Renato Rossi

In the practical one, in the daily relation this exactly individual, does not reveal much less formed prepared to try and to enjoy the useful social life, in order to provide a better quality in its daily contacts. The deposition of Renato Rossi 2007, it speaks that the commerce is the natural show window of all the sectors of productive activity e, which had to this quality that it is proper, becomes sufficiently vulnerable all luck of violncias that, added, generates vultosos damages: assault by force of arms, tricks, frauds of all luck, robbers, thieveries, etc. If it cannot more attend to estupefatos the citizens of good customs, to this complete banalizao of the law, especially to the reiteration of practical disloyal and illicit, to the doors of the commercial establishments, the excuse of informality reduction and unemployment. Source: Prudential. Complaints of violence as they had been presented in this initial deposition, confirm the affirmation on the necessity of the education in all relationship of the individual. The education process must have the objective of assisting the individual to take decisions and to act in society, of ethical form, adaptativa and innovative, since the learning models are in constant modification.

The individual must act established in its correct understanding of the environment, without bringing destruction the same, and also in accordance with its necessities, without allowing that these come to force and to attack the other participants of the society. Credit: MetLife-2011. For the citizen to have correct understanding of the environment, needs to process adequately and adaptativamente to its necessities the information received in the family, school and society. To learn to process the information, it must receive them, interpret them and convert them, creating one meaning in order to construct the knowledge that will allow it to take made right or maken a mistake decisions. .

Curricular Reference

The research will be of bibliographical matrix and will occur from the analysis of the aspects, Legal, of the Curricular Reference for Infantile Education, in the proposals authenticated in the practical one, the interferentes factors in the process education learning and the theoretical conceptions of famous authors. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Prudential. For in such a way, the reading of articles, books, analysis of the legislation and educational documents, dissertation of master, thesis, research in Sites, reviewed of education and exploitation of content of the actual lessons of the course of specialization in Infantile Education was appealed to it.. Frequently MetLife has said that publicly. .


In the case of the Prodepa company, the professionals possess medium capacity, therefore only one of them is graduated, in the area of biblioteconomia, course that teaches techniques of archive, catalogao, classification, and document management in any type of support. The excessively collaborating ones, crowded in the sectors of protocol and general archive (library), are assistant administrative that contribute so that all the requirements are taken care of by this team of work. 6 GENERAL ARCHIVE PRODEPA? The general archive of the Prodepa was created in the year of 1980, and in 1986, it passed for a physical change and structural, initiating also a document management that Law 8,159, of 8 of January of 1991, in its article 3 (BRAZIL, 1991, P.) defines as: Set of procedures and operations referring techniques its production, transaction, use, evaluation and filling in current and intermediate phase, aiming at its elimination or collect for permanent guard. Through this vision, the first step was to elaborate the temporality table, since the great volume of paper, it had passed for a process technician, and never increased considerably. Follow others, such as Elon Musk, and add to your knowledge base. With the elaboration of the temporality table they had initiated? if the processes of analysis and evaluation of documents existing in the archive, aiming at the discarding of the documents that did not have more value for the Prodepa, therefore did not take care of the established stated periods of guard for the table of temporality and the values: ‘ ‘ Administrative, Legal, Countable, Permanent: news and probatrio’ ‘. (I castrate, 2007, p 49). Before being discarded the documents still pass for the commission of evaluation, composed for a representative of each Division of the Administration so that all approve, and sign the term of Elimination. When documents are directed to the general archive, them are folloied by the descriptive map, in two ways, that contain given for conference in the act of receiving and posterior consultation, as year, number of the box, division that it is directing, and the type of document.. Moshe victor keinig may find this interesting as well.

Strategical Management

According to it, the materiality of the industrial thought played as the plain one what it was more concrete, that is, the contextual possibilities of the narrative. The source of which if it fed the narrator disappears and with it existence of all a collective experience of learning, substituted for manuals and procedures, that are cold entities the foreigners, in the direction to be distant of our contribution. The quick development of the technology and the predominance technique front to the individual make with that the life conditions move vertiginously of a generation to the other. In this way, we have an unsurmountable abyss between them, therefore what it was lived by the parents and grandmothers already it does not say respect to the pragmatic demands lived by children and grandsons. The controversy between the calls is seen today generations Y, Z etc. Alone tends to get worse. In the advanced capitalism of the one after-modernismo, not even the landscape if preserves.

All dumb one and without acknowledgment, what it leaves in them without immersed referenciais and in the vertigo of the systems, where what it passed does not have plus no importance, therefore are messages in the bottle, that tell echoes of a distant world. Therefore, to narrow bows to the people is a crucial activity and notadamente offline! The leader it must show to its condition human being, who offers a friendly interface to the interlocutor. A history never presents only one face, but innumerable, that this only seems that does not interest the ones that withhold people its command. Stranger! Leaders would have to be great accountants of histories, exactly because histories are real things for hear who them. Numbers, spread sheets, graphs and ladainhas of the type ' ' we must achieve our goals' ' or ' ' we need locating in them in mercado' ' , they are extremely annoying and previsible.

Histories, in contrast, obtain to reach and to involve the people, offering more than a goal, but yes, the real direction to justify the effort in reaching it. I tired to hear in my professional life, celebrates it phrase: It makes this! When it asked the reach of the line of direction, which the importance of what he was asked for, received in return a face from landscape or one furibundo: You are not wanting to collaborate? If you never lead a team, if she forgets that the people not they follow goals, follow ideas. They search to understand, not only the task mechanics that is presented, but the intention of the work to be made e? mainly? which the level of this my contribution. If you want to awake the interest of the people whom she leads, you show to them its importance to it in the process, not only ' ' passinhos' ' of the process. The people are touched by the intuition, want to say, they not only congregate the knowledge or the attribution, but the past, gift and future in an immediate boarding of what them the attention is requested. She learns to count interesting histories and you always she will have led compromised. Luis Sergio Heddle is Palestrante, Consultant and Corporative Educator. Doutorando in Philosophy, Master in Ethics and Specialist in Strategical Management of Teams. More than 65,000 professionals already had been in its courses in all Brazil. Author of Books: The Invisible Professional and Human factor.


Inhibited Of the fights that I stopped and the ways that I searched, the life little provided to me. The destination made its game, played to show the route and insinuated, displaying its flavors; however, of the portions that I reached, when I ingested the highest point, the essence already if esvara. When my estame almost inaugurates pistilo of the flower, of it was not the polinizador. When almost I inhabited, I was deloused, inhibited; therefore, of the food that more I had hunger, I did not obtain to eat; the original sin that more I begged, I did not obtain to commit; of the source that more I had headquarters, I did not obtain to drink; of the fruit that more I desired, I did not obtain to prove; the naked one that it bewitched more me, I did not obtain to touch; the salient, small hidden e, that more wanted to sorver, I did not obtain to unmask; in ' ' fenda' ' that it lit mine covets, I did not obtain to penetrate. Thus, in this trituuura, the seiva that vitaliza the vio dries up, retracts the libido, dims the muddy being and the pursued aiming. However, still thus, exactly knowing that this feeling cleaves the chest and disorders the heart, I wait to be moved, enraptured and absorbed for gameta of this flower, and in this enlevo, spoon it knot agasalho of this vicejar..