Summit Money

The two main reasons to join a MLM or network marketing business: the first reason is to help you. The second reason is to help others. If you only enter for one of these two reasons, then the system will not work for you. The first reason is that in business first to change the dial to change the dial (employee) or S (Auto-empleado) to the quadrant B (business owner) or I (Investor) this change is usually very difficult for most people because of the money. People of the quadrants or S really not going to work if it is not for the money. This is also the cause for which people fail to reach the Summit: want money with greater fervor of what they want to change quadrants.

A person of the quadrants B or I will also work for the money, but in a very different way. The B quadrant person works to form or create an asset in this case a business system, and the I quadrant person invests in an asset or B system to generate more money. A a B or an I, sometimes not pay you for years and this, for a person who is truly immersed in the quadrants or S is unacceptable, it is not part of its core values. The risk and the deferred gratification emotionally disturbing them. Deferred gratification and emotional intelligence. One of the beauties of multilevel marketing is that it focuses on developing emotional intelligence as well as the business skills and the financial intelligence. Emotional intelligence is a matter quite different to academic intelligence.

In general, will a person with high emotional intelligence better to another with high academic intelligence but low emotional intelligence. This explains partially, why is some people well in school but not so well in real life. The ability to delay gratification is a sign of greater emotional intelligence.