Plastisol – a decorative polymer consisting of polyvinyl chloride and plasticizers. Externally has composite drawing. The thickness of the coating to a roofing sheet metal always equal to 200 microns. Performed well with double-sided sheets of plastisol coated to a hundred microns on each side. This material is used, for example, for the manufacture of pipes and gutters. Due to the large thickness of the coating plastisol remains one of the most resistant to mechanical faults. However, because of the low temperature resistance and low resistance to ultraviolet radiation (exposure to direct sunlight over +80 C material is aging rapidly), it can not be used in the southern regions (recommended to use light colors in hot regions).

Having a greater thickness, plastisol has proven resistant to corrosion, making it more patronage in polluted environment. Colour fastness plastisol coating is much lower than polyester (covering a few years uniformly loses clear color). Material pvdf – a coating consisting of 80% polyvinyl fluoride, and 20% of acrylic. Such a coating can withstand temperatures down to – 60C, and not lose its properties subject to +120 C. Most resistant to uv radiation, virtually no fade, has a beautiful sheen. When compared to other coatings is the most expensive, has high resistance to aggressive media and mechanical damage.

Has a glossy or matte surface, has an extremely rich color palette, as well as with metal shade in silvery or copper tones. It is best to use pvdf in environments such as seaside, industrial buildings of the chemical industry, etc. Pural (Puran) – a coating based on polyurethane-modified polyamide. Manufacturer – the firm Ruuki (Finland). Has shelokovisto-matte surface structure. This coating has a thickness of 50 microns. Puranas have shown to be resistant, resistant to uv radiation and the effects of aggression during installation. Material excellent bends easily and without damage is subject to folding and mounted. Recommended term treatment of range:-15C to +120 C. Metal prism prevails on all technical characteristics of pvdf consisting of polyvinyl fluoride (80%), is the latest color shades. Prism is optimized, the hot metal coating Galvalloy and made of steel. Through the application of the base with a metal coating is achieved by the strength of metal-coated prism with high-quality pre-treatment, coating and paint-resistant layer. This provides a higher degree of durability and high resistance to mechanical deformation conditions (high wear resistance – high resistance to scratching). Cover, putting on metal roofing prism is a hot coatings applied to steel, which consists of 5% aluminum and 95% zinc. This corrosion protection is another plus, in the direction of which can be inclined at a choice of roofing material. Price per sheet varies from 350 rubles.