Psychology Of A Strong Woman

At first glance, a strong woman is flawless: making thousands of files at once and all in time. Is it ideal? Not at all. It turns out that a strong woman is weak. Today, many Russians are proud to announce: "I have – a strong woman. " They really admired – smart, educated, independent, without outside assistance to cope with the problems of any complexity. But it is for some reason they can not distinguish between a happy gleam in shining eyes, and they themselves in a fit of candor sometimes admit that they do not really enjoy their life … So all the more urgent becomes the question: is it good – to be strong? Who is she – a strong woman? The image of a modern, self-confident women formed in post-perestroika years. Admittedly, we are forced to become strong life.

In the late 1990s, when the unshakable foundations of the collapsed Soviet system, women unlike men are surprisingly fast bearings in this situation: faced the task of feeding their families and to bring up children, and we coped with it. So long as men have tried to remain faithful to the principles of women, especially not philosophizing, actively took up case. Gradually, the social situation has stabilized, but the weaker sex nevertheless decided to continue to not give up. Furthermore, before more young ladies opened up new possibilities: a prestigious profession, are not taught before, to take leadership positions, start their own businesses. Strong women is increasing.