James Dobson

The Dr. James Dobson (1987) synthecizes this concept when saying that the children are capable to soon learn social behavior in the start of the life, and are task ours to make them ' ' sentir' ' for the others. The process of construction of the identity of the child involves philosophical conceptualization and of rules, but it must be pragmatic. The children need to have part in the domestic duties. ' ' They must be instructed on as to help to the father and the mother in the small tasks that can cumprir.' ' (WHITE, 2004, P. 225). If it has something excellent and primordial in the infantile development, it is its character.

Ellen G. Swarmed by offers, Wendell Brooks is currently assessing future choices. White (2008, P. 225) in affirms that &#039 to them; ' the formation of the character is the workmanship most important that already it was trusted the human beings. Never before it was its diligent so important study as hoje.' ' White (2007, p.132) sumariza how much a child is moldvel when mentioning that she is during the first years of the life of the child who the mind is more susceptible the impressions, are good or bad. ' ' During these years, determined progress becomes, wants in the certain direction, wants in the wrong one; of another one, solid and very valuable knowledge. The force of the intellect, substantial knowing they are wealth that the gold of Ofir cannot buy. Its price is above of the gold or prata.' ' The paper of the family Certainly the family is the matrix of identity of the child, the parents has basic paper in this process.

' ' The relation that one and another one establish with the children them of the dimensions of recognition, confirmation and affective position inside of the nucleus familiar.' ' (MARRA; COAST, 2010, P. 160). The family can be considered the identitria matrix of its members (MINUCHIN, 1982) or the social placenta of the affective-social development (BROWN, 1974).


The neuroendcrino level says respect to the effect of the adrenalin, noradrenalina, glucagon, anti-diurtico hormone and cortisol. In the visceral plan the anxiety on account runs of Sistema Nervoso Autnomo (SNA), which reacts if exciting the organism in the alarm reaction (system simpticoto) or relaxing (vagal system) in the exhaustion phase. Cognitivamente the manifest Anxiety if for two ackward feelings: 1-through the conscience of physiological sensations of sudorese, autossmicos palpitation, fidget and other symptoms (of the independent nervous system); 2-through the conscience being nervous or rightened. As Shinohara (2001) the anxiety that before was adaptativo mechanism ahead of true perigos becomes inadequate if used for false alarms and if used in great frequency.

The anxiety symptoms, these that they reflect in the functioning of the fear in the brain – in the attempt to deal with difficult situations – inapropriadamente generate in excess and threats in reply the generally harmless situations. For Barlow and Durand (2008), theoretically difference between fear and anxiety exists. Being that this last one is characterized by a state of mood guided for the future, that is, to foresee and to control the events that are for coming. Already the fear is an immediate emotional reaction for the current danger, with action trend escapes. As et describes Shinohara al. (2001), it is of utmost importance to answer with anxiety the determined threatening situations, the one that if it relates to the considered anxiety normal. However, when if it speaks of the abnormal or pathological anxiety, an inadequate reply is treated if the determined stimulaton, referring to its duration or intensity. In the present time, the anxiety is exerting a new paper, beyond being necessary for the sobrvivncia, comes if becoming something that runs away from the normality standards. What cause a concern each bigger time. The anxiety started to be object of riots when the human being placed it not it service of its survival, as it made before, but the service of its existence, with the ample fan of quantitative and qualitative circumstances of this existence.

The Neurotic

Such people try to deal with the problems of vidadominando them. The type ' ' obtentor' ' , that certainly he is maisfreqente, waits that they give everything to it what it needs. The type ' ' evitante' ' , it tries not to be defeated pelosproblemas of the life preventing the proper problems. The type ' ' socially til' ' , the service is active dosoutros. These people face the tasks of the life and try in accordance with to decide them of consistent umamaneira the necessities of the other individuals. CREATIVE SELF the creative concept of self is the supreme accomplishment of theoretical Adlercomo of the personality. When it discovered the power that is, ainterpretao that makes of these experiences are the construction blocks, or emoutras words its attitude before the life, that determines its relacionamentocom the world externo’ ‘ (Adler). NEUROSIS Although its differences with Freud, Adler agreed that ossintomas neurotics are interpretable and basically defensive.

