Region Metropolitan

The coast with 187 extension km shelters innumerable water beaches morna, and that they oscillate it enters the blue and green tonalities of. Beyond the diversity of exuberant landscapes, as the resqucios of Atlantic Mata between the coast and the wasteland, and still typical Caatinga of the hinterland. Also other attractive such are observed as constructions, monuments, blockhouses, casarios etc. These constructions varying of characteristics in agreement the tracing of Portuguese, dutch and also French the architecture for times. The charming elements are multiple as, for example, tenacious and gentile music with rhythms that express the glad soul, aguerrida, suffering, of the pernambucanos. Adding it this the original customs, endorsing of the admirable position, while cultural diversity. The cultural values of many of the cities that compose the State, are undisputed.

Not obstante, it fits to detach the city of Olinda, therefore beyond its innumerable attractive ones it has that to emphasize the fact to have been the initial headquarters of the State. This city is one of the nine cities of the Region Metropolitan of Recife, with territorial area of 38.100 km2, and population of 281.433 inhabitants, situated only the 6 km of distance of Recife. (IBGE). Olinda is enaltecida for significant moments in the unfolding of historical facts, sociocultural politicians and of the pernambucana society. The city was established in the year of 1535, for the Duarte Portuguese Rabbit Pear tree, the first donee of this territory. The heading of Village avenged in 12 of March of 1537, after the grant of the Charter letter, this document conferred it to it such denomination, being the first moment in the condition of common wealth. Removed information of the official site of the City hall of Olinda. Beyond its natural beauties, Olinda is also one of the most important cultural centers of the country, one of most preserved colonial cities of Brazil.