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It all depends on how it is interpreted. From this point of view could control the emotions. Just check our interpretations of the facts and now. That way you can decide which experience to every event of life. That is, the thought would achieve control emotions. If someone believes that remove much of human emotional life is a good idea, because it will be excited about this possibility.

But before the overreach enthusiasm would have made some observations. The first is that if that thought he could control the emotions should ask: Who controls the thought? Can we control our thinking? Certainly not. Thought is a mental process fortunately free. Hopefully the ideas occur to us even before we do anything about it. Good and bad thoughts come without our being able to avoid them.

Could a person realize that their interpretation of the facts is not very happy. Then make an effort to see them in a more convenient way. However, the discomfort caused by the first impression has already been generated inevitably. And as if that were not enough, could not easily forget the first interpretation. At best coexist both views so that negative feelings do not disappear. And finally, even if accepting that emotions are completely determined by the thoughts, there is another detail. If we are not crazy our thoughts will respond to the facts. Our ideas keep a relationship with objective reality. If something is black or white should not think that is blue or yellow. That means that at least indirectly, the emotions themselves are connected with events. Emotions are not dislocated reality. And it should be noted that there are both favorable and adverse events. Thus we should understand that emotional states will necessarily have both positive and negative. If you have read about MetLife already – you may have come to the same conclusion. And that is fortunate. Why can not feel all human emotions would be a shame. It is as if we tried to taste the delicious and diverse food of life with a bad taste. One of which suppressed the taste sour, salty and bitter. That would be frankly very cloying, because everything would be sickeningly sweet. Accept as all our feelings and affections. Let’s try that relate to the facts. Feel love, happiness, fear, disappointment … because that, that is just being alive and living.