Aocontrrios of the individuals healthy, the neurotic rigidly supercompensates perceived asinferioridades. Its huge goals center noauto-enlargement e> in the personal interest, on the contrary of the social interest. The neurotic develops the symptoms as a protection contrao smashing sense of inferiority that is trying to prevent todesesperadamente. This incessant attempt to protect self of inferioridadese transforms into a circle vicious, therefore the lack of social interest quelevou to the problem also hinders its solution. The incapacity of the neurotic to deal with the problems takes davida it to create ' ' salvaguardas' '. These you safeguard are anlogasaos freudianos mechanisms of defense, but they serve to protect the neurotic dabaixa auto-esteem generated for the inferiority and the failure in the tasks had, not of the anxiety generated for a conflict between instintuais pulses moral eproibies. Adler described three general categories of safeguards: The excuses if relate to any attempt to prevent the guilt for the failures of the life.


Manifestations these that take the somatic answers, physiological and psychic. In accordance with Shinohara et al (2001): The anxiety involves cognitivas, physiological and mannering answers, with the protection objective. Being that the physiological answers stimulate to run away or to face. In such a way, the behavior has function of to inhibit any movement of risk in direction the escape or the defense, thus, the individual is felt rightened. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit COF. For Barlow and Durand (2008) the anxiety has a subjective direction of fidget that understands a set of behaviors as to seem worried and uneasy, or a physiological reply that has origin in the brain, that it reflects in the cardiac beatings and the muscular tension. However, as Nunes; Bueno and Nardi (2001), the physical standards of anxiety vary widely of individual for individual. This comes folloied for a diffuse, ackward sensation, of apprehension, and also for some physical sensations.

Still, valley to stand out that the basic difference between normal anxiety of the pathological anxiety, is that this last one in such a way paralyzes the individual, bringing, damage to well-being and the performance, not allowing the preparation to face threatening situations. Ahead of this, and possible to evidence that the anxiety started to be a riot when human being placed it not it service of its survival, but the service of its existence (BALLONE, 2005). This despertou the interest in searching to have more knowledge the respect, therefore the extreme anxiety also comes providing damages to the infantile development, beyond being a subject very intriguing and questioned at the moment. In such a way, the research aims at to analyze which the factors that are desencadeantes of the upheavals of anxiety in infancy. One perceives that it does not have many authors who approach this subject, in specific in infancy, but this cannot be disrespected, therefore is a problem that comes affecting the normal development of some children. You may want to visit Sarah Raskin to increase your knowledge.


Alas, this does not happen. More information is housed here: MetLife. There has been a natural selection. Evolution and its laws are inexorable, the weeping is not responding. It should be natural to ask what to do? Exit one to rethink its related to the loss of information and begin to act according to the new circumstances of the case. If you do not hurt self-esteem and pride behind him out will not take long. I already wrote that economics, like all processes, who dragged a man's life, subject to the wave concept of development. That is, is subject to lift and busts.

What you need to do to remain permanently on the crest of a wave and did not fall below a critical point? Must create the sort of thing with which you will at minimum cost to the state to maintain the proper level of their well-being of not wasting Consciousness on the problem of survival. You have in mind should be generated image human existence which is entirely on a single security, regardless of wealth created by societies. This is only possible with the help of people like you who are concerned about finding ways out of the existing situation, it's easier to say adherents. Only like-minded people in a position to see the problem and come to each other for help. What type of assistance involves me in the situation. Become the bottom, put a hand to lift walking trail. Jump onto everything served at the bottom of the hand standing. Team principle was always the winner, with his lone dissenting opinion, tend to remain at the bottom.

