South Beach Etc

Diets harmful or non-recommended diets calls Absurdas, toxic and not recommended. They are those diets especially tend to leave with the arrival of the summer of baby jars pineapple grapefruit lemon rice grains of artichoke soup fat snacks of laxatives of loop diuretics drugs (including amphetamines). And other best known and supported are: La of the Dr. Atkins La of the clinic may La’s astronaut the Montignac La diet of South Beach Etc with the arrival of good weather, bombard us magazines with diets miracle that in 1 week will make you lose everything that you’ve accumulated during the year. This all get is malnourished us, aging us (with the appearance of wrinkles, dry skin and stretch marks), we get sick liver, kidneys, nervous system, and produce us the effect Yo-Yo, as soon as we return to our usual diet. Only a diet to lose well balanced weight which includes all kinds of food, can provide us with a good health and a healthy weight. Search feeds 100% effective based on the variety and the good balance of foods (consuming the amount appropriate for you). We must seek advice, to help us achieve what we promised, we need someone who will indicate the best and most healthy for us that make us a custom, be ours, made diet according to our specific features..