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MAIN WORKMANSHIPS Its main workmanships, directed to the education, had been: What she is pedagogia (1987), History of the education (1990) and Philosophy and history of the Brazilian education 2 ed. (2009). Skechers follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. 2.3.1 What she is pedagogia The first step to understand what she is pedagogia includes a revision terminolgica. We need to locate the term ' ' pedagogia' ' , and to see what it falls on its delimitation and what it escapes of its court of appeals. For such, the best way to act is to compare the term ' ' pedagogia' ' with others three terms that, in general, are taken wrong as its synonymous ones: ' ' philosophy of educao' ' , ' ' didtica' ' ' ' educao' '. The term ' ' educao' ' , that is, the word that we use make reference to reference ' ' act educativo' ' , nothing more it assigns of what practical the social one that identified as determined a secular and space situation in which the relation occurs teach-learning, informal deed of division or. The relation teach-learning is guided, always, for some theory, but nor always such theory can be explained in all its set and details for that they participate of such relation the professor and the student, the educator and educating in the same way that she could make one third element, the observer, are armed of one or more theories regarding the educational theories. The education, a time that is practical social of the relation the teach-learning in the time and the space, finishes in an act and never more it is happened again.

Not even the same participants can repetiz it. Nor they can record it. Nor in the memory, nor by means of machines. It is a intersubjetivo phenomenon of communication that if locks up in its to unfold.

Learning Process

The present work has as objective to analyze the importance of the memory and objective to develop and to deepen the inherent concepts to the same one, as well as its implications in the mental, cognitivos and percetivos processes in the process of access to the information. In this direction, a revision of the literature was carried through, that supplied basic contributos a logical theoretical referencial, and that it located reflections on the thematic ones of cognitiva psychology, concretely the sensorial memory, memory the short one and memory in the long run and its influence in the learning process. Word-key: Cognitiva psychology, Memory, Short Memory of and Long Stated period, Learning. Introduction In this work is intended to identify the different types of memory wants in terms of secular duration wants in terms of capacity of information storage, and still to identify and to hierarquizar the factors capable to influence the memory. The memory helps to us to define it who is, in the truth it is essential for the construction of the identity of the person. The set of experiences stored in the mind of the individual and the easiness with that if it accedes they, is vital so that let us can interpret what it is transferred to our return and let us can take decisions. It is still intended to analyze the influence of the memory in the process of learning and the interdependence of the learning and the memory, a time that the structure and to be learned material is to a large extent dependent of the restrained knowledge in the memory, that is of what the individual already knows and is capable to remember. The current knowledge not only influences the learning of new knowledge and information, but also the way as these knowledge and information are organized, of form to be recouped in the future..


With regard to the cares of nursing in the one after operatrios immediate (POI). Perhaps check out Morgan Stanley for more information. Brazil tells (2002), that it is a considered period critical, considering if that the customer will be, initially, on general anesthesia effect, raque anesthesia, peridural or place, therefore in this circumstance presents if sufficiently vulnerable the complications. Thus, it is basic that the nursing team acts of form to reestablish the functions vital, to alliviate it to it postoperative pain and the discomfort as nausea, vomit, and abdominal disteno, to keep it the integrity of the skin and to prevent the occurrence of infections. When receiving the customer in the RPA, UTI or infirmary, the team must tranquilizes lo, where finds and to ask it if it feels some abnormality and/or discomfort. If the customer will be sleepy or pparently unconscious, must be made improper commentaries, therefore its hearing can is present. must if intently read its handbook, which will have to contain information on the type of anesthesia, received anaesthetic, carried through surgery, Intercorrncias and recommendations special. In the RPA, the first hour the control of the vital signals is carried through of 15 in 15 minutes will be to regulate, and of 30 in 30 minutes will have remained the regularity of the picture, and the time of verification of the control must be spaced for 1/1h, 2/2h, and so on. After the received cares, must be registered, for the Nursing, data as the type of anesthesia, the carried through surgery, the arrival schedule, the general conditions of the customer, the presence of drains, solution venosas, sounding leads, catheters and given assistncias (BRAZIL, 2002). Craven and Hirnle (2006) relate if that it must be mentioned the systematic description of nursing that is essential during the operatrio period after therefore through the same is detected any complications quickly and also to individualizar the care of nursing that promotes the recovery excellent of the surgery.

Ultraviolent Light Bulbs

Fototerapia is one ' ' bath of luz' ' in a cabin with ultraviolet light bulbs of the white color for stimulaton of the melancitos (cells) to the production of melanina (that of the color the skin). With use of eyeglasses for protection of the eyes and of preference that the skin is hidratada with creams and protective solar, to always prevent precocious aging and that for it comes ' ' descamar' '. The treatment time depends very on each patient, but according to specialists, in up to 20 sessions of 10 the 15 minutes and 2 the 3 times per first week getting ' ' ilhas' ' (small forms of repigmentao of the white skin). One previous hour and stocking to the light bath are used a medication saw verbal, 30 grams of ' ' 8 metoxi pesoralen' ' that it assists the organism in the stimulaton for production of the melanina. At night, before sleeping, a cream is used to pass in the regions of the body harmed by vitiligo. It has several, being that one very prescribed by the dermatologists is ' ' Tacrolimus' ' , one ' ' macroldeo' ' with imunossupressora activity (it diminishes the activity of the imunolgico system), produced for fungo ' ' Streptomyces tsukubaensis' '. (Responsible cell for unchaining the reactions of defense in the organism) inhibits the activation of linfcitos T, however the accurate mechanism of action still is unknown.

