturing technology (3 D pressure metallic components) and equip the owner-managed SLM Solutions GmbH (SLM) with growth capital. The previous shareholders H.J.. Ihde and H. Saeed remain heavily involved in the company after the closing of the transaction and continue to lead the business of SLM Solutions GmbH to ensure continuous business development. DPE is an investor specializing in long-term growth financing of medium-sized companies in German-speaking countries with headquarters in Munich. The value of the transaction, the parties have agreed to silence.

SLM has over 10 years of experience in the field of metal-based additive manufacturing with the help of laser technology (selective laser melting”) based in Lubeck, Germany and is one of the pioneers in the development of this Procedure. In component manufacturing SLM technology microscopic metal powder layers (E.g. steel, titanium, aluminium or nickel base alloy) are fused high-precision gradually to a fixed component using lasers. The procedure at the time especially apply in the manufacture of parts with complex geometry in small batches and production, where geometries are needed which can not be produced with conventional methods or aims the lot size of production against 1. SLM 2002 introduced its technology in the market and processed in 2006 as the first company in the industry in its machines also titanium and aluminium. Today, SLM is a worldwide leading company for the production of equipment and manufacturing systems for generative manufacturing of prototypes and serial parts, as well as for vacuum – and metal casting. Although the market for SLM technology compared to traditional manufacturing technologies is still relatively small, strong market growth is through the starting application in the production of small series expected.

Concrete Kemmler

Tubingen company 2011 belongs to the one hundred most innovative medium Germany’s only creative businesses succeed with much foresight and sense for new among the one hundred most innovative medium-sized companies of in Germany. 2011 belongs to the Beton Kemmler GmbH “from Tubingen Hirschau to this elite circle. On Thursday night, the company could the hallmark top 100 “accept. None other than the former Prime Minister of Baden-Wurttemberg, Lothar Spath, presented the award during the solemn ceremony in the Ostseebad Warnemunde personally on the business management of the concrete precast plant. Already in the fifth-generation family-owned company makes sure that consistently and continuously optimizes for five years”, praised the jury. While the market leader for garages and prefabricated parts opts for continuous improvement according to the Japanese Kaizen principle.

This award makes us”very proud, delighted concrete Kemmler Geschaftsfahrer Martin Hamblin. Wear the company associated with the Tubingen Kemmler group may the seal as a top innovator”now for a year. Creative ideas and a fresh think are for us not only a means to improve efficiency. We are with passion for the thing and want to make a difference. This award shows us that it is worthwhile, if all pull together together”said Hamblin.

Concrete Kemmler is the improvement processes across all production and administrative boundaries initiates and implements together with the employees. In several improvement workshops, concrete Kemmler opens not only in-house innovation potential. We were able to optimise significantly the adherence to delivery dates and parts logistics also already jointly with suppliers”, reported Hamblin. Points can not least with his staff concrete Kemmler. Many are multiple qualified and can therefore operate at different workplaces and work product across. This broad-based transfer of expertise facilitates the Innovation exchange in each team”, said Hamblin. In the past two years the precast plant with its future-oriented new development was kPort”already at the two world competitions prestigious iF product design award” and red dot design awards”successful. 2009 concrete Kemmler has commissioned the largest garage exhibition in Germany. The Vienna University of Economics has for the competition top 100 “for several months the innovation behaviour taken from a total of 272 medium-sized companies in Germany under the magnifying glass. The one hundred winners 2011 bearing the seal of approval, have generated a total turnover of 11.2 billion euros last year and reported 769 national and 1,865 international patents. 48 of the one hundred excellent innovators are the number one in its industry nationally, 19 are even world market leader. 88 percent of the winning companies are the last three 3 years grown faster than the industry average and that average around 16 percent.