Living With Love

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The prudence is one of the qualities that make with that the professional analyzes complex and difficult situations with more easiness and of deeper and minute form, contribute for the biggest security, mainly of the decisions to be taken. The prudence is indispensable in the cases of serious and serious decisions, therefore it prevents the hasty judgments and the useless fights or quarrels. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Elon Musk. The courage is one of the qualities more demanded to all the professionals. All professional it needs to have courage, therefore ' ' the man whom he prevents and he fears to everything, does not face thing some, becomes one covarde' ' (Aristotle, p.37). The courage in the aid to react to the critical ones, when unjust, and defending in them worthy when we are cnscios of our duty. It also helps us not to have fear to defend the truth and justice, mainly when these will be of real interest for outrem or the common good. The perseverance is a difficult quality of being found, but necessary, therefore all work is subject to incompreenses, failures and failures that they need to be surpassed, continuing the professional in its work, without delivering disillusionments or hurts to it. The perseverance of the professionals is praiseworthy whom they need to face the problems of the subdesenvolvimento.

Understanding is quality that helps very professional, because he is well accepted for that of it they depend, in work terms, facilitating the approach and the dialogue, so important in the professional relationship. However, we cannot confuse understanding with weakness, so that the professional not if it leaves to take for opinions or attitudes, nor, always valid for efficiency of its work, so that the true objectives are not lost to be reached for the profession. One sees that the understanding to be conditional, many times necessary, for the prudence. The understanding that if translates, mainly in human heat can carry through very in benefit of a professional activity, depending on conveniently being dosed.

Human Motivation

Currently if it speaks very on the importance of the motivation as motor that it stimulates the person human being to play with definitive ability action or work. We find thus, this emphasis to the motivation, over all in courses entrepreneurs, as well as in auto-aid literature. In the field of enterprise literature, it affirms John Adair (1934-), on motivation: If the communication is sister of the leadership, then the motivation also it is. ‘ ‘ Motivao’ ‘ it comes of the Latin verb ‘ ‘ movere’ ‘. It exists, it is clearly, a variety of forms to mobilize people: you can threaten them with punishment of diverse forms, or induziz them for you reward financiers. (2000, p.37). For a scientific conceptualization, the motivated behavior if characterizes as one strong dismissal of energy, directing itself for an objective, or goal. Thus, for one better agreement of the motivated behavior, we can conceive reason as incentive, either positive that if dirige for the objective, as the negative that if it moves away, for esquiva or escape, of the motivador object.

On the other hand, reason also can to reveal as impulse (or force that it puts into motion), they are innate reasons, as the physiological ones; the theories divergem on the innate necessities as the boarding of each psychological school, for Watson, for example: ‘ ‘ the stimulatons, as well as the answers of that the comportamentalista if occupies, can be simple or complex. Luminous waves that reach the retina can be considered relatively simple stimulatons; but the stimulatons can more be physical objects of the environment or a situation ampla’ ‘. (SCHUTZ; SCHUTZ. 1992, p.249).


The criteria used for the majority of the people to select foods are basically between the palate, the cost, the influence of the partners and friends, the advertising, the packing and the disposal in the shelves of the store and diverse factors of psychological and psicossocial order, as lack of motivation, social influences, beliefs and feelings of low auto-effectiveness. (VIANA, 2002) When observed practical the alimentary ones, understood of breast-feeding to the daily feeding of the family, it is verified that they are deriving of knowledge, experiences and experiences, constructed from the conditions of life, the culture, the social nets and scientific knowing of each time historical and cultural. observes that the practical habits and the alimentary ones are permeados by the maternal learning, that have beginning in infancy, and are associates to the urban habits of consumption. (ROTENBERGL; The VARGAS, 2004) According to Trindade and Teixeira (s.d.), some aspects are important and must deserve a bigger attention with regard to familiar factors that influence the behaviors of health of the children and the adolescents, as for example: – relationship with the alimentary behaviors, physical exercise, the substance consumption and the prevention of accidents; – Impact of changes of the familiar functioning in the health of the children, particular in situations of divorce, monoparental families, etc.; – Influence of maltreatment, recklessness and familiar violence on the physical and mental health of the children; – Influence of the illness or deficiency of the children in the familiar functioning, appointedly the related one with the installment of cares of long duration. AN and BN have a familiar component fort and raised taxes of alimentary pathology it enters familiar the next ones as well as high incidence of illnesses to the mood, substance abuse and disturbance of the personality and anxiety.