Therefore it is said that vitiligo is an auto-immune illness. A cost of this treatment, monthly, can arrive the R$.600, 00 (six hundred Reals) for particular patients and nor all the health plans cover, therefore the medical cooperatives deal with the fototerapia as a treatment high cost. But fototerapia is not guarantee of cure for vitiligo, therefore each organism reacts of a form, then, it can have resulted partial, or exactly incomplete.


Word-key: pregnancy; school; adolescence. INTRODUO The pregnancy in the adolescence has some biological, familiar, emotional and economic implications, beyond legal-social, that they separately reach the individual and the society as a whole, limiting, or the same one, postponing the possibilities of development and enrollment of these young in the society. The sexual activity in adolescence comes more precociously if initiating each time, with immediate consequences undesirable as the increase of the frequency of sexually transmissible illnesses (DST), and pregnancy, many times undesirable, and that, therefore, it can finish in abortion. Moshe victor keinig is actively involved in the matter. When the sexual activity has as resultant the pregnancy, generates delayed consequences and in the long run, as much for the adolescent how much for the just-been born one. The adolescent will be able to present problems of growth and development, emotional and mannering, educational and of learning, beyond complications of the pregnancy and problems of childbirth.

He has, also, who considers the pregnancy in the adolescence as complication of the activity. In regards to the education, the interruption, temporary or definitive, the process of formal education, causes damage in the quality of life and the future chances. not rare with the connivance of the familiar and social grouping, the adolescent if moves away from the school, front to the indesejada pregnancy, wants for shame of the friends and professors, wants from fear of the reaction of its parents. Thus, the objective of this work is to discourse concerning the pregnancy of the adolescents in the public schools. The problem to be solved with this research is: The sexual education in the schools is important to prevent the precocious pregnancy in the adolescence? The hypothesis for the joined problem is that the adolescents engravidam due to orientation and sexual education. After the pregnancy, has constaint of same ahead of the pertaining to school community and the decurrent problems of a pregnancy, having the professor to interact with support of orientation for the inclusion of this pupil.

Elac Report

One is about a repository of digital contents, enclosing the production of deriving knowledge of diverse countries and is integrated to the Vestibule of the Professor, also of the MEC. The main intention of this Vestibule aims at to keep and to share digital educational resources of free access whose contents are elaborated in the most different formats, as audio, video, animation, simulation, educational software, image, map, hipertexto, etc. the production and dissemination of contents, as this, possesss a multiplying effect, a time that can help to spread values and knowledge in diverse segments of the society, promoting the digital inclusion and bigger accessibility of educational objects (Elac Report, 2010). Innumerable companies also promote the inclusion digital, through partnership in the elaboration of projects, of the incentive to the auto-support of the communities, the empreendedorismo and corporative actions that favor the digital inclusion in the education. Acting of this form, with social responsibility, the companies are complementing action of solidarity to the public politics, assisting the development, the integration and the educational level of the involved communities.

The social responsibility is a positive commitment of all and can bring as benefit resulted, since that it is executed in conscientious way and with seriousness, providing the increasing development of citizenship (Rothgiesser, 2004). The third sector comes finding forms and artifices to develop its programs of digital inclusion, mainly the not governmental organizations that not they measure efforts to establish partnerships with diverse institutions in the entire country, aiming at to disponibilizar a letramento and citizenship, learning environment the new users of the Internet. To reduce the index of digital exclusion, a mobilization on the part of the authorities, prioritizing the education becomes necessary, by means of the adoption of an including plan the national level that if considers to promote the access to the net, indiscriminately, taking care of devoid children, young and adults (USP, 2007).

Collective Work and Management

We consider that the revision of the management and the estimated ones, proposal for Sacristn, is part of the revision of the organizacional culture: values, beliefs, premises, of the educational establishments. To admit not the participation, or exemption, of the family on the routes of the formation of the pupil, or to move away it, when manifest interest in sharing is one of the attitudes that they could be moved. The collective work and interaction with the family are sufficiently difficult, if not impossible, to deal with education without touching, of some form, in questions related to the familiar structure. Independent of the vision that if has of the family: controverted, idolatrada, confused, denied, it are determinative, although not to be exclusive, in the construction of the emotional, psychic and intellectual structure of the individuals. On the other hand, the organization and the functioning of the family are influenced by the partner-politician-economic conjuncture. Without menosprezar and privileging the influences of the family on the conditions of the pupil, Sacristn (1999) considered that familiar the pertaining to school education cannot supply dficits. In function of this, it defended the importance of the joint between the family and the school for the pupil a time that: ‘ ‘ The discontinuity between family and school is source of conflicts for the son-student, to to compel it to pass it for constant processes of transistion between ecological ways with norms diferenciadas’ ‘.

(SACRISTN, 1999, P. 219). Some schools and professors believe that they can divide its responsibilities with the parents. It also has many parents who if premake use to make it and creem that the mutual aid is important. These parents add to the domestic tasks and the jobs the task to participate of the construction of a school that takes care of to the real necessities of its children.