ECM Introduction

Customer relationship management and enterprise content management in the building materials trade which began about 130 years ago, with a horse-drawn carriage and a penny-farthing, has become a leading company in the building materials trade in Schleswig-Holstein. The Wan group is represented in six locations in Schleswig-Holstein. In its fourth generation as a family-run operation stands for innovation and tradition. The customer and his needs are always at the Centre of the considerations in WIGGER. As a partner of the first hour, WIGGER belongs since 1964 Hag construction group. This partnership is a guarantor of market offerings and outstanding services the Wan group is working on the continuous development, as well as the continuous improvement of the processes.

In the future faster and more flexible customer wishes to respond, the company decided to introduce the bpi sales performer. A focus of CRM application at WIGGER are the drop analysis, the flexible queries and comprehensive statistical analysis. Christian WIGGER, “Management Wan Group notes: we have for bpi solutions decided, since the user friendliness and the appearance of the work surface meets our requirements.” In addition to the CRM solution, bpi solutions at WIGGER leads the ECM solution runningECM of optimal systems runningAn ECM. Here is the centralization of incoming and outgoing documents in the foreground, as well as a customized storage of all data and information. The distribution and processing of paper-based and electronic data will be done through ad hoc workflow as well as process-oriented.

BPI solutions will realize the integration and data migration from the existing ERP software HIBIS of the HA data service IT service GmbH. The solutions convince with their adaptability and the ability to edit all processes without media discontinuity at WIGGER. Thus, not only the service processes are accelerated, but in addition the analysis options improve the quality of data stocks sustainably. So the company benefits in the future a transparent flow of information and shorter reaction times. About bpi solutions they bpi solutions gmbh & co. kg, software and consulting in Bielefeld, supports its customers 20 years successfully with a company-wide solution concept of easy to use standard software and industry-oriented solutions in the furniture industry, logistics, and other industries. The performance spectrum ranges from consulting, through the design and development of to the integration of new applications. Focuses on the optimization and automation of business processes in marketing, sales and service. Is based on the own products and solutions in the areas of customer relationship management, cross media publishing, supplier relationship management and integrated portal solutions. The solutions help the indoor and field staff as well as customers fast communication channels to build and comprehensive information available to suppliers and partners. In addition is bpi solutions as a system integrator in the fields of Business process integration, document management and archiving works. The solutions based on standard technologies leading manufacturers such as dataglobal GmbH, insiders technologies GmbH, inspire technologies GmbH, OPTIMAL SYSTEMS GmbH, which integrate not only systems, but also allow for business process modeling, monitor processes and evaluate results, make the optimization of business processes to provide real time information are the starting point. Through innovative process integration, effective data management and audit-proof archiving companies achieve significant efficiency gains and through proactive, secure their competitive advantage.

Group Cascading

The cascading on the below scheduled units is used for providing the implementation of the strategy throughout the company. The cascading on the below scheduled units is used for providing the implementation of the strategy throughout the company. The cascading process can contribute to the important contribution to the training of the strategy at all levels of the hierarchy. The balanced scorecard is used in this case as an instrument of communication and education. In the company there is not a system, but a whole system of associated systems of indicators at different levels of the hierarchy: this system is created during cascading.

The cascading the balanced scorecard is carried out in two directions: horizontally – the attraction of other subdivisions of the company at a level; Vertical – the attraction of other levels of management (vertical extension). The concrete implementation of cascading depends on the original design of the project. Very often follows first, the introduction of a so-called Pilot sphere. The achievement of success extends the introduction to the whole organization. Some companies from the outset consistently go the way of the introduction of the all-encompassing.

In the first stage of the project, which lasts five months, the balanced scorecard was developed and agreed upon for the Group of companies and the major companies after the production, distribution and sales, as well as for the companies of share of. Cascading the BSC within societies on the departments has begun the second stage of the project. The other companies, as well as the central divisions of the holding company were also involved in this process. Parallel, the integration of the BSC in the strategic and operational planning, in the system of reporting, as well as in the system of targets with the executors happened thus. Thanks to the introduction of all-encompassing growing complexity and at the same time, the scope of the project.