Styles for Middle-Aged Women

By the way what kind of clothing suits a woman, see what it currently views. In public places and on the streets you can see the older women who are trying to follow the youth fashion. A lot of those who do and do not follow them. Women middle age do not go, for example, all kinds of "blestyashki" – embroidered with beads, lurex, rhinestones, embroidery with silver or gold thread brocade gowns, glittering jewelry. Gathered in a restaurant? Wear black evening dress with one – two gold ornaments, and not with a shiny red blouse with embroidery. At work – business suits with skirts or straight pants. On walks chic look pants free cut and light shirts.

As a rule, mature women wanting to update your wardrobe, choose a dress or skirt since his youth. But the old-fashioned clothes look out of place on it must be abandoned. Ladies wear costumes of the noble shade of gray! But today, fashion much more democratic, and it's uninteresting rule no longer relevant. I would like to advise women to choose light-colored clothing – peach, white, pink, blue. Of course, I know, pink is considered to have appropriate for junior schoolgirls. But it is not nothing but a delusion: a pink color refreshes, adds color face.

By the way, European women often wear clothing is light colored. And what are we worse? If you want to "Facilitate" heavy chin and visually lengthen the neck, you can wear long necklaces. We value the question is irrelevant – perhaps a short decoration. If your necklace of pearls, then they should be based only on open skin, and not on the fabric odezhy! Usually, the legs, which are plump, and seem to be short. The elongated nose boot in combination with long pants and high heels visual change that impression on more favorable. If you have a hand overweight – will be optimal long sleeves and the sleeves are 3 / 4. In no case do not wear skinny thin jersey and short sleeves "a la T-shirt", which end at the widest point hands. Shirts for men and sundresses also to emphasize this deficiency. Feel free to wear bright – let the people think that your life is as beautiful and